Luán Parle

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From the opening bars of her new single ‘Why Baby Why’, it’s obvious that Luán (pronounced LUON) Parle is ready for her close up.

She's come a long way since performing her own composition on ‘The Late Late Show’ aged 10; nabbing her first record deal at 12, picking up a Meteor ‘Best Irish Female Artist’ award; hitting the Top 10 with her fittingly haunting single, ‘Ghost’, one of the biggest selling singles by an Irish artist in 2008 and picking up Tatler ‘Music Women of the Year’.

Parle has taken the rough with the smooth, the major label mishandling along with the ever-growing fan base and the burgeoning critical acclaim.  Through it all, Luán has been honing her craft, working alongside such music legends as Chris Kimsey (The Rolling Stones, INXS), and Bill Bottrell (Sheryl Crow, Michael Jackson).

You can almost taste that devilish drive and the steely determination in upcoming album, ‘The Full Circle’, as this 27-year old singer/songwriter steps off the ropes to deliver that sucker punch.

With ‘The Full Circle’, Luán is finally grabbing the wheel, taking control not only of the record's release (through her own label LPR Records label), but also its production, working alongside Gavin Ralston (Luan's long-time collaborator) and the legendary Bill Bottrell & Chris Kimsey.

Parle and Bottrell wrote and recorded ‘Why Baby Why’ during a 9-month session back in 2006, in California's Mendocino.  The hope is that, as the dust settles on an old contract, those earlier recordings will surface in full.  One major fan of that earlier session was the late Michael Jackson, who, just before his untimely death, had planned on recording his own version of ‘Why Baby Why’.  Other collaborations include Niall Breslin (The Blizzards) and Hal Lindes (Dire Straits).

Like all great artists, Luán Parle defies categorisation.  Let's just say, she's got soul.  Her music manages to encompass Aretha, Ray, Cash, Waits, Erykah, and whatever you're having yourself, and yet still sound unique.  Maybe it's all down to that Irish heartbeat.

As much as that journey has all been leading to ‘The Full Circle’, Luán Parle also knows that she is in this for the long haul. You can hear it in her music.  It's timeless.  It's heartfelt.  And it's going to leave you reeling…

The single ‘Why Baby Why’ is released digitally from Friday August 20th followed swiftly (watch your inbox!) by the album, ‘The Full Circle’ – available everywhere from Friday September 17th, on the LPR Records label.

A nationwide tour is also booked to coincide with the album release from September and “The Full Circle” will be officially launched on Thursday 16th of September

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