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Graham J. Set To Releases His New Single ‘I Miss You Most On Sundays’ And Announces Sugar Club dates

Graham J. continues to create a fresh and exciting live show for his growing audience. This year alone he has had sell out show’s at Dublin’s JJ SMYTH’s, Nick Munier’s Avenue, The Sugar Club, Whelan’s, London headline show at Nell’s Jazz & Blues Club, headline at the London Pride Official Launch Party in Zebrano’s, and a standout performance at Vince Power’s new jazz venue the WILLIAM IV in London. Graham J. makes a welcome return to The Sugar Club on Wednesday, 12th October 2016 and he will release his new single ‘I MISS YOU MOST ON SUNDAYS’ on Friday, 28th October 2016.

“I MISS YOU MOST ON SUNDAYS” is about the tragic loss of a loved one through suicide. Graham J. lost his partner through suicide and this song is very personal to him. It is a beautiful, haunting song with a very simple but tragic message. Tragically in October 2013 when Graham’s partner took his own life, Graham was devastated and due to the shock lost his voice. However the song now makes him think of someone who touched his life and left an indelible mark. “While every time I sing the song, brings back so many sad memories , performing it has been very cathartic” says Graham. “It also seems to touch a chord with the audience and brings home how short and precious life is and how it is important to celebrate both life and our treasured memories”. October 2016 marks the 3rd Anniversary of this tragic event and ‘I MISS YOU MOST ON SUNDAYS’ is released in Graham’s partner’s memory. The song’s haunting melody and reflection on traumatic loss underscore the feeling of comfort from holding onto memories of happier times.

Graham J. is fast gaining an international reputation with sell out performances in Ireland, the UK and Europe. His debut album “Wild Is…” has been critically acclaimed for its individual style. Following the UK release of ‘Into My Arms’ he was contacted by BBC DJ Justine Greene to say that ‘Into my Arms’ was chosen for the BBC Sunday Selection Show. It received airplay on Alex Lester’s BBC Radio 2 show, ‘Into My Arms’ was play-listed by CHBN Radio in the UK, remaining in the Top 5 Listeners Poll for several weeks. It has also been play-listed and receiving airplay on Shoreditch Radio, London and KMIX Radio in Los Angeles, Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Ulster among others. The BBC filmed 5 of Graham’s songs as part of his live in studio performances on Sunday Breakfast with Justine Green for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. The performance was filmed for BBC Music site and streamed through BBC iPlayer, receiving over six thousand views within the first two days.

Graham J. is a unique and powerful singer. On his debut album ‘Wild Is… Graham explores elements of jazz, blues, classical and alternative contemporary. The avant-garde, almost vaudevillian, presentation underlies themes of evolution and transformation which define the work. Graham has been hailed as the vanguard of ‘Cabaret Noir’, an emerging genre of music blending influences from others and known for its dark subjects and emotional impact.

Catch the very special talent that is Graham J. live @ The Sugar Club on Wednesday, 12th October 2016 and Tuesday, 15th November 2016.

Graham J.’s debut album ‘WILD IS…’ is available on all digital formats

His Single “I MISS YOU MOST ON SUNDAYS” is released on Friday, 28th October 2016
You can follow Graham J on Facebook and Twitter

Will We Be Brilliant or What? Songs and Stories by John Spillane

‘What is music, anyway, reader, only a magical, invisible, untouchable material that we don’t really understand at all, but that means so much to us?’

Featuring a foreword by Christy Moore

will_we_be_brilliant_or_whatJohn Spillane has had a fantastic musical journey. Over the last thirty-three years, he has played with many bands and musical outfits and served a number of musical apprenticeships. He has written hundreds of songs, an opera and now, for the first time, a book. Will We Be Brilliant or What? is packed full of music and stories as John gives insight into the inspiration behind his best loved songs.

John fell in love with singing when he was a small boy. ‘I wrote my first song when I was sixteen and I have written about 200 songs since then. Some of them maybe you couldn’t really call brilliant songs, like, but what harm? Each one teaches you some little lesson, and maybe you have to write the small ones so you can go on and write the big ones.’

When John was eighteen, he got a permanent and pensionable position with a bank but resigned two years later to become a musician. Since then, his songs have provided a musical background to life in Ireland, and have been performed by such luminaries as Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon and Mary Black. Christy Moore, who provided the foreword for the book, said, ‘Singers need songs and songwriters need singers … John Spillane excels in both fields.’

An incredibly generous musician, John even provides a songwriting workshop in his book with tips such as ‘Decide what you are going to write about’, ‘Write like mad for about five minutes’ and, most importantly, ‘Defend your song’.

John said, ‘I have written a lot of “asked-for” songs, including “Passage West”, “The Ballad of Patrick Murphy”, “My Lovely Smiling Beamish Boy” and “The Streets of Ballyphehane”. It can be a lonely enough ol’ road, the songwriting, but the asked-for song takes you outside of yourself and makes you part of a community. It’s better to be a giver than a taker.’

He believes that the best is yet to come, ‘There are some beauties of songs out there waiting to fall into my lap.’

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Northern Irish band ‘Ports’ to feature in the new Tourism NI TV ad campaign

‘The Few and Far Between’ is the next single from PORTS Northern Ireland Music Prize shortlisted debut album, “The Devil is a Songbird”. ‘The Few and Far Between’’ is an uplifting and rhythmic track. Filled with many layers, harmony and melody. The track firmly shows their songwriting strength, soaring vocals and unique sound.


PORTS are a four piece band from Northern Ireland. They consist of Steven McCool (Bass and Vocals), Mark O’Doherty (Drums), Ryan Griffiths (Guitar) and Conor Mason (Piano). 2016 saw the release of their debut album “The Devil is a Songbird” which has been shortlisted for the Northern Ireland Music Prize. Having performed in Ireland, UK and Canada PORTS have gone from strength to strength after the release. Gameplay, the first single released from the album, made an impact after being used for MTV Teen Drama “Awkward”. That momentum has continued to grow with naming the band as one of the “Faces of 2016”. The summer also saw them establish themselves as a main stage festival band at Festivals such as Stendhal, Moira Calling and Open Hose Festival. At Music City festival in May 2016 they opened the festival as support for the Mercury Prize Shortlisted band “The Villagers”

“Partnering with such a hugely successful local band was the natural choice for Tourism NI. The Ports new single, The Few and Far Between, is the perfect musical accompaniment for our ‘Say Hello to More’ advertisement, punctuating the narrative and conveying a sense of adventure to the viewer. As footage of the iconic landscapes, world class visitor attractions and five-star accommodation in Northern Ireland is beamed out I have no doubt that ‘Say Hello to More’ will be recognisable across the country”.
Eimear Callaghan, NI Tourism

‘Sunshine | Shadows’ | Inspiring new release by ANÚNA

A limited release, ‘Sunshine | Shadows’ includes 4 tracks recorded in the summer of 2015 in Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin plus a recently remixed bonus version of the well known ‘Fionnghuala’. The EP spans themes of lost love on ‘The White Rose’ to finding inner peace on ‘Innisfree’, a sensitive setting by Michael McGlynn of the much-loved words of W.B.Yeats. The work culminates with the title tracks ‘Sunshine’, a lively song from the simple view of a child on a hot summer’s day, and ‘Shadows’, a lament to the death of summer. ‘Sunshine | Shadows’ features the accompaniment on harp by Anne- Marie O Farrell (The White Rose) and on piano by Bláth Conroy Murphy (Sunshine) and Michael McGlynn (Shadows).

Physical copies of ‘Sunshine | Shadows’ are now SOLD OUT but digital downloads can still be purchased at:

In 1987, Dublin composer Michael McGlynn founded ANÚNA.

James Vincent McMorrow delivers his new single, Evil, to radio today

The track is taken from McMorrow’s number 1 album, We Move, which was released on September 2nd.

James, is currently preparing to head out on tour again, beginning in Galway’s Black Box on October 5th, and winding up in Los Angeles on December 1st. In between he’ll play a sold out show at Dublin’s National Stadium on October 7th, before heading on to the UK, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain, then on to the Canada and the USA.

For more details, go to

On Raglan Road Great Irish Love Songs and the Women who Inspired Them by Gerard Hanberry

It is evening and friends have gathered. Conversation and conviviality abound. Eventually somebody requests a song. A reluctant member of the company known to have a ‘voice’ is identified and pressed to sing. Hush descends. The singer grows in confidence as the spell takes hold. Some listeners close their eyes while others hold hands and sway to the melody. The song might tell of unrequited love or of loss and pain due to death or emigration. The singer’s head is bowed now and the song concludes. A moment of poignant silence, then the warm praise.

The poet and musician have always been held in high esteem in Ireland. And there are certain songs that, though intimate expressions of love, are part of the fabric of our national identity. Gerard Hanberry, a poet from Galway, said, ‘I had often heard people speculating on who had inspired Patrick Kavanagh to put pen to paper and write “On Raglan Road”. Some of the speculation was so far from the truth that it spurred the idea of setting the record straight. From that seed the oak tree grew. I realised that there were many such songs inspired by interesting women that needed exploration.’

This lively account uncovers for the first time how ‘On Raglan Road’ and other great love songs came to be, and includes engaging biographies of the songwriters and their muses.

Hanberry continued, ‘The idea of the muse has always fascinated people, whether it is a mythical goddess who visits at her whim and must be courted or be it a real-life person who inspires a great love lyric.’

This is for anyone who ever wondered who the ‘Galway Girl’ was, or if there was a real-life ‘Nancy Spain’. Learn the often surprising, sometimes bittersweet but always absorbing stories of the real women who inspired some of the world’s finest love songs.

• Informative, accessible stories behind well-known songs
• Thoughtful study, covering a neglected area of Irish culture
• Packed with fascinating detail and curiosities

Gerard Hanberry is a prizewinning poet, biographer, musician and teacher. Widely published in Ireland and abroad, he is included in Penguin’s anthology Windharp: Poems of Ireland, 1916–2016. He gives regular talks and readings around the country. His book on the remarkable family of Oscar Wilde, More Lives Than One, was published in 2011.
Price €17.99 / £15.99 • Hardback • B&W photos • 264 pp

Buy Online


on_raglan_roadThe Songs and the Muses

‘Úna Bhán’ – Tomás Láidir Costello: There are a number of different versions of the story, but each one ends in tragedy. Úna dies from a broken heart and Tomás is stricken with grief and guilt and he too eventually dies and is buried beside his darling Úna at Lough Key. Tradition has it that an ash tree grew up from each grave and the two trees entwined, forming a love knot.

‘Danny Boy’ – Blind Rory O’Cahan (Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin) and Frederick Edward Weatherly:
There are two women associated with this song: Jane Ross of Limavaddy who sent the tune to Dublin-based scholar and archivist Dr George Petrie; and Margaret Weatherly who heard some Irish immigrant miners playing the tune while living in Ouray, Colorado, and sent it to her brother-in-law Frederick, a prolific songwriter, who wrote the lyrics.

‘Down by the Salley Gardens’ – W. B. Yeats:
Contrary to popular belief, Maud Gonne is not the inspiration behind William Butler Yeats’ beautiful lyric poem of unrequited love. Instead, it was inspired by two lovely young women the poet befriended in his late teens, a flirtatious young red-haired girl called Edith Laura Armstrong, known to her friends as Laura. She was William’s very first love. The other was the poet and author Katharine Tynan.

‘Gortnamona’ – William Percy French:
‘Gortnamona’ expresses the grief French felt at the tragic loss of his beloved first wife, Ettie. She died of septicaemia four weeks after giving birth to their daughter, exactly one year and a day after their wedding. She was only twenty years of age.

‘On Raglan Road’ – Patrick Kavanagh:
This was inspired by Hilda Moriarty, a young student from County Kerry studying medicine at University College Dublin. She was interested in Kavanagh because he was well known about the town as a published poet and writer and she was more than a little flattered that such a man would take an interest in her. She also felt he needed some encouragement at that time as his writing was not going well.

‘Nancy Spain’ – Barney Rush:
Barney Rushe, who was born in Sallynoggin in 1946, was still only in his late teens when he wrote ‘Nancy Spain’. The name was inspired by Nancy Brooker Spain, a prominent English journalist and broadcaster, but Rushe never revealed the name of the girl who inspired the song itself although his family believe she was a young girl who Rushe met in his teens – he was too shy to declare his feelings for her.

‘Sarah’ – Phil Lynott:
This was written to mark the birth of his first-born daughter, Sarah Lynott, who was born on 19 December 1978 to Philip and his then nineteen-year-old girlfriend Caroline Crowther. Caroline is the daughter of the well-known English comedian, actor and TV personality Leslie Crowther but gave birth to Sarah in Holles Street Maternity Hospital because it was Philip’s wish to have his child born in Dublin.

Grace’ – Sean and Frank O’Meara: The chilling story of Grace Gifford’s macabre wedding to her fiancé Joseph Mary Plunkett in Kilmainham Gaol only hours before his execution is harrowing, and became the subject of one of Ireland’s most famous ballads. It might come as a surprise to learn that the song does not date from the time of the Rising but was written in 1985.

Past the Point of Rescue’ and ‘Crusader’ – Mick Hanly: When Mick Hanly was in his late twenties and struggling to make a living as a professional musician, he met and soon married a young girl who was ten years his junior. Her name was Úna Hanley and she was beautiful. Love and innocence: the script is as old as the world. Old also is the story of the touring musician out on the road trying desperately to make it pay and his young wife left behind alone at home. The marriage lasted three years. Even that was a miracle.

‘The Voyage’ – Johnny Duhan:
Johnny met Maureen Biggins while playing with Granny’s Intentions at a gig in University College Dublin in 1971. It was to be one of the band’s final shows. Today, over forty years later, Johnny impishly recalls how she caught his eye from the stage because she was wearing a very short miniskirt that night in contrast to some of the other girls who were wearing maxi-style hippy dresses, which were then fashionable among the student set.

‘After All’ – Frank and Walters:
It was during the summer of 1992, shortly after getting together with Katie Linfield, that Paul Linehan wrote his best-known love song, ‘After All’, inspired by his romance with his ‘posh’ English girlfriend. The lyrics reflect the love he felt for Katie but they also tell of the tensions in the relationship.

 ‘To You I Bestow’ – Mundy: Inspired by Kathryn Smeeth, from Sedona, Arizona, who Mundy saw while standing by the bus stop outside his parents’ pub in Birr. ‘She was dressed like a punk, with Doc Martens and a parka, tall, with a ring in her nose and red dyed hair. The song was included on the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann’s film Romeo + Juliet, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

‘Galway Girl’ – Steve Earle:
The Galway Girl of the title wasn’t from Galway! Joyce Redmond was actually from Howth just north of Dublin where her father was a fisherman. But her mother is from the Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay so she qualifies as a real Galway girl. She spent every summer on the islands while growing up and continues to visit Inishmore regularly.

‘You Raise Me Up’ – Brendan Graham: ‘You Raise Me Up’ was originally an instrumental called ‘Silent Story’, composed by Norwegian Rolf Lovland of the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden, winners of the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with the composition ‘Nocturne’. Rolf later came to believe that his musical composition was somehow incomplete. It needed a lyric, but it had to be the correct lyric, one that was in complete harmony with the music. It was Fionnuala Sherry, Rolf’s musical partner, who put Rolf together with Brendan Graham after reading Brendan’s novel, The Whitest Flower.

Composing the Island: Five Decades of Music for Guitar

Room: Kevin Barry Recital Room
Prices: €10 (Concessions: €5)
John Feeley, guitar

Seóirse Bodley Islands (2006)
Mary Kelly Shard (1982 rev. 1998)
ii. Adagio
i. Moderato
John Kinsella Guitar Fantasy (1974)
Andrew Sheils Voyage of Maeldún (1983)
ii. The Island of the Black Mourners
iii. The Island of the Little Cat
Brian Boydell Fantasia from Three Pieces for Guitar Op. 70 (1973)
Frank Corcoran Prologo from Three Pieces for Guitar (1990)
Greg Caffrey Takemitsu’s Dream (2008)
Eric Sweeney An Cailín Álainn (The Beautiful Girl) from Three Irish Folktunes (2003)
Jane O’Leary Four pieces for Guitar (1993)
i. Aria
ii. Narrative
iii. Fantasy
iv. Finale
Philip Martin Chorale from Due Angeli (1992)
Jerome de Bromhead Gemini (1969)
John Buckley Guitar Sonata No. 2 (1998)
i. Adagio
ii. Con brio
iii. Adagio espressivo
iv. Allegro energico e brillante

Waterford-born composer Jerome de Bromhead’s Gemini is the first modern Irish work for classical guitar. It was composed in 1969 and premiered by the composer at the Royal Irish Academy of Music the following year.

Guitarist and composer Andrew Shiels’ programmatic work The Voyage of Maeldún is based on a 10th century Irish legend and won an award at the Stroud International Festival.

Dublin-born Mary Kelly was a pupil of James Wilson. Shard was first performed in 1988 by Simon Taylor at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery.

A prolific composer and founder-member of Aosdána, Frank Corcoran has been Professor of Composition at the Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg since 1983. His works have been performed extensively in Europe and the US.

Major Irish composers Brian Boydell and John Kinsella each contributed one work to the Irish guitar canon and both were first performed in 1974, Boydell’s Three Pieces being premiered by the celebrated German guitarist Siegfried Behrend at the Dublin Festival of 20th Century Music.

Greg Caffrey studied at Queen’s University Belfast. His guitar music has been recorded by the celebrated Australian guitarist Craig Ogden.

Philip Martin’s Due Angeli dates from 1992 and Jane O’Leary’s Four Pieces was premiered the following year by John Feeley in North Carolina.

John Buckley’s two sonatas represent a significant contribution to the instrument’s repertoire. Sonata No.2 was also premiered by John Feely, in 1999.

Organist, choirmaster, lecturer and former choral director at RTÉ Eric Sweeney’s Three Irish Folktunes, was composed in 2003.


Composing the Island: A century of music in Ireland 1916 – 2016
Sponsored by Bord na Móna and presented by RTÉ and the National Concert Hall as part of RTÉ 1916 and Ireland 2016.

Garageland Announces New Radio Show On RTE 2XM

In a year that has seen a massive resurgence of the long running Garage Gigs, this latest series of shows is set to play host to over 50 acts in two of Dublin’s prime venues, The Grand Social and The Workman’s Club, whilst plans are already underway for a massive spring series, which will reach out across the country and culminate in a major event in 2017.

2XM, the digital branch of RTE has also confirmed that “Garageland on 2XM with Dermot Lambert” will begin broadcasting live from Monday 26th September. This show will feature music from bands and artists from The Garage Gigs 16 year history who have never had any radio exposure, as well as some of the Garageland luminaries such as The Script, Delorentos and Ham Sandwich (all of whom started life playing on The Garage Gigs).

Dermot will have guests in to co-host each show, and he has also promised to spill the beans on some of the adventures that happened during his time with legendary indie band Blink (fights in dressing rooms with Oasis, making friends with Blink 182, smashing guitars onstage with Moby – that kind of thing).
Bands and artists wishing to be included in the live shows, or indeed the radio show are invited to set up their own profile on the brand new Garageland website, where they can also book their own shows online in yet another unique initiative from Garageland.

Live Dates
Thursday 13th October – The Grand Social
YaYa Vuze / Strata / Warped Minds / Lebowski
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Sunday 16th October – The Workman’s Club
Runamo / Dry Roasted Peanuts / Killian O’Driscoll / Guests
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Saturday 29th October – The Workman’s Club
(Scary Halloween Special)
Shag Haired Villains / Pills For My Nerves / Key / Peter Davis
Doors 7.45pm – Admission

Thursday 10th November – The Grand Social
Motion Control / Sin Verdad / Andrew Berry / Guests
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Thursday 17th November – The Grand Social
Lineside Fire / Guests
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Thursday 17th November – The Workman’s Club
Enemy Lines / Guests
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Sunday 20th November – The Grand Social
The Clockworks / Guests
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Thursday 24th November – The Workman’s Club
To Be Announced
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Saturday 26th November – The Workman’s Club
YaYa Vuze / Sun.Set.Ships / Tanjier / Guests
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Sunday 27th November – The Grand Social
Doors 7.45pm – Admission €10

Sunday 4th Decemeber – The Workman’s Club
All Ages Special Matinee Show
Apean / Weather Underground / The Steps / Yylem / Dissension Rising / Buckshot Amber / TBA
Doors 1.00pm – Admission €8

Jack O’Rourke Set To Release His Debut Album ‘Dreamcatcher’ On September 23rd

Jack O’Rourke is set to release his debut album ‘Dreamcatcher’ on September 23rd. ‘Dreamcatcher’ is the culmination of years of hard work from Jack – writing, gigging and perfecting his craft. Since the release of last year’s critically acclaimed EP, “The Other Side of Now”, Jack has won a myriad of awards for his finely crafted song writing. Produced by Christian Best (Mick Flannery, O Emperor), Jack’s piano based songs, with a nod to influences as varied as Tom Waits, David Byrne, Rufus Wainwright and Emmylou Harris convey a unique insightful musical voice, accompanied by a stellar cast of musicians. O’ Rourke’s warm baritone and ethereal falsetto, piano playing, melodic flair and insightful lyrics shine throughout this collection.

The album begins with ‘Nostalgia’, a ballad touching on youth, love and reminiscence, before the energetic ‘Naivety’ kicks off, showcasing another side of O’Rourke. The title track ‘Dreamcatcher’ is another vigorous song offering advice about life to the next generation, all the while accompanied by funky Motown beats and swirling strings.

The pace calms again for the award winning ballad ‘Silence’ which helped Jack make his mark on the Irish music scene having being adopted by Amnesty International for their campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Marriage Referendum. Opening with the line,”the boy asked for kitchen toys from Santa Claus”, “Silence” is a deeply personal song with universal appeal. This haunting tone continues with the beautiful ‘I’ll Forget You In The Morning’, a finalist in The International Songwriting Competition’s Folk and Americana Category. ‘Iggy’ changes up the pace again with a refreshingly discordant song that’s almost Bowie-esque.

‘Shining For You’ is a bluesy torch standard filled with subtle brass, trip hop beats and a monster chorus that’s evocative of old film-noir detective stories. ‘On The Downlow’, a forthcoming single release, brings the pace of the album back to a galloping drumbeat and infectious melody, accompanied by lyrics reflecting a poisonous relationship. The pace calms again for ‘Corner Boy’, a dreamy ballad with glistening piano and Danny Elfman chorale and clarinets.

‘Bowled Over’ is a rock-song through and through, which begs comparison to David Bowie and Muse. The album finishes up with the gorgeous personal suite ‘Small Stuff’ featuring Jack’s layered vocals over piano, clarinet and cello, before the instrumental finale to the album ‘Settle for me’.

Fellow Cork man, Philip King praised the album’s poetic references to the winding streets, steps and steeples of Shandon and The Mardyke, yet despite the personal and local sense of place, “Dreamcatcher’s” sentiment, narrative and musicality has national and international appeal.

This year, Jack has realized a number of milestone achievements. Having played at Electric Picnic, he’s already graced the main stage at Indiependence, was featured on the new Frank & Walters album alongside Cillian Murphy, and his song Silence won the International Songwriting Competition Lyrics Category, with judges including Tom Waits and Bill Withers. Other highlights for Jack include performing his Amnesty International endorsed anthem ‘Silence’ on the Late Late Show and appearing as the special guest for the likes of Joan Armatrading, Sinead O’Connor, The Staves and Declan O’Rourke. Jack’s music videos have engaged many thousands of viewers/listeners on Youtube. His singles have been playlisted on national radio to date and Jack looks forward to releasing more unique songs from this honest and captivating debut, “Dreamcatcher”.

“Jack O’ Rourke’s music has a grace and a glory to it that will stop you in your tracks and make you forget where you were going! Beautiful honest songwriting delivered with a transporting musicality that will take you there… wherever you are going!’
Fiachna O’Braonáin, RTE Radio 1

“A gifted story-teller and skilled songwriter, he splices tear-stained balladry together with bruised blues and alt pop, all topped with his gnarled baritone.”
Hotpress, July 2015

” Cork singer with oodles of soul, blues and jazz, all wrapped up with a striking modern pop bow”
Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

“Wonderful songs, beautifully written, performed and presented by Jack O Rourke (a distant cousin perhaps)”
Declan O’Rourke

“Silence is a modern rebel song. The song is truly beautiful”,
Cerys Matthews, BBC4, The Great Irish Songbook, 2015

You can buy Jack’s album ‘Dreamcatcher’ through Golden Discs, Tower Records and his website

Live Dates

Oct 15th – Everyman Theatre Cork
Oct 21st – Newcastle – Tyne Musical Festival
Nov 3rd – Whelans Dublin
Nov 4th – Hotspot Music Club , Greystones , Wicklow.
Nov 11th – De Barras, Clonakilty
Nov 12th – Dolans Limerick
Nov 17th – Mike The Pies Listowel
Nov 18th – Duncairn Arts Center Belfast

You can follow Jack O’Rourke on Facebook, Twitter and his Website

Farah Elle’s Headline Show Live At Sin É, September 24th 2016

Farah Elle is a songwriter with an alternative pop sound influenced by an eclectic taste of genres. From hip-hop to R&B, ska and heavy metal, her distinct sound also features Arabian echoes from her Libyan background.

Sin É Dublin is delighted to welcome the wonderful Farah Elle for her first headline show in Dublin. A headline show which has been well earned and is long overdue, after a wealth of stellar performances around venues and festivals throughout Ireland over the past year including, Body & Soul, Electric Picnic, Knockanstockan (where she received a standing ovation for her outstanding performance), The Button Factory and more.

Farah is currently based in Dublin, after having moved to Ireland with her family when she was 2. At present she is writing her debut album at home, using rhythmic lyrics, her piano driven songs and distinctive voice aim to reveal something of the beauty in the ephemeral everyday. For the meantime, her single “Silk” is available on Spotify, iTunes & Soundcloud.

“The ethereal Farah Elle, whose demure, pixie meet Audrey Hepburn persona, won the crowd over. Working her inner Freddie Mercury with plucky, Queen-like piano and ethnic music influences, the distinctive singer stood out as an act to watch out for”.
Hot Press Magazine

“Farah Elle’s brand of alt-pop forgoes the use of much instrumentation; her ambling melodies are propped up solely by her distinctive half-sung-half-spoken vocals and the interesting ways in which she draws upon her Libyan heritage and Irish upbringing”.

“Farah Elle opens the show, and quickly enchants the audience with her phenomenal voice. She commands the attention of all present perfectly”.

You can follow Farah Elle on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud

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