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Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ireland Limited (MCPSI)

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ireland Limited (MCPSI) is an organisation which represents thousands of composers and publishers of music. The right involved is a “mechanical” right because it involves the physical reproduction of a member’s musical works, although with the advent of digital media the internet the term “mechanical” has been broadened to include digital reproductions of MCPS’ members works too. MCPSI is responsible for the collection of royalties for its members when their works are used on physical formats such as CD, DVD, Vinyl, etc or made available for download via the internet, mobile phones and via other digital devices and services.MCPSI also licence the use of its members’ works in film, TV, radio, advertising, computer games and many other situations where music is used in conjunction with other media. MCPSI collects and distributes the royalties payable under these licences.

By way of agency agreement with MCPS in the UK and through their reciprocal agreements with similar organisations around the world, MCPSI also represents the interests of many thousands of music copyright owners from other countries while providing copyright protection for its members in foreign territories.

This service is available to anybody who wants to record, duplicate or synchronize music including record companies, independent production companies, mobile and online companies and many others. MCPSI also licenses the importation of recordings from outside of the EU.



In an ongoing effort to improve efficiency with the organisation, cheques will no longer be used to distribute MCPSI payments below €500.

This will align distribution practices, reduce costs and create a platform for delivering further process efficiencies going forward. EFT payments, which go directly to members’ bank accounts, are faster and more secure than cheques.

We ask members that currently receive their distribution payments via cheque to provide us with the details of a nominated bank account by 25th May 2013 in order to receive your payment in the next round of distributions. For further information please contact David Galligan on 01 6448023 or email  If we do not receive your bank details by 25th May 2013 and the amount payable is below €500, distributions will be put on hold until the €500 threshold is exceeded or bank details have been provided.

Members who currently receive payment via EFT will not be affected by these changes.