Music Users

Customer Charter

Who we are:

IMRO is a national organisation that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members – songwriters, composers and music publishers – and on behalf of the members of the international overseas societies that are affiliated to it. IMRO’s function is to collect and distribute royalties arising from the public performance of IMRO controlled copyright music. IMRO is a not-for-profit organisation.

Our Aim:

We aim at all times to provide our customers with a professional, efficient and courteous service and to do our best to improve the standards of the service which we provide. The purpose of this Customer Charter is to set out the standard of service our customers can expect to receive from IMRO and how we can help each other.

Our commitment to you:

We are an organisation that is committed to fairness and ensuring that we enable those who wish to play, perform, broadcast and make available our music outside the home environment, can do so by getting the permission they need to play or perform the music they want.

We are committed to make the whole process of getting permission to use our music, as quick, easy and affordable as possible.

We are committed to providing an excellent service to our customers, which is courteous, helpful and timely in dealing with queries and requests.

In all your dealings with IMRO you can expect that:

  • Our staff will be courteous and professional;
  • We have trained our staff to ensure they understand the contents of this Charter;
  • Your music licensing requirements will be clearly explained to you;
  • Our processes are clear and transparent;
  • We respond to your queries straight away if possible and in any event within 10 working days of receipt;
  • We will treat you fairly in relation to other customers and users in similar circumstances; and
  • We will correct any agreed errors as quickly as possible;

1. Contacting you:

If you do not have an IMRO licence:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have a licence if you are playing our music;
  • We aim to make sure that all businesses and organisations that wish to use our music have the right licence to do so;
  • We will contact you via post, email, telephone or in person, to determine if an IMRO licence is required;
  • We will always let you know if calls are being recorded; and
  • We reserve the right to contact you if we have reason to believe you may be playing our music.

If you have an IMRO licence:

  • We may contact you from time to time to review your music use details;
  • We will contact you to collect any balance owing under your licence;
  • It is your responsibility to advise us promptly (and in any event not later than 30 days following the date of such change) of any change to your performance details;
  • If requested you must complete and return any required music use declaration forms; and
  • If you do not provide us with your music use details we may estimate that use for your next licence year, and we will invoice you accordingly;

Visits to your premises:

  • An IMRO representative may visit your premises, either at our request or at your request, to arrange a licence or discuss details of an existing licence;
  • IMRO have a right of entry to check music use details under the terms of existing licences; and
  • You have the right to request identification from all IMRO representatives that request entry to your premises.

2. Contacting us:

If you wish to contact us you may do so by telephone, post or by email to;

You must contact us if:

  • You are playing our music in your premises or at an event and you need an IMRO licence;
  • You think a mistake has been made on your account;
  • Your music performance particulars have or are about to change;
  • You no longer need a licence for your premises;
  • You wish to make a complaint; or
  • Your business is ceasing to trade or being transferred to a new owner.

3. Invoicing accuracy:

We are committed to calculating your invoice accurately. If you have a query regarding tariff prices or music performance particulars, please do not hesitate to contact us, either direct via phone or via email to, and we will conduct a full reassessment of your music performance details.

You must familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your Copyright Music Licence, our General Terms Applicable to Tariffs and Licences (copy available at or at the back on your invoice) and the relevant IMRO tariff.

4. Refunds guaranteed:

If for any reason you are due a refund, we guarantee to issue it within 15 working days of request.

5. Your Queries Answered:

At IMRO we are committed to providing a quick response to your queries.

We aim

– to answer telephone calls promptly. If the person you speak to is unable to deal with your enquiry, we will arrange for the right person to call you back as soon as possible. Our normal office working hours are 9-5pm daily,

– to respond to written correspondence by mail, email or fax within maximum 10 working days of receipt. In the unlikely event IMRO are not in a position to provide you with a complete response within these targets, we will commit to communicating to you as to why, what the current status is and an approximate timeframe for completion within the initial target deadline.

6. Fair Marketing:

We are committed to protecting you against unwanted, unfair or misleading marketing from IMRO.

7. Your obligations:

– It is your responsibility to ensure you have an up to date IMRO licence if you are playing our music outside of the domestic environment;

– The Copyright & Related Rights Act 2000 (as amended) requires you to obtain permission from the copyright owner before you perform or authorise the performance of copyright music in public;

– When you take a licence, your rights and obligations will be set out in the standard terms and conditions of your licence. Further General Terms Applicable to Tariffs and Licences are also applicable and available at and on the back of your invoice;

– If your licence payment becomes overdue we will contact you by post, email or telephone to remind you that payment is due. If payment is not received, we may refer your account to a debt collection agency.

– If you have a licence from IMRO and you unreasonably refuse to provide details of your music use at any time, or refuse to make payment of royalties due thereon, you may be in breach of contract and IMRO may take further action;

– If you use our music without a licence you could be liable for infringement of copyright and we reserve the right to take action for such infringement;

– If we have established that you are using our music, or if we have reason to believe that you may be using our music, and you have not taken out a licence, we may collect evidence of your music use;

– We will never try to collect infringement evidence until we have asked you to take out a licence and you have been given 10 working days to do so.

Nothing in this Licensee Charter shall override the:

(1) IMRO General Terms Applicable to Tariffs and Licences,

(2) Terms and conditions of the Copyright Music Licence, and

(3) The relevant IMRO Tariff.