Music Users

Commercial Benefits of Music Use

No matter what industry you´re in, everyone agrees that putting your customer at the heart of your business and providing good customer service is a top priority. Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, bar, hairdressing salon or  supermarket, part of this service is about providing customers with music to enhance their experience. Whether this takes the form of a live band playing in the evening or a local radio station in the background, music is one of the most common tools used by businesses to create an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Whether you are a restaurateur or hotelier, a bar owner, a shop owner, a health & fitness club/leisure centre owner, or managing a factory or an office, the following pages will answer your questions on an IMRO licence and the benefits to your business of using music. Should you wish to speak directly to a member of our licensing team please call us on 01 6614844 or by email at and we´ll be happy to help.