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Tune Into The Power Of Using Music In Your Pub

As a publican you will be fully aware of the importance of creating the
right atmosphere to attract and keep customer patronage in your
public house. In creating this environment the music you provide is very often just as important as the drink selection, food menu and interior design that you provide to attract customers to your bar.

Being part of a very competitive leisure and entertainment industry you will understand the need to meet your customer requirements with regard to service, product and atmosphere expectations. Using music in your pub can help you meet those expectations.

A recent survey revealed that 91% of respondents surveyed said they liked a bar with some background music.  Over three-quarters of drinkers said that background music would encourage them to go there more often and 82% of drinkers said they would buy another drink if music that people enjoyed was being played. (Source:

Surveys commissioned by the Drinks Industry Group show that the provision of music as an ancillary service in licensed premises in Ireland has been steadily increasing over the last number of years. Some 36% of licensed premises throughout the country regularly provide live music. In addition, it was found that almost 34% of premises nationwide provide recorded music or jukeboxes. The very fact that live music has been steadily increasing attests to its value to publicans.

  • A Bord Fáilte Report showed that 2.9 million visitors to Ireland went to a pub with live music while 0.5 million visited a disco or a club.
  • The latest Lonely Planet Guide (2012) states that pubs are the number one tourist attraction in Ireland and describes Irish traditional music as “Western Europe’s most vibrant folk music”.

All of this is good news as it highlights the link between music and profits for pub and bar owners seeking ways to improve their revenue.

Copyright music is a vital input into the success of your pub and its use in your business does require that you obtain a music licence from The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO).

By paying your annual licence fee to IMRO you are enabling songwriters to continue writing songs that you will ultimately use to improve your business operation.

How Much Does An IMRO Licence Cost?

For Dublin City and Co. Dublin Pubs the following inputs apply:

Background Music:

Charged based on units of 20 seats or part thereafter for any of  TVV, radio, CD or other music system.

Featured Music:

  • Non pay-in live music and discos are charged on a per session basis linked to capacity.
  • Pay-in live music events are charged at 3% of admission charges.

IMRO Tariff  For Dublin City and County Pubs:

The tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO in hotels, Dublin public houses, nightclubs, restaurants, guest houses and similar establishments.  

For Pubs located outside of Dublin City and County the following inputs apply:

Background Music:

– charge varies with the type of background music used.

Featured Music:

– Non pay-in events are charged according to your Pub Licence Band.

– Pay-in live music events are charged at 3% of admission charges.

IMRO Tariff For Pubs Located outside of Dublin City and County:

This tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO in bars, lounges, cabaret rooms and similar premises but does not apply to such premises when they form part of a hotel, disco or restaurant.  The tariff applies to all performances in premises outside of the areas represented by the Licensed Vintners´ Association to which the Standard Tariff HRNPD applies, (but see paragraph 11 re jukeboxes).  

IMRO is happy to advise you about the cost of a licence for your particular business.

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