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Dublin based ‘Cargo BPM’ Release Debut Single

Dublin based ‘Cargo BPM’ to release debut single ‘By My Side’ on August 18th.

Cargo BPM are an indie folk rock band from Dublin consisting of Eoin Mulvihill (lyrics, vocals, composition, production) and Robert Tomka (guitar, composition, arrangement, production). Their debut single ‘By My Side’ is set for an August 18th digital release on iTunes and most other digital retailers.

Citing influences such as Clapton, Dylan, Cypress Hill, Nile Rodgers, Sun Kil Moon and Leonard Cohen, Cargo BPM describe their music as ‘a weave of sun-fuelled guitar riffs, energetic drums and story-driven lyrics that often reflect on the wonders of everyday life.’

The lyrics of ‘By My Side’ reflect on the longevity of friendship while the video, shot in Dublin and Kildare in June 2017, features a number of emerging Irish actors including Sligo / London based up-and-coming actor Craig White. The characters within the video ’embody friends of the narrator in a variety of forms’.

The song was recorded with record producer Greg Malocca at Egoboo studios in Dublin, and is one of many intended releases of the band over the coming twelve months. ‘We’ve been quietly writing and recording since 2015 so we’re looking forward to entering the next phase of our journey and sharing our music with others,’ commented Mulvihill.

Both Tomka and Mulvihill have had their own unique path before Cargo BPM – Tomka, a native of Slovakia, had released many recordings in his home country while Mulvihill had been travelling around Europe writing and co-writing with other writers. Said Mulvihill: ‘The joy of co-writing for me lies in the challenge of trying to craft something beautiful within the constraints and limitations of the artform, while at the same time remaining open to new ideas from a co-writer. During the process of co-writing these songs I’ve grown to learn that what can seem at the time as a compromise can in fact be an enhancement of the original intent.’

‘By My Side’ is released on August 18th and will appear on Cargo BPM’s (yet to be titled) 2018 debut album.

Otherkin End Fat Cat’s Reign of Terror In New Video

Home and hosed after a frantic run of gigs supporting punk-rock legends the Dead Kennedys in the UK; grunge-pop four-piece Otherkin kick on with the release of the video for their new single ‘REACT’.

The video was shot in London and was directed by Ciaran Lyons. Who says:

“In the video, a trivial, little joke-man ends up massive, and acts like a total plum with his new-found size. He is still, at core though, a fat, old human, and his reign of terror doesn’t last long. It’s a pretty simple analogy”.

The band add: “The world is f*cked, basically. It’s not like you needed us to tell you that but it’s probably more to fun to hear it shouted over clattering guitars than from Sky News or your boring mate Dave down the pub. What happened last November was impossible to ignore, even if you don’t normally engage in politics. It’s all over your screens, all over your feeds, a non-stop shit-flinging, media blitzkrieg being funnelled down your mouth at every given opportunity. We had to have a response, a reaction. ‘What can a poor boy do except to sing for a rock ‘n’ roll band?’”

‘REACT’ is the latest taster for Otherkin’s debut album, entitled ‘OK’, which will be released on 29th September.

The band will be back in the UK for the Leeds / Reading festival at the end of August, before heading off around the UK again with INHEAVEN and a run of their own headline shows. These dates will be followed by a headline European tour taking in seventeen countries, finishing in Dublin on December 15th at The Button Factory.

“REACT” is out on on all good streaming and download platforms.

Le Galaxie Nail Summer Edit of ‘Pleasure’

Everyone’s favourite dance floor tear jerkers, Le Galaxie, have nailed a summer edit of their single Pleasure!
Pleasure, a sensuous slice of dance pop featuring the vocals of May Kay (Fight Like Apes), has been racking up huge UK airplay across BBC Radio from the likes of Huw Stephens over the last few weeks.

So there’s good news for their UK fans as Le Galaxie have just announced live dates across the UK and Ireland including a headline London Show at Kamio in Shoreditch on Wednesday 19th July, festival shows at Nozstock, Sunflowerfest and a triumphant headline show at Castlepalooza. More summer festival dates to be announced very soon.

Recorded in their own studio with ultra producer Blende, Pleasure is the lead single from their forthcoming third album released later this year. It is the calling card for an album that sees the band producing a new body of work, to be enjoyed as much between your ears as between the throbbing floors and laser lit ceilings of venues and festivals across Ireland, Europe and beyond.

‘Pleasure’ is available on all streaming and download platforms now.

Live dates:
July 19 – Kamio – London
July 21 – Nozstock Festival – UK
July 30 – Sunflower Fest
August 6 – Castlepalooza

More Summer & Festival Dates to be announced.

Jerry Fish Shares Video for “Blue”

Jerry Fish has released the brand new video for single ‘Blue’.

Created by the very talented film-makers Crooked Gentlemen, the film features a beguiling and balletic feather and aerial performance by The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow’s beauté de cirque, Foxy P Cox. One of Jerry’s main circus performers from his stage of carnival wonder at Electric Picnic.

Moved by the passing of his dear friend and band-mate, Martin Murphy in January of this year, the drummer with whom he first rose to fame in An Emotional Fish.  Jerry reimagines“Blue” with a beautiful new string arrangement by pianist Cian Boylan and also features a mesmerising vocal contribution from May Kay (Fight Like Apes) and now co-presenter of the TV Series Other Voices.

Throughout the 1990’s Jerry Fish was the creative force of the alternative rock band An Emotional Fish. Since then Jerry has changed his skin many times and is recognised as a constantly evolving artist who has always favoured innovation over orthodoxy. Now in a mood that could be styled reflective revolution, Jerry with “Blue” is recapturing some of his beloved music that is no longer available to fans of The Fish.

Blue” is a tribute to Martin, the band, and the music we made together”.

Telephone Explosions Share Second Single

Telephone Explosions are experimental dream-pop duo Dolores Fogarty and Adrian Mee, who formed in Maynooth in 2016 and released their first single “Pocket” on 16/01/17.

Their follow-up is “Significant”, a harmonic meditation on our place in the universe. Released on 07/07/17, it’s available on all digital music distribution outlets. Inspired by number stations, hidden transmissions and unbroken codes, Telephone Explosions plan to release their debut album in early 2018, which is proudly supported by Kildare County Council.




Press for “Pocket”:

“A serene slice of electronic dream-pop, ‘Pocket’ is an almost ambient track that introduces the music of Telephone Explosions as one of deep atmosphere and gentle far-reaching production.”
– Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape

Dreamy, ostensibly easy, minimal, harmony-laced pop with a foreboding undertone” – Mike McGrath-Bryan,

Telephone Explosions have set out their stall and this lone offering suggests a group who will create their own unique sound and subgenre” – Marky Edison, Pure M Magazine

New Irish artist of the week – Nialler9, Irish Times Culture section 21/01/17

Make The Internet Fair For Music Creators

Platforms that host your works and actively monetise them currently fall under a legal loophole. That’s why they get away with not paying you your fair share.

While the European Commission heard your voice last summer and proposed a balanced Copyright legislation, the European Parliament and the Council (the member states) are likely to change it for the worse.

Now is the time to make your voice heard in Brussels so that the new Copyright legislation protects your interests, and not just that of internet giants.

IMRO Presents James Vincent McMorrow with 2 IMRO No.1 Awards

Ahead of his biggest hometown show to date in Dublin’s Trinity College on 7th July, IMRO took the opportunity to present James Vincent McMorrow with two IMRO Awards in recognition of his number one albums “True Care” and “We Move”.

The IMRO Number 1 Award was introduced to acknowledge IMRO members who reach number 1 in the album charts here in Ireland or overseas.

“We Move” was the third studio album by the Irish singer-songwriter. Recorded in Los Angeles, Toronto and Dublin, and released in September 2016, the album went on to be nominated for the RTE Choice Album of the Year.

‘True Care’ came closely on the heels of the critically acclaimed album, and was recorded in December of 2016 with a release in May of 2017.

Speaking on True Care’, James said: “Life is long. But then, it isn’t really. Since I’ve been making records it’s been about following a cycle. Make a record. Wait. Release a record. Play for 18 months. Take a break. I don’t really understand that cycle any more. I want to make records when I’m compelled to, and I want to release them when they’re still as fresh to me as they are to whomever is hearing them for the first time. The idea of sitting around waiting doesn’t make sense to me.

I had an idea fixed in my head since the second I stopped making We Move. This idea of a very real now, and a very vague future. I had this date, December 2914, which I was writing towards. Not in a specific, ‘what will it be like in the future’ kind of way. I just wanted to fix a point way out there, so far away that I’ll never see it, and use it as an anchor point to start writing about my life now, remembering my life before now, and the complete abstraction that is my life in the future.”

First Release from The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan

Yes, the Tragedy of Dr Hannigan. The tragedy in question being this poor individuals very existence being the manufactured monster of two evil genius morons.

You see, Dr Hannigan is the love child of one Mr Tony Wright & one Mr Dean Stevens.

Mr Tony Wright, known to the Police (Sting etc) as VerseChorusVerse, is the founding ex member of ASIWYFA. He downed his instrumental chops some years ago now and dived headfirst into songcraft & penning ill advised band bios. His last release was 2015s, Say & Do, which charted at Number 1 on Amazon & Number 19 on the UK album charts. How? We’ll never know. Somehow this idiot has a book to be published soon too. Wonders never cease.

Mr Dean Stevens, evil genius producer & multi-instrumentalist mangler, known to Sting & his mates occasionally as Deany Darko, is the other maniacal yet willing contributor to this musical maelstrom. He is the slider/fader pusher mastermind behind capturing the gargantuan talents of acts as diverse as Thomas Leeb to Sabrejets, amongst many others.

The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan is their warning to the larger world. What is the one thing that one should do with a Tragedy? Why, to learn from it of course.

Don’t do as these malevolent snake oil salesman have done to the embattled and poor lost soul of the tragic Dr Hannigan. Sacrificed to save their own souls through his own creation. But oh my, do they know how to jam.

Get on board, turn it up & enjoy.

If not for you, for The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan

Their debut single; Hey Little Worried One is available worldwide on all digital platforms on 7/7/17

“Traipsing a tightrope between Alabama 3, Tom Waits & Grinderman; this is not music for those of a nervous disposition. This is music to get arrested to, music to ask forgiveness to… this is The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan”

–            Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

“Meaty, beaty, big & bouncy; this is blues power with a proper Rock n Roll heart…Epic”

–            Ralph McLean, BBC

“The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan will certainly grab your attention…the latest guise of Tony Wright; watching his career unfold is fascinating.

Constantly evolving and experimenting; long may this continue”

–            Dan Hegarty, RTE

“Character driven tunes…darkness with a wry smile…extremely hooky”

–            Stephen McCauley, BBC

“Great track…I can see Big Bird dancing to it!”

–            Tim Wheeler, Ash

Davie Furey Releases ‘Secret Light’

Davie Furey’s newest offering offering ‘Secret Light’ is something of a departure from his previous fusion of traditional folk and contemporary rock. ‘Secret Light’ is the first single from Davie’s forthcoming album and with it he maintains the essence of the energy and pulsing guitar riffs of previous records while infusing a heart-felt intensity and sincerity deep within the song. It is clear from listening to this track that Davie has drawn on a diverse cross-section of influences while crafting this transcendent sound that clearly deals with a medley of profound emotions. Talking about ‘Secret Light’ and what it means, Davie says ‘We are all longing, yearning, hungry for something or somebody. The song for me represents a cry or a calling, out in a sense. There is also a sense of certainty that the cry or call will be answered and may already be answered. The secret light isn’t a far away, elusive place, it is within you…and within the space of the secret light are the ones you call for. On another note the song is, and can be used for meditation. Using the candle as the secret light …. meditate on bringing those into the light with you . Are you ready for the light kid?

Davie’s last release, an eleven track album entitled ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ was very well received in live venues across the country when he took it on tour, this high energy folk/rock/roots inspired show took to the road finishing the tour with a show in a packed Whelan’s in late 2016.  Since its release the album has already been showcased by RTE, BBC Radio and a number of other stations both home and abroad and resulting in a worldwide publishing deal with Universal Music.   Davie has already been nominated as best singer/songwriter by the Acoustic Yard Radio Show for 2016 and Best Newcomer 2016 by Pure M Magazine and nominated again for Best Male Artist 2017. Davie’s knack for telling a story through song and his ability to engage a crowd have won him support slots with the likes of Damien Dempsey, Josh Ritter, John Spillane and Luka Bloom.

Davie now returns this month with his newest single ‘Secret Light’, the first release from his forthcoming album. This will be the first of his releases in association with Downdaroad Productions featuring Dublin singer/songwriter, ELLYD. This latest release is an emotive ballad that illuminates Davie’s sincere vocal and talent for impassioned story-telling. Wonderfully produced by Martin Quinn in JAM Studios, ‘Secret Light’ is a soul-stirring number enhanced beautifully by Elly D’s sublime vocals, truly one of Davie’s best songs to date. You can catch Davie touring Secret Light and more material from his forthcoming album in 2017. Dates coming soon.

Congratulations Davie on a lovely album …….a fine, fine record” – Christy Moore

An excellent piece of work from Davie” – Donovan

An excellently produced album with very dramatic songs. Definitely one to watch out for!!” –   Phil Coulter

Loved this album.  Davie has a very unique voice and will gather a large following very quickly” – Jimmy McCarthy

Davie sings from the heart and has the voice of a poet” – Luka Bloom

I LOVE this album from Davie” – Jeremy Irons

Fireplace Dragon Embark on Debut Tour

For over ten years, NYC-based German guitarist Keisuke Matsuno, NYC-based Irish bassist Simon Jermyn and Irish drummer Matthew Jacobson have performed together in numerous constellations. Among others: Jacobson and Jermyn in Roamer; Matsuno and Jacobson in FarJam; Matsuno and Jermyn in the Jim Black Quartet.

Summer 2017 will see the long-awaited (at least by themselves) debut public performances of these three innovative artists as a trio with four dates in Ireland. They share a wide range of influences including artists such as Tortoise, Battles, Paul Motian and Morton Feldman, resulting in a dynamic group capable of shifting between heavy grooves, washy electronic soundscapes and lyrical melodies.


Thurs 6th July | Billy Byrne’s, Kilkenny | 9pm | Free entry
Fri 7th July | The Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon | 8pm | €8
Sat 8th July | The Black Gate, Galway | 8pm | €10 *double-bill w/ Zinc
Sun 9th July | Arthur’s, Dublin | 3.30pm | €10

Formed in 2014, Zinc​ are a Galway-based trio that combine hypnotic grooves with raw textures to bring the listener on a trip. Stylistically, their music is under the wide umbrella of post-rock, but hip-hop and electronica also play a huge role in defining their sound



“A European jazz artist of growing charisma”
John Fordham, The Guardian on Jacobson

“… they represent the vanguard of American improvised music and, with records like this, Simon Jermyn is claiming a place among them.”

Cormac Larkin, Irish Times on Jermyn’s Trot a Mouse album

“Guitarist Keisuke Matsuno is one of the most exciting new voices in New York”

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