Music Users

Music Services B2B (Business to Business)

What does the scheme allow you to do?

The MSB2B scheme allows you to supply music services to a company (directly or through a distributor) to locations such as retail shops, restaurants, public houses, commercial businesses, aeroplanes, pubs and hotel rooms. The supply of music services to the company (‘the client’) is solely for the purposes of playing to members of the public at the clients’ premises by means of any physical or digital media.

This scheme does not cover the public performance of music by the client at their premises. A separate licence is required (by the client) from the Irish Music Music Rights Organisation (IMRO)

The MSB2B scheme offers a generic framework for companies supplying audio, music video and karaoke content for playing to members of the public.

What are the rights and formats covered under the agreement?


The MSB2B Scheme covers the MCPS mechanical reproduction right and the IMRO communication to the public right as follows:

a. The creation of a digital database of audio-only, music video tracks or karaoke tracks to source for supplying the service;
b. The transmission of the music via electronic means to end customers in the Republic of Ireland only;
c. The transmission of the music via satellite (if uplinked from the Republic of Ireland) to end customers in the EEA; and
d. The creation of copies at the client end on hard disk when tracks are delivered to a client site for local storage or streaming via electronic means or satellite in the Republic of Ireland only.

NB: The MSB2B Scheme does not include the right to play music in any venue. A Public Performance licence can be obtained separately from IMRO.


Physical delivery methods: All physical formats (such as, tape, compact disc, DVD, CD-ROM, portable hard drive, laser disc) used for physical distribution of content to users.

Electronic delivery methods: any distribution of data in an electronic form, wire, wireless, public and private communication networks, internet and satellite. Please refer to the FAQ for information pertaining to the licensable rights with regards to satellite and online distribution.

How do you apply to join the scheme?

You must complete the Music Services (B2B) agreement and application form which details the terms and conditions. Once you have read, agreed, signed and returned this agreement, we will counter sign and return a copy to you with an acceptance letter along with an invoice for the advance of €1,215 (€1,000+VAT).