Music Users

Are you using a radio or TV in the workplace?

Did you know that you need an IMRO licence to do so?

In today’s competitive commercial marketplace more and more employers are making the decision to provide music for their staff and customers in their business premises. Whether that be through the provision of:

  • music on telephone hold systems or
  • a TV in staff canteens, reception areas, offices or factory floors,

these employers recognise the many benefits that can be derived from using music as part of their business operations.

Did you know that the advantages of using music in business extends to staff motivation and buying behaviour?  Research in this area has brought to light the impact that background music by way of TV, radio and music systems can have on staff.

  • 66% of employees surveyed believed that background music made them feel better and more motivated at work.
  • With improved motivation often comes greater productivity.   An overwhelming 83% of warehouse workers said they are more productive when good quality background music is being played.
  • 1 in 3 employees are less likely to take time off sick if good music is being played at work.


Perhaps you already have a music facility on your telephone hold system or you are thinking about installing one. Providing this service for your customers and clients can make waiting time a less monotonous chore.

Did you know?

An estimated 70% of business callers are put on hold:

  • of which 60% hang up.
  • 30% do not call back!
  • 90% of callers with silence on hold hang up within 40 seconds.   Music on hold adds 30 seconds to the hold time.

(Source: Figures based on research carried out by AT&T)

You need a licence from IMRO if you have a TV, radio or any music system in:

  • the canteen or staff restaurant
  • In private offices
  • rest areas
  • when using music at product demonstrations or launches
  • on the factory floor
  • on the office floor
  • in your reception area or
  • when music is contained within training videos or
  • when using music in product demonstrations or launches.

How Much Does An IMRO Licence Cost?

The cost for background music in the workplace is linked to the number of employees. The annual cost is for each unit of 25 employees and at the current rate is just over €5 per employee per annum.

IMRO is happy to advise you about the cost of a licence for your particular business.

IMRO Workplace Tariffs: 


This tariff applies to mechanical performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO as a background to work or meals at industrial premises, offices and canteens. All other performances will be assessed under the appropriate tariff covering such performances.  


This tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO when played by mechanical means attached to a telephone switchboard so as to be audible to incoming callers before they are connected to an internal extension.  


This tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO at reception area’s which are not specifically assessable under any of IMRO’s other tariffs  


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