Improving Rules Governing Authors’ Societies and Online Licensing Benefit Creators Worldwide

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IMRO welcomes EU proposal for a directive on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market.

“IMRO is a membership based organisation, owned and governed by its membership and it has consistently set high standards for transparency and accountability to its members and end users who benefit from the public use of copyright music.  IMRO is a leading performing rights organisation, with a monthly royalty distribution schedule, making it one of the most efficient performing rights organisations internationally.  A full and comprehensive guide to IMRO distribution polices is available on the IMRO website

IMRO hosted the CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) General Assembly in Dublin in June.  It was at this gathering of international performing rights organisations that IMRO instigated and championed a change to CISAC Professional Rules regarding the frequency of distributions between international collection agencies. We are delighted that due to our actions a new policy has been established which requires all performing rights organisations to raise the frequency of royalty distributions between societies to a minimum of quarterly distributions.  This is good news for music creators throughout the world.” states Victor Finn, IMRO, Chief Executive.

Authors’ societies assist creators in managing and licensing their rights and in collecting and distributing their royalties fairly and efficiently. It is in creators’ interest that their works are widely available on every legal platform. Authors’ societies around the world have been licensing an increasing number of online music services and are constantly seeking solutions to allow them to issue multi-territorial licences for the use of global repertoire, while protecting the economic value of their rights.

“Facilitating the digital distribution of creators’ works is in the best interests of authors and helps promote cultural diversity, said Kenth Muldin, Chair of CISAC Board of Directors.  “The EU initiative will have an impact outside Europe and will be looked at by other countries in developing their domestic rules on collective management. CISAC and its members are willing to work with the Commission and the Parliament to create a useful framework for collective management in the offline and online environment.”

Europe, and especially Western Europe, is the most dynamic and efficient region in terms of collective management of copyright. Royalties collected by authors’ societies on behalf of creators for the use of their works in the region topped 4.6bn EUR (61% of worldwide collections).