Music Creators

IMRO Distribution Schedule

IMRO is one of the most efficient performing rights organisations in the world in terms of the frequency of distributions it makes to its members and affiliated societies worldwide.  In addition to this IMRO does not apply any administration fees to royalties earned by its members from international performances of their works.

IMRO Distribution Schedule

Revenue Period January to March April to June July to September October to December
Distribution Element                                                       Payable Distribution
Radio July October December April
Television (including players) July October December April
Tours and Residencies July October December April
Live Music Survey July October December April
RTE Performing Groups July October December April
Background Music October December April July
Discos October December April July
Digital Providers October December April July
Heritage Centres                                            Previous year’s data paid in July
Cinema                                            Previous year’s data paid in July
Overseas royalties                                                               Monthly
Invoiced Gigs                                                               Monthly
UP File Claims                                                               Monthly
UC File Claims                                                               Monthly
Adjustments                                                               Monthly


 IMRO Tours & Residencies Scheme Submission Deadlines

Performances Period Submission Type Submission Deadline
January – March Online submissions only Mid-May
April – June Online submissions only Mid-August
July – September Online submissions only Mid-October
October – December Online submissions only Mid-February



Distribution Information Sheets

Distribution D121 April 2012 – Information Sheet

Distribution D122 July 2012 – Information Sheet

Distribution D123 October 2012 – Information Sheet

Distribution D124 December 2012 – Information Sheet

Distribution D131 April 2013 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D132 July 2013 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D133 October 2013 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D134 December 2013 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D141 April 2014 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D142 July 2014 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D143 October 2014 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D144 December 2014 – Information Sheet (pdf)

Distribution D151 April 2015 – Information Sheet (pdf)