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July saw the release of  Bairbre Munnis's stunning debut EP – Helium Heart.  This four-track offering, from Dublin-based singer/songwriter is of a pop meets indie style, possessing commercial appeal while also offering that “dark horse” aspect.  Each track offers a variety of sounds and lyrical content that is utterly relevant to today’s music enthusiast, and displays Bairbre’s talent as a singer and songwriter. Balcony TV’s Stephen O’Regan says “One of our all time favourites on the Balcony”.

Helium Heart was recorded over a period of eight months in Salt Studio’s and a home studio, while Bairbre finished her university degree. An array of fantastic musicians appear on the EP. These include Conor Donovan, drummer with Damien Rice, Dan O’Conner, guitarist with Boss Volenti, and Dara Munnis, who plays keyboards with Jack L and Gavin Glass.

Bairbre is no stranger to the Irish music scene and has been gigging all over Ireland from the age of 15, having supported numerous Irish artists, including Paul Brady. Bairbre was a winner of the prestigious 2fm Song competition in 2007. Influences such as Gemma Hayes, KT Tunstall, Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow are evident, whilst she creates her own individual sound.
Bairbre says that the launch of the EP “represents a big step in my music career” and she feels that “only positive things will come from the release of Helium Heart”.  She has an ever-growing fan base both through gigging and being heard on social networks such as Myspace and Facebook. Bairbre recently completed a small national tour in June supporting singer/songwriter Keith Mullins, to promote this release, and now, is currently through to the second heat of the ‘Guinness Our Thursdays’ Competition. She can be found gigging around Dublin for the rest of the summer. Helium Heart was self released through iTunes and Amazon on July 20th and this release promises to be the beginning of something big for this 21-year-old artist. For information on Bairbre Munnis or to hear the full four track EP please visit
Ray Heffernan, songwriter, commented, “great stuff, real quality in the songwriting and excellent performance and delivery too”.
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