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Tune Into The Commercial Benefits Of Using Music In Your Shop

With competition in the retail industry becoming increasingly intense
consumers are being encouraged to select one retail premises over
another. This is where the power of music becomes a positive influencing factor.  Music has the tendency to put customers at their ease thus encouraging them to spend more time in retail outlets.  As you know the longer they remain in your shop the more likely they are to purchase something.

Did You Know?

84% of shoppers say they like shops that play in-store music and of that percentage 23% claim they would be prepared to pay 5% more for goods if music was being played.


This is good news as it demonstrates that creating a good atmosphere can help drive your business. Larger retail outlets have for some time recognised the influence music can have on shopping patterns.  Music with a high tempo can encourage shoppers to move more quickly through a shop, while slower tempo music can have the influence of slowing down customers with the overall benefit of them spending more money in such situations.

(Source: based on research carried out by Milliman, R.E. (1986). Using background music to affect the behaviour of supermarket shoppers. Journal of Marketing).

Importantly the advantages of using music in your retail outlet also extends to staff motivation as well as buying behaviour. Research has brought to light the impact that background music can have on staff. 66% of employees surveyed believed that background music made them feel better and more motivated at work. With improved motivation often comes greater productivity.


Copyright music is a vital input into the success of your retail outlet and its use in your business does require that you obtain a music licence from The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO).

How Much Does An IMRO Licence Cost?

The level of royalties due with regards to background music use in retail shops is dependent on the size of shop floor areas, e.g. the cost (pre VAT) for a shop space of up to 100m2 is currently €213.58 per annum.

That works out at just 59 cents per day for the most extensive range of best quality music available – well over 13 million songs.

For a shop with a floor area of 500m2 the cost works out at just €1.45 per day.

IMRO is happy to advise you about the cost of a licence for your particular business.


IMRO Retail Store Tariff:

This tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO at retail shops and stores, motor, caravan and boat showrooms, wholesale warehouses and furniture and carpet showrooms. It also applies to any concourse, mall, walkway, circulating area or other part of a shopping centre, precinct, or similar complex open only to pedestrian traffic.

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