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ASCAP International Onstage Programme

IMRO now invites those members who played live shows in the United States of America during the period 1st January-31st December 2013 to submit their live performances for submission by IMRO to ASCAP via their new INTERNATIONAL ONSTAGE programme. ASCAP INTERNATIONAL ONSTAGE replaces the previous ASCAP INTERNATIONAL AWARDS scheme and will process live performances to generate royalties more accurately based upon the licensing value of the venues. ASCAP no longer makes an award based on the determination of an independent panel.

In order to make submissions to the programme, IMRO members need to submit their performances online via the IMRO Member area here as per their regular international touring submissions.

IMRO will then submit the performances to ASCAP directly for inclusion in INTERNATIONAL ONSTAGE.

Submissions for performances in the US need to be made online to IMRO by Tuesday 1st April 2014

 Please make note of the following: 

  • Submissions are made online directly to IMRO.
  • ASCAP will not accept submissions from individuals – they must be received from IMRO.
  • Royalties from ASCAP INTERNATIONAL ONSTAGE will be sent annually (expected to be paid in the ASCAP December 2014 distribution to IMRO).
  • Only performances of works which are licensed by ASCAP in the USA will be considered.
  • Please submit live performances in the USA for the period 1st January -31st December 2013 only.
  • ASCAP requires additional material to be submitted only where the performance is that of classical/serious music. Where this is the case please provide a scanned copy of the concert programme to

For 2014 US Live performances onwards, please submit via the regular submissions under the Tours and Residencies scheme as per the specified deadlines.