Music Creators

Why Should I Join IMRO?

Songwriters, lyricists, composers, arrangers of public domain music and music publishers who have their music publicly performed are eligible to join IMRO.

Some of the main benefits of joining IMRO are as follows:

  • IMRO will collect and distribute royalties earned by you for public performances of your music in Ireland. Public performances include radio/television broadcasts, live performances and online uses.
  • Through our agreements with affiliated sister societies worldwide, IMRO distributes royalties earned by our members from overseas public performances of their original music. So if you go on tour or have your songs played on radio or television in these territories, IMRO will ensure your royalties are collected and distributed to you.
  • There is no fee to join IMRO, whether you join as a writer (for songwriters, lyricists, composers and arrangers of public domain music) or a music publisher.
  • IMRO also hosts a regular series of workshops, seminars, demo dips, and masterclasses delivered by internationally acclaimed songwriters, publishers and producers for the benefit of our membership.  Our recent seminars have included Grammy, Academy Award and Ivor Novello winners and nominees including Jake Gosling, Gary Nickolson, Sacha Skarbec, Ralph Murphy, Martin Terefe, Paul Williams, Finlay Dow-Smith and Pamela Phillips Oland.
  • Through our member mailing list, we also provide regular updates on international conferences, song contests, showcase gigs and other useful information on both the Irish and international music markets.

You can find further information on the specific criteria for Writer Membership and Publisher Membership on our membership application forms. Alternatively feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.