Songlines hits SIXTH Venue (5th On Teeling),Sligo on Fri Dec 11th

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songlinesFri 11th Dec 9pm at SIXTH Venue (5th On Teeling),Sligo



An eclectic mix of genres Country, Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Jazz to Hip Hop & Bluegrass.

(Doors 8.30pm Tickets €5 at Record Room, Sligo or 5th On Teeling venue in advance or on door)


Patrick Cassidy composes score for ‘1916 The Irish Rebellion’

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Renowned film composer Patrick Cassidy has recently completed the score for ‘1916 The Irish Rebellion’. This patrick cassidyproject will be presented in two formats; three one-hour documentaries and a feature film version, both narrated by Liam Neeson. The score was recorded by the RTE Concert Orchestra.

This landmark production tells the dramatic story of the events that took place in Dublin during Easter Week 1916, when a small group of Irish rebels took on the might of the British Empire. The documentary – featuring a combination of rarely seen archival footage, new segments filmed on location worldwide, and interviews with leading international experts – also uncovers the untold story of the central role Irish Americans played in the lead-up to the rebellion. Although defeated militarily, the men and women of the Easter Rising would wring a moral victory from the jaws of defeat and inspire countless freedom struggles throughout the world – from Ireland to India. The production is an initiative of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Home from Los Angeles in Limerick recently, Cassidy was honoured with the Richard Harris International Film Festival Outstanding Talent Award which was presented to him by Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Jared Harris.
1916 The Irish Rebellion is produced by COCO Television and directed by Ruán Magan and Pat Collins.


Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland | Peace Proms 2016 Series

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CBOI LogoThe Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland (CBOI) was established in 1995 as a peace initiative and is composed of over 100 exceptionally talented young musicians from all over Ireland – north and south. Over the past 20 years, the CBOI has played an important role in building and nurturing vital cross border and cross community relations. IMRO are proud to announce sponsorship of the CBOI for the coming year.

The CBOI plays a unique blend of symphonic traditional and folk music, which evokes the rich heritage and culture of Ireland. This full symphony orchestra also incorporates traditional instruments, for example uilleann pipes and bagpipes. Its core message of universal peace remains central to its music and mission.

The orchestra was established by Sharon Treacy-Dunne with her vision of using music to bring troubled youths together, and now welcomes the active participation of 20,000 schoolchildren each year in their renowned Peace Proms concert series. Peace Proms is a choral education program which plays a vital role in enhancing music and arts education in Ireland and beyond.

For more information on the CBOI and the Peace Proms series for 2016 see

To purchase tickets for the 2016 Peace Proms visit 

2016 Peace Proms Concert Dates

Galway Peace Proms

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st January 2016

Kingfisher Hall, Galway

Dublin Peace Proms

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February 2016

RDS Arena, Dublin

Belfast Peace Proms

Sunday 28th February 2016

SSE Arena, Belfast

Kilkenny Peace Proms

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March 2016

The Hub, Kilkenny



Coco Carmona appointed ICMP Director General

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ICMP’s Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Coco Carmona to the position of Director General of the organisation succeeding Ger Hatton. ICMP logo

Coco has worked with ICMP in various capacities since 2010, most recently as Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, where she elaborated policy positions, developed the public affairs offer and liaised with ICMP members on copyright issues.  In her new role, she reports directly to the Board of Directors of ICMP.

Andrew Jenkins, Chair of the Board said: “As the global voice of music publishing, ICMP has witnessed huge growth under Ger’s leadership and now boasts a presence on every continent. I would like to place on record the Board’s thanks to Ger for all her achievements on ICMP’s behalf and to wish her well for the future. We are very much looking forward to working with Coco to support our members and advance the interests of music publishers globally. We are delighted with her appointment.”

Commenting, Coco Carmona said: “It has been wonderful to work with Ger and the ICMP team and to be part of all we have achieved together. To be given the opportunity to lead the Confederation at such an exciting time for our industry is an honour. I am looking forward to helping our members promote an environment for the music publishing business to thrive.”

Outgoing Director General Ger Hatton said: “It has been a privilege to head up ICMP over the past 8 years and I’m delighted that Coco, someone of immense capability and so well known to the members, is taking over and I wish ICMP continued success.”

Past Chair Nicolas Galibert added: “We are all indebted to Ger whose ability to synergise and unite our mission with industry bodies has placed us firmly within our industry’s ecosystem. Her tireless work on our behalf grew the Confederation globally. She prepared ICMP with a succession plan having found and mentored Coco, her excellent replacement, and we wish her every success in her future endeavours.”


Come take a journey into The Parlour

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Over the courseParlour-logo of twelve episodes go on a journey into The Parlour and discover some of the best acts in Independent music from Ireland and overseas. The series features over twenty four performances and studio discussions some of these include Sleaford Mods, Rusangano Family and Laura Sheeran to name just a few.

Speaking yesterday, series producer Barry Lennon said: “We made the series to act as a tool to promote Independent music and to highlight the brilliant talent and creativity in this country and overseas. We hope that this series can help these acts reach larger audiences. There is currently lots of great media being produced of Independent artists which is not reaching the audience it deserves.”

The Parlour was recorded in front of a live audience in The Parlour Bar in Whelan’s earlier this year. The series was funded by the licensing fee in the form of the BAI Sound and Vision fund with the initial broadcast on cable channel DCTV. The series producers are still exploring other broadcasters that would like to show the series so it can act as a tool to support the artists it features.

You can binge watch all the episode on the Parlour’s website here ( or subscribe to our YouTube channel here (

Why not tell your followers about it on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #televisemusic


CISAC publishes new Global Collections Report

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Royalty collections return to growth, reaching €7.9 billion in 2014. Music collections are up 2.4% year-on-year to €6.9bn.

CISAC publishes new Global Collections Report

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) has released its 2015 GLOBAL COLLECTIONS REPORT, concerning global royalty collections for the year 2014.

The total royalties collected in 2014 by CISAC’s 230 member societies, on behalf of the four million creators they represent around the world, returned to growth after a stable 2013. They amounted to €7.9 billion, up 2.8% from 2013. Had exchange rates not changed, total royalty collections would have grown 5% year-on-year.

Reflecting its commitment to bringing more information to the market faster, CISAC publishes a second economic report before the end of 2015, taking stock of the royalties collected worldwide by its member societies in the course of the previous year (2014). The first report published by CISAC this year (in February) concerned the figures for 2013.

Key trends:

Geographically, Europe continues to lead the world in royalty collections.

In terms of artistic repertoires, music remains the pillar of creators’ income.

Digital collections show promising signs and form a dynamic springboard for further growth.

  • Totalling over €7.9 billion, the royalties collected globally by CISAC member societies rose again in 2014 (+ 2.8%) following a stable year in 2013.
  • Music repertoire continued to generate the bulk of collections (87% of the total) and the royalties collected for music use grew 2.4% year-on-year.
  • Other repertoires (audiovisual, drama, literature and visual arts) generated royalties that grew by 5.2%. The two strongest areas of growth were in audiovisual (+5%) and in visual arts (+16.5%).
  • Performing Rights collections, which represent 79% of total royalty collections, were up 3.8%.
  • Mechanical Reproduction Rights collections continued to decline, down 9% year-on-year.
  • Royalties collected from digital & multimedia services (for all repertoires combined) grew 20.2% year-on-year.
  • 99% of the amounts collected from digital & multimedia services were for the use of music repertoire.
  • Europe, the region generating the most royalties (61.3% of the total, equating to €4.9 billion), posted year-on-year growth of 4.1%, higher than its GDP growth.
  • Canada-USA, CISAC’s second largest region with almost 17% of total royalty collections, showed the strongest increase in 2014 (+6.2%).
  • The BRICS countries posted growth of 11%, an encouraging trend but slower than the 2013/2012 growth rate (+ 30%). BRICS countries account for 5% of global royalty collections.


Download the Report

Commenting on the findings, CISAC Director General Gadi Oron stated:

We are pleased to release a second Global Collections Report in 2015, reflecting CISAC’s commitment to reporting its members’ royalty data in a timely manner that meets today’s rapid and dynamic market.

2014 saw a return to growth, with a 2.8% increase in global collections. Almost all artistic repertoires grew by at least 2%: music collections were up 2.4%, visual arts royalties showed the strongest growth (+16.5%) and audiovisual saw the next highest increase, growing 5% year-on-year.

Performing rights, which represent the vast majority of our members’ collections (79%), posted an increase of 3.8% year-on-year.

Europe, CISAC’s largest region in terms of royalty collections, grew a solid 4.1%. Canada-USA, CISAC’s second largest region, was up 6.2%, the highest growth rate of any region. Latin America collections grew 2% and Asia-Pacific royalties were again negatively impacted by foreign exchange rates, the second year in a row (-5.3%). BRICS countries showed a promising increase of 11% year-on-year, following a very strong 2013 when collections were up 30%.

CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre said:

As I travel the world, I find it very gratifying to be exposed to the wonderful wealth of talent that is out there—especially from younger generations—and I am constantly reminded of creators’ overwhelming expectation to be treated with respect and receive fair remuneration for any use of their works. We creators stand behind our societies as they adapt to new market conditions, and new challenges, to further grow their collections.

Further detail

By region

Growth was driven by Europe and North America, which generated the bulk of royalty collections (61.3% and 16.7%, respectively) whereas Asia-Pacific was affected by unfavourable exchange rates for the second year in row (-5.3%) and Africa experienced a slight dip (-1.6%).

By type of rights

Public performing rights posted a growth of 3.8%, climbing to €6.2 billion. The decline in reproduction rights collections (-9% in 2014) continued, reflecting the decline in the market for physical products. Collections for “other rights” grew (+30.6%), particularly those from private copying levies and the resale right for the visual arts.

By repertoire

Music, which generated the lion’s share (87%) of global collections, rebounded (+2.4%) after a slight decline in 2013. Television and radio (€3.2 billion, +2.2% on 2013) followed by live and recorded music in public places (€2.2 billion, +0.8% on 2013) remained by far the largest revenue streams for creators. A positive trend in private copying levies, growing 37.1% year-on-year to reach €206 million, and in royalties from digital and multimedia (up 20.2% to €512 million) should also be noted.

The growth recorded by the audiovisual repertoire (+5% to €499 million) was driven by cinema (+49.7%) and private copying levies (+48.5%). Visual arts, still the smallest sector in terms of royalty collections (€142 million), showed the strongest growth (+ 16.5%), due particularly to the increase in revenues from digital & multimedia (+26.4%) and from the resale right (+9.9%).

Digital & multimedia

The vast majority of digital & multimedia growth (+20.2%) came from the music repertoire. Gadi Oron commented:

As the world continues to move to a digital landscape, our societies continue with their efforts to answer market demands and offer new licensing solutions.

The share of digital income out of global collections is now 6.5%, with music accounting for over 99% of digital collections. This demonstrates the impressive progress music societies have made, but also highlights the opportunities that exist in the digital market for other repertoires.

Our data this year highlights the shift in the digital market from downloads to streaming, with mechanical royalties for digital use falling (-29.1%) while performance rights income from digital services increased sharply (+56.7%). As consumer behaviour evolves, licensing structures are adjusted but the main challenge remains to ensure fair remuneration for creators. CISAC will continue to work with its societies, digital service providers and decision-makers towards this goal.


Cinemagic release the soundtrack to Northern Ireland’s and Ireland’s first Christmas feature film ‘A Christmas Star’

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cinemagicTo highlight the release of the Cinemagic Christmas Feature Film, ‘A Christmas Star’ we are proud to announce the release of the soundtrack single, ‘We can shine’. The track features the stunning vocals of 13 year old Zena Donnelly and has already been receiving rave reviews from a host of TV and Film stars. Proceeds from the single will go to youth film festival charity Cinemagic to contribute to providing further opportunities for young people, through the medium of film and television. The single is available now from iTunes.


Nouvelle Generation Chamber Orchestra Composers’ Competition

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The Nouvelle Generation Chamber Orchestra is currently inviting young and emerging composers of any nationality, under the age of 35, to submit a new composition on one of two themes : ” Carnaval ” or “Animal(s)”.

The winning composition will be performed at the Orchestra’s “CARNIVAL DES ANIMAUX”, (The Carnival of the Animals) concert, which will take place on January 30, 2016 at Salle Claude-Champagne in Montreal, Canada. The winning composer will receive a professional recording of their work in the weeks following the concert.*

Requirements of the Work

1.The composition should be 5 to 7 minutes long.
2.The instrumentation must be for string orchestra (4+4+3+2+1).
3.The work should address one of the required themes.

• Unpublished works only.
• Composers must be under age 35 as of January 1, 2016.
• Submissions are limited to one composition per composer.
• Electronic submissions to are encouraged
• Hard-copy submissions may be sent to:

Orchestre Nouvelle Generation
5764 Monkland Avenue
Suite 23
Montreal (QC) H4A 1E9

If a customs form is required, please indicate the package contains promotional
materials only and is not commercial merchandise.

Email submissions:
• All scores must be in PDF file format accompanied by Live or MIDI recordings in
MP3 format.
• Please use the subject heading : ONG Composers Competition 2015-2016
• Post submissions :
• Two printed and bound copies of the score accompanied by CD with recording
• The score and CD should be clearly marked with the name of composer, title of
the work, and duration.
• No materials will be returned
• Please complete the application form below by including all relevant information.

Submissions must be received by December 21, 2015


• The winner will be notified by December 28, 2015
• The winner will be required to supply performance materials by no later than
January 10 , 2016
• Composers attending the performance is much appreciated but not required. The
Orchestra will provide composers with a CD or DVD of the performance.
*Please note that this recording shall be restricted to promotional use only.
• The copyright remains with the composer.
• The Nouvelle Generation Chamber Orchestra reserves the right to not select a winner
For any further inquiries, please contact us at

* Winners from previous years are not eligible to participate.

Should you wish to enter the competition the form can be found here


Between the Bars to Launch in Waterford Tonight

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Between the Bars (566x800)Between The Bars is a series of 4 monthly events taking place in St Patrick’s Gateway, Waterford between October and January that will see the best national and local indie, folk and trad acts perform to bring the people of Waterford something that little bit memorable, with a different mood set for each night, both visually and aurally, with the aim that friends, family and performers are entertained and everyone leaves smiling.

The first event in the series features Kíla’s very own Ronán Ó Snodaigh and Wexford’s traditional folk five piece Corner Boy this Saturday 10th October at 8pm. Future acts confirmed for the series include David Kitt, In the Willows and Elm.

A bodhrán workshop will also take place at Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery at 2pm. Momo restaurant will present special offers to all ticket holders from 6pm and Henry Downes will host the after party featuring Oscar and Jacqui O from 10pm.

Tickets €15 on sale from
Momo restaurant 47 Patrick Street and
Hive Gallery & Studios 25 Michael Street

See for full details.