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Being part of the Health and Leisure Industry you will certainly
appreciate that your business is all about providing the highest quality
of service to your customers. This service comes in many forms, for example, the quality and range of exercise equipment provided, the range and diversity of classes programmed, the quality of pool and spa facilities and the attitude and expertise of staff members when dealing with your customers.

Copyright music, whether by means of background music in gyms, health clubs, public access foyers, refreshment areas, keep fit classes, aerobic sessions, etc., adds to the overall service and product that your customers and members demand and deserve. Providing music in your health club or leisure centre should be an integral part of your whole service approach and not just seen as an optional extra that might or might not be put on for your customers.

Music Improves Exercise Endurance

New research has confirmed that pumping up the volume increases exercise endurance and performance. The research has also discovered that particular types of music increase endurance more than other.

Copyright Music is a vital input into the success of your business. However, its use in your business does require that you obtain a music licence from IMRO. You should also be aware that music is conveyed via TV’s and radios and hence if you use either in your leisure centre, an IMRO licence is needed.

How Much does an IMRO Licence Cost?

The level of royalties due for music used in leisure facilities and health clubs varies from business to business and is based on the following:

  • Background music used in reception areas, gyms, refreshment areas, saunas, swimming pools etc., is charged based on floor area.
  • Music used in keep fit and aerobic (including aqua) sessions/classes, is charged on a per session/class basis.


IMRO Tariff For Leisure Centres and Gyms:

This tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO in leisure centres and gyms.  

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