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With  the €10 million, Music Hall production of Peter Pan – The Never Ending Story, about to open in Amsterdam’s 17,000 seat,  Ziggo Dome on February 14th, it is perhaps little surprise that the show’s promo single and finale song, is yet another chapter in the never ending story of the worldwide hit, You Raise Me Up.

Peter Pan – The Never Ending Story, World Arena Tour has already played 23 shows at the 7,000 seat, Forest National Theatre in Brussels and after Amsterdam, is on its way to Wembley Arena, the Manchester Arena and other UK arenas, as part of a World Arena Tour.

You Raise Me Up, Tinkerbell’s song in the production, having already been recorded by Belgian Tinkerbell, Silvy De Bie,–x87YZ6YA  as the show’s promo single, has now also been recorded by Dutch Tinkerbell, Jennifer Ewbank for the Ziggo Dome  shows.

 A new Tinkerbell will enter the spotlight for the UK concerts. Direction and scenography is by ex – Cirque du Soleil, Luc Petit with music composed and arranged by Matt Dunkley, (Moulin Rouge, Black Swan, The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean). The production also includes a number of well-known, classic hits…and for the first time has above-stage flying without any harness, with Peter Pan’s aeronautics being supported by a cushion of air, a technique developed for training NASA space travellers.

Peter Pan – The Never Ending Story, is yet but another chapter in the story of You Raise Me Up, written by Norwegian composer, Rolf Lovland and Irish songwriter and author, Brendan Graham . With sales approaching one  hundred million units, You Raise Me Up has been recorded by almost 600 different artistes, in over 40 languages and is one of the most successful songs in the history of popular music . The song has been performed at such occasions as the 9/11 Official Ground Zero, and Pentagon Commemorations ;  Winter Olympics, Gold Medal Ceremony; Super Bowl, NASA Tribute;  Laureus World Sports Awards; Nobel Peace Prize Ceremonies (twice); The White House(twice);  Opening of the Northern Ireland Assembly; Queen Elisabeth II’s visit to Ireland ; Eucharistic Congress closing ceremony.  Nelson Mandela’s 91st Birthday; Oprah Winfrey’s 50th Birthday.


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