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Whelan’s Summer Watch 2016

Over 35 of the Best & Brightest Acts Across 3 Stages
Fri 22nd – Sun 24th Jul
Tickets €5 day / €10 festival plus a FREE PINT OF HOP HOUSE 13

Advanced tickets available from Lo-Call 1890 200 078 1-8pm M-F, 4-8pm Sat] (50c per ticket service charge applies on phone or credit card bookings)

Whelan’s Ones to Watch festival has expanded to include a summer festival, because lets face it, great new music can’t wait until January.

We are continuing the crusade to champion brilliant new Irish music. For 3 days in Whelan’s Main Venue, Whelan’s Upstairs & Live from the Window in Whelan’s Bar, July 22nd – 24th, we will play host to around 35 of the best and brightest emerging acts that we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months.



FRI 22nd 

Young Earth
Brass Phantoms
Mannix Flynn
Third Smoke
Sonnets & Sisters
Almost Ghosts
Accidents In The Workplace
Tribal Dance

SAT 23rd

Dreaming Of Jupiter
Oh Joy
Three Underneath
The Clockworks

SUN 24th

Gemma Bradley
James OR
Harbouring Oceans
Nile St James
New Pope
Field Trip

€5 per day or €10 for all 3 days – plus a free pint of HOP HOUSE 13!

Tickets available online from WAV Tickets or Lo-Call 1890 200 078 (1-8pm M-F, 4-8pm Sat)

Creators Tell the Commission Enough is Enough

Bill Whelan, Brendan Graham, Pedro Almodóvar, Charles Aznavour, Andrea Bocelli, Daniel Buren, Ennio Morricone, Alejandro Sanz, Albert Uderzo and over 1000 other creators urge the Commission to properly address the transfer of value taking place at their expense online.


The Commission finds itself under increasing pressure from the cultural sector following letters sent by recorded songwriters and musicians, branch organisations and now authors and creators from all artistic sectors. This latest letter, signed by some of Europe’s most important cultural exporters and influencers, urges the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to quickly find a real solution to enable a fair sharing of value on the Internet.

Today, Internet giants argue that copyright obligations don’t apply to them and hide behind safe harbour exemptions to avoid paying creators and rights holders fairly. It’s not just major pop stars or the music sector at large that is under threat because of this; it is the entire creative ecosystem made up of composers, authors, directors, screenwriters, photographers, sculptors, painters, etc.

“The dominant players on the market, like YouTube, are platforms built on user uploaded or aggregated content that don’t or only barely provide remuneration for our work” says the letter, warning that “this pulls the entire market value of creative works down in a never ending race to the bottom.”

IMRO member, renowned composer, producer and arranger Bill Whelan said that “The arrival of universal access to the Internet with the attendant free and illegal availability of music and other copyright material has had a seismic effect on an economy which had previously supported and disseminated this material. Legislators worldwide have been unable to keep pace with the rate of change and have consequently been unable to evolve a body of law which protects the rights and interests of creators and copyright owners. This fact is now well noted internationally. What is less evident is the fundamental change that has taken place in the lives of those who were previously able to devote their careers to activities which can be described as “cultural”.

The nourishing effects of creative activities are essential to our understanding of ourselves and our society. By removing the income sources which previously sustained these, we have, in a startlingly short time, reduced these careers to being essentially “amateur” or part-time. The creators who wish to continue their work are now forced to engage in all kinds of often unconnected activities to support themselves. The Commission should be forcefully aware of the organic effect that this is having culturally and take swift and radical action to respond to this alarming and culturally damaging situation.”


Make the Internet Fair for Creators

Dear President Juncker,

We, authors from all artistic sectors, ask that your announced legislative proposal on copyright be a reflection of the needs of creators and their struggle to get a fair deal from the online use of their works. We ask that today more than ever you acknowledge the importance of culture for our united and diverse European identity.

Our sector is one of Europe’s top employers and contributes to the continent’s force and wealth. Yet emerging artists and the next generation of creators are faced with an unsustainable situation where earning a living from their work is progressively put at risk.

Today, our works can instantly reach far and wide thanks to the Internet, and consumers increasingly rely solely on online access to music, films, TV shows, photos, images, etc. We embrace easier, wider and faster access to works and want consumers to enjoy this opportunity, but only if fair and negotiated remuneration follows.

The dominant players on the market, like YouTube, are platforms built on user uploaded or aggregated content that don’t or only barely provide remuneration for our works. Worse yet, the fact that these platforms get away with this pulls the entire market value of creative works down in a never ending race to the bottom.

Start-ups and legitimate businesses are faced with inefficient market conditions, and creators are consistently harmed. It’s time to put an end to this! We want creative and artistic careers to exist and to be a viable choice for the next generation of Europeans.

The gravity of this problem calls for more than light fixes. Legislation should acknowledge that the platforms that play a key role in providing access to copyright protected content, whether it be user uploaded or aggregated, should no longer be able to escape liability for their copyright related activities.

Creators worldwide are being harmed by this outdated legislation. And all over the world, governments are waking up to this reality. This is an unprecedented opportunity for Europe to lead a movement that rebalances the market so that creators, consumers and smaller businesses alike get the best possible deal.

We urge you, Mr President, to do everything in your power to guarantee a fit-for-purpose copyright reform. One that will not tolerate an economic and legal loophole for free riders, or the perpetuation of unacceptable harm to creativity and economic growth in Europe.




Yours sincerely,

(list of signatories below)

List of all signatories of the letter

1. Alexander Kukelka
2. Andy Baum
3. Dieter Kaufmann
4. Ewald Pfleger
5. Hans Ecker
6. Harald Hanisch
7. Kurt Brunthaler
8. Parov Stelar
9. Paul Hertel
10. Peter Cornelius
11. Peter Janda
12. Peter Legat
13. Peter Vieweger
14. Richard Dünser
15. Robert Opratko
16. Viktor Poslusny
17. Alex Callier (Hooverphonic)
18. Antoine Wielemans (Girls in Hawaii)
19. Barbara Abel
20. Bram Renders
21. Carlos Vaquera
22. Felix Van Groeningen
23. Felix De Laet (Lost Frequencies)
24. Frank Van Mechelen
25. Frank Van Passel
26. Geert Hoste
27. Guillaume Senez
28. Helmut Lotti
29. Jacques Vermeire
30. Jakob Verbruggen
31. Jali
32. Jan Matthys
33. Johannes Bucher
34. Kris Wauters (Clouseau)
35. Laurent Denis
36. Lionel Van Cauwenberghe (Girls In
37. Lorenzo Carola
38. Marc Punt
39. Marie-Jo Lafontaine
40. Mario Goosens (Triggerfinger)
41. Matthew Irons (Puggy)
42. Mélanie De Biasio
43. Nadine Monfils
44. Nic Balthazar
45. Paul De Gobert
46. Peter Monsaert
47. Pierre De Clercq
48. Raymond Geerts (Hooverphonic)
49. Samuel Tilman
50. Stephen Fasano (The Magician)
51. Thierry Dory
52. Ward Hulselmans
53. Yves Ringer
54. Adrian Vinković – Rangel
55. Aleksandar Antić
56. Aleksandar Homoky
57. Alfi Kabiljo
58. Anđelko Igrec
59. Andrea Čubrić
60. Andrej Babić
61. Ante Pecotić
62. Antonija Šola
63. Boris Đurđević
64. Božidar Potočnik
65. Branimir Mihaljević
66. Dalibor Grubačević
67. Darko Bakić
68. Davor Bobić
69. Davor Devčić
70. Denis Dumančić
71. Dubravko Detoni
72. Hrvoje Prskalo
73. Husein Hasanefendić (Hus)
74. Ivan Dečak
75. Ivan Huljić
76. Jasenko Houra
77. Jura Stublić
78. Krste Juras
79. Lea Dekleva
80. Maja Ivanković
81. Mario Vestić
82. Miro Buljan
83. Miroslav Drljača-Rus
84. Nenad Belan
85. Nenad Ninčević
86. Nikša Bratoš
87. Pamela Ramljak
88. Pero Kozomara
89. Petar Beluhan
90. Petar Grašo
91. Predrag Martinjak
92. Silvestar Glojnarić
93. Silvio Pasarić
94. Siniša Leopold
95. Srđan Sekulović Skansi
96. Tamara Obrovac
97. Tomislav Čubek
98. Tomislav Saban
99. Tonči Huljić
100. Vjekoslava Huljić
101. Željko Banić
102. Zlatan Stipišić (Gibonni)
103. Zrinko Tutić
104. Dorthe Gerlach
105. Engelina Andrina
106. Frans Bak
107. Hanne Boel
108. Ivan Pedersen
109. Jacob Groth
110. Jens Skov Thomsen
111. Jens Unmack
112. Jesper Hansen
113. Julia Fabrin
114. Julie Berthelsen
115. Niels Rosing-Schow
116. Simon Kvamm
117. Susi Hyldgaard
118. Aaro Pertmann
119. Agu Tammeorg
120. Aivar Hindreko
121. Alar Pikkorainen
122. Aleksandr Arhangelski
123. Aleksei Olgin
124. Allan Tõnissoo
125. Allan Vainola
126. Andres Lemba
127. Andres Uibo
128. Andrus Rannaääre
129. Anett Kulbin
130. Anne Adams
131. Anne Ermast
132. Anne Haasma
133. Anne Maasik
134. Anne Velli
135. Antero Kukk
136. Ardi Kaljuvee
137. Ardo Ran Varres
138. Ardo Vallikivi
139. Arian Levin
140. Armin Velgre
141. Arno Tamm
142. Artjom Astrov
143. Artjom Savitski
144. Artto Aunap
145. Arvi Tapver
146. Aulis Martin
147. Britta Virves
148. Christina Peterson
149. Dmitri Dmitrenko
150. Doris Peucker
151. Eero Valdna
152. Eeva Park
153. Egert Kanep
154. Erkki-Sven Tüür
155. Eve Kask
156. Gea Sibola-Hansen
157. Hannes Starkopf
158. Harri Kingo
159. Heiki Ennoja
160. Heiki Matlik
161. Heikki Kalle
162. Heino Seljamaa
163. Helen Adamson
164. Helin-Mari Arder
165. Helle Soop
166. Helle-Mari Taimla
167. Igor Maasik
168. Ikevald Rannap
169. Ilja Sarapov
170. Indra Schmidt
171. Indrek Paas
172. Indrek Pajus
173. Ivar Must
174. Ivar Põldvee
175. Ivar Puusepp
176. Ivo Degis
177. Ivo Orav
178. Jaanus Jantson
179. Jalmar Vabarna
180. Janek Harik
181. Janno Juhkov
182. Jarmo Seljamaa
183. Joel Friedrich Steinfeldt
184. Juhan Jaeger
185. Juhan Ungru
186. Kaarel Rundu
187. Kaarel Tamra
188. Kadri Hunt
189. Kadri Koppel
190. Kaidu Peetso
191. Kalle Vilpuu
192. Karin Muldma
193. Karl Madis
194. Karl Mesipuu
195. Kaspar Koppel
196. Katariin Raska
197. Katrin Leis
198. Katrin Leis
199. Kaupo Torim
200. Kelli Valk
201. Kersti Naissoo
202. Kert Prikko
203. Kimmo Sõna
204. Kirill Nikiforov
205. Klarika Tänak
206. Kristel Kutsar
207. Kristiina Ehin
208. Kristjan Jõgeva
209. Kristjan Kangro
210. Kristjan Randalu
211. Kristo Randväli
212. Lagle-Mai Paaro
213. Lauri Mäesepp
214. Lauri Sommer
215. Lea Gabral
216. Lenna Hainsoo
217. Liidia Hõbesalu
218. Maarika Reimand
219. Maarja Aarma
220. Madis Meister
221. Maire Tamberg
222. Mait Rebane
223. Mait Vaik
224. Margus Piik
225. Mari Jürjens
226. Maria Gertsjak
227. Maria Juur
228. Maria Teiverlaur
229. Mariita Mattiisen
230. Mari-Liis Aljas
231. Mariliis Eensalu
232. Marju Länik
233. Marko Hakmann
234. Marten Kuningas
235. Marti Tärn
236. Martin Laine
237. Märt-Matis Lill
238. Mathei Florea
239. Matis Leima
240. Meelis Paas
241. Meelis Vind
242. Merike Susi
243. Mihkel Mattisen
244. Mikk Saar
245. Mikk Targo
246. Paul Mänd
247. Pearu Paulus
248. Peeter Ilus
249. Peeter Jõgioja
250. Peeter Vähi
251. Philip James Mills
252. Piret Mildeberg
253. Priit Jääger
254. Priit Pajusaar
255. Raid Liiver
256. Rainer Jancis
257. Rainer Laende
258. Rasmus Puur
259. Rasmus Rooson
260. Raul Sepper
261. Raun Juurikas
262. Renate Saluste
263. Rene Vilbre
264. Riho Ints
265. Roald Jürlau
266. Robert Jürjendal
267. Rolf Roosalu
268. Ruslan Trochynsky
269. Ruth Gross
270. Sander Karu
271. Sandra Ockba
272. Sandra Sillamaa
273. Sergei Bogdanovits
274. Sten Sheripov
275. Stina Märtson
276. Sünne Valtri
277. Sven Grünberg
278. Taavi Aavik
279. Taavi Immato
280. Taavi Paomets
281. Tago Laevameister
282. Tajo Kadajas
283. Tanel Padar
284. Tarmo Vallist
285. Tarvo Tammeoks
286. Teet Raik
287. Teet Velling
288. Tiina Jokinen
289. Tiit Kalluste
290. Tiit Paulus
291. Toivo Unt
292. Tõnu Naissoo
293. Toomas Leis
294. Toomas Rannu
295. Toomas Rull
296. Toomas Vanem
297. Tormi Kevvai
298. Uku Kuut
299. Urmas Kõiv
300. Urmas Kolsar
301. Urmas Lattikas
302. Vahur Kollom
303. Vahur Valgmaa
304. Vaido Neigaus
305. Valdo Preema
306. Valter Nõmm
307. Valter Ojakäär
308. Velly Joonas
309. Viive Raam
310. Viljo Tamm
311. Villu Kangur
312. Vladimir Võssotski
313. Esa Nieminen
314. Ile Kallio
315. Kaija Kärkinen
316. Markus Nordenstreng
317. Olavi Uusivirta
318. Tommi Läntinen
319. Tuure Kilpeläinen
320. Albert Uderzo
321. Alexandre Desplat
322. Anaïd Derebeyan
323. Antoine Schneck
324. Benjamin Lebeau (The Shoes)
325. Bruno Mantovani
326. C215
327. Christian Jaccar
328. Christian Rouaud
329. Claude Lalanne
330. Claude Lanzmann
331. Cyrille Morin (Cyril Morin)
332. Daniel Buren
333. David Guetta
334. Dietmar Fleichtinger
335. Emmanuel Da Silva (Da Silva)
336. Emmanuel Katché (Manu
337. Félice Varini
338. Florence Chevallier
339. Guillaume Briere (The shoes)
340. Hervé Di Rosa
341. Hervé Télémaque
342. Jacob Desvarieux (Kassav)
343. Jacques Villeglé
344. Jean Benoît Dunckel (Air)
345. Jean-Jacques Goldman
346. Jean-Marie Moreau
347. Jean-Michel Jarre
348. Julie Bertuccelli
349. Justice
350. Manu Dibango
351. Mattia Bonetti
352. Miss Tic
353. Nadia Mladjao (Imany)
354. Nicola Sirkis (Indochine)
355. Nicolas Godin (Air)
356. Nolwenn Le Magueresse
(Nolwenn Leroy)
357. Odette Lecerf
358. ORLAN
359. Philippe Ramette
360. Richard Bona
361. Wally Badarou
362. Xavier de Lestrade
363. Xavier Veilhan
364. Yann Nedelec (C2C)
365. Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid)
366. Alex Christensen
367. Alexander Gietz
368. Alexander Zuckowski
369. Alina Süggeler
370. Andi Weizel (Frida Gold)
371. Andreas Bourani
372. Andreas Wegener (Bläck
373. Arne Jansen
374. Arne Zank (Tocotronic)
375. Astrid North
376. Burkhard Brozat
377. Caroline Kiesewetter
378. Catharina Sieland (Cäthe)
379. Claudia Koreck
380. Daniel Benjamin (Sea+Air)
381. Daniel Karelly (Rakede)
382. Daniel Nitt
383. Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic)
384. Dr. Ralf Weigand
385. Eberhard Jupe (Judith & Mel)
386. Enno Poppe
387. Ernst Stoklosa (Bläck Fööss)
388. Fabian Römer
389. Florian Tessloff
390. Frank Dostal
391. Frank Ramond
392. Gerhard Staebler
393. Gunnar Graewert
394. Günter Lückerath (Bläck
395. Hans Schulz-Clahsen
396. Harald Weiss
397. Hartmut Priess (Bläck Fööss)
398. Hartmut Weßling
399. Hartmut Westphal
400. Heike Fransecky
401. Heike Kospach
402. Helmut Lachenmann
403. Inga Humpe
404. Jakob Ilja (Element of Crime)
405. Jan Müller (Tocotronic)
406. Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock
407. Johannes Enders
408. Johannes Kobilke
409. Johannes X. Schachtner
410. John Groves
411. Jon Caffery
412. Jörg Evers
413. Judith Jupe – Lafin (Judith &
414. Julian Cassel (Frida Gold)
415. Jutta Staudenmayer
416. K.F. Biermann (Bläck Fööss)
417. Klaus Hirschburger
418. Klaus Meine
419. Lukas Hainer
420. Manu Kurz
421. Mark Andre
422. Marko Nikodijevic
423. Markus Reinhardt (Wolfsheim)
424. Martin Todsharow
425. Max Mutzke
426. Mehmet Ergin
427. Michael B. Schmidt
428. Michael Rötgens
429. Michelle Leonard
430. Micki Meuser
431. Moritz Eggert
432. Nils Wülker
433. Norbert Schneider
434. Nosie Katzmann
435. Pantha du Prince
436. Peter Schütten (Bläck Fööss)
437. Prof. Christian Bruhn
438. Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider
439. Prof. Gerd Baumann
440. Prof. Helmut Richter
441. Prof. Siegfried Matthus
442. Prof. York Höller
443. Ralph Gusovius (Bläck Fööss)
444. Reiner Hömig (Bläck Fööss)
445. Richard Pappik (Element of
446. Rick McPhail (Tocotronic)
447. Robert HP Platz
448. Robert Koch (Robot Koch)
449. Rudolf Müssig
450. Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions)
451. Saed Haddad
452. Samir Odeh-Tamimi
453. SASHA
454. Stefan Waggershausen
455. Stephan Rath
456. Sven Regener
457. Thomas Holtgreve (Frida Gold)
458. Tobias Künzel
459. Udo Brinkmann
460. Ulrich Swillms (Karat)
461. Ulrike Haage
462. Wolfgang Niedecken
463. Zeynep Gedizlioglu
464. Costas Tripolitis
465. Dimos Moutsis
466. Dionyssis Savvopoulos
467. Eugene Trivizas
468. Filippos Papatheodorou
469. Giorgos Theofanous
470. Lefteris Papadopoulos
471. Mikis Theodorakis
472. Mimis Plessas
473. Phoebus Tassopoulos
474. Stamatis Spanoudakis
475. Thanos Mikroutsikos
476. Anna Thorvaldsdottir 477. Atli Örvarsson
478. Adam Murphy
479. Andy Irvine
480. Andy O’Callaghan
481. Ben Reel
482. Bill Whelan
483. Brendan Graham
484. Brendan O’Byrne
485. Candice Gordon
486. Ciaran Farrell
487. Darren Hendley
488. Denis Carey
489. Donagh Long
490. Eamon Carr
491. Eamonn Campbell
492. Eleanor McEvoy
493. Fiachra Trench
494. Fiachra Trench
495. Frank McNamara
496. Gerry O’Beirne
497. Harry Bradley
498. Ian Smith
499. Ian Wilson
500. Ivan Fitzpatrick
501. Jeremy Hickey
502. Jimmy Walsh
503. John Kinsella
504. Johnny Duhan
505. Johnny Lappin
506. Juliet Turner
507. Ken Kiernan
508. Leo Moran
509. Liam Hurley
510. Liam Littlewood
511. Michael Duffy
512. Mike Kearney
513. Owen Casey
514. Padar Mulvey
515. Padraig Stevens
516. Patsy Watchorn
517. Ronan Browne
518. Shane Mac Gabhann
519. Simon O’Reilly
520. Stephen McKeon
521. Tomas Walsh
522. Wez Devine
523. Yngve Wieland
524. Andrea Bocelli
525. Ennio Morricone
526. Ferzan Ozpetek
527. Gino Landi
528. Giulio Rapetto (Mogol)
529. Guiliano Montaldo
530. Lorenzo Ferrero
531. Paolo Virzì
532. Janis Holsteins-Upmanis
533. Karlis Lacis
534. Valdis Muktupavels
535. Daniel Balthasar
536. Gast Waltzing
537. John Rech
538. Jana Andreevska
The Netherlands
539. Alex van Warmerdam
540. Anthony Fiumara
541. Antonie Bolland
542. Arrien Molema
543. Bianca Neeltje Holst
544. Ferdi Bolland
545. Gers Pardoel
546. Guido Dieteren
547. Han Kooreneef
548. Huub van der Lubbe
549. Ig Henneman
550. Jacob ter Veldhuis
551. Jan van de Putte
552. Janco Verduin
553. Joost Kleppe
554. Mari-Anne Hof
555. Monique Krüs
556. Pierre Kartner (Vader
557. Richard Rijnvos
558. Rita Zipora
559. Theo Loevendie
560. Tonny Eyk
561. Willem Jeths
562. Bendik Hofseth
563. Bugge Wesseltoft
564. Ine Hoem
565. Ingrid Kindem
566. Jan Garbarek
567. Jesper Borgen
568. Kai Robøle
569. Nicolay Sereba
570. Rita Engedalen
571. Sigurd Wongraven
572. Vincent Dery
573. Agnieszka Holland
574. Krszysztof Penderecki
575. Krystian Lupa
576. Krzesimir Dębski
577. Marek Hojda
578. Romuald Lipko
579. Urszula Dudziak
580. Ana Zanathi
581. António Manuel Ribeiro
582. António Victorino d’Almeida
583. Carlos Alberto Moniz
584. João Lourenço
585. José de Guimarães
586. José Jorge Letria
587. Mafalda Arnauth
588. Rui Vieira Nery
589. Vitorino Salomé
590. Adrian Correa
591. Aitor Amezaga Asensio
592. Albert Guinovart
593. Albert Hammond
594. Alberto Cortez
595. Alberto Iglesias
596. Alejandro De Pinedo
597. Alejandro Lopez Roman
598. Alejandro Sanz
599. Alex De La Nuez
600. Alvaro Urquijo
601. Amando Cifuentes
602. Andrés Calamaro
603. Angel Illarramendi Larrañaga
604. Angel M. Altolaguirre Ariz
605. Anton Reixa
606. Antonio Carmona
607. Antonio Martin Caruana
608. Antonio Meliveo
609. Antonio Onetti
610. Ariel Roth
611. Arnau Bataller Carreño
612. Artemio Perez Fillol
613. Arturo Vaquero Taboada
614. Aurora Beltran
615. Bartolome Blaya Villa
616. Bernardo Fuster
617. Camilo Sesto
618. Carlos Vega
619. Claudio Ianni
620. Constantino Martinez Orts
621. Coque Malla
622. Coti Sorokin
623. Cristina Rosenvinge
624. Dani Martín
625. Dario Palomo
626. David Summers
627. Eduardo Ramirez De
628. Eliseo Parra
629. Enrique Búnbury
630. F. Xavier Font Pijuan
631. Federico Jusid
632. Felipe Milano Curto
633. Fenando Colomo
634. Fermín Cabal
635. Fernando De Diego
636. Fernando Sancho
637. Fernando Trueba
638. Francesc Garcia Donet
639. Gabriel Ochoa Peris
640. Gerardo Nuñez
641. Gonzalo Garcia Santos
642. Gracia Querejeta
643. Ignacio Conejero Alvarez
644. Ignacio Conejero Garcia-
645. Iñaki Glutamano Fdez. Arnaiz
646. Inés Paris
647. Ivan Garcia-Pelayo
648. Ivan Sevillano “Huecco”
649. J. Ambite Valero
650. J. Vicente Egea
651. Javier Campillo
652. Javier De Juan
653. Javier Losada
654. Jesus Carmona Gonzalez
655. Joan Manuel Serrat
656. Joana Martinez Ortueta
657. Joaquín Sabina
658. John Parsons
659. Jorge Gavalda Gonzalez
660. Jorge Martinez “Ilegales”
661. Jorge Pardo
662. Jose Battaglio
663. Jose Llopis Osca
664. José Luis García Chicote
665. José Mercé
666. José Miguel Fernandez-
667. Jose Ramon Gutierrez
668. Juan Bardem Aguado
669. Juan José Moscardó Rius
670. Juan Jose Solana
671. Juan Luís Guerra
672. Juan Manuel Santiesteban
673. Juan Pablo Muñoz Zielinski
674. Juanjo Valmorisco
675. Julian Esteban Rivera
676. Julio Castejón
677. Kaelo
678. Kiko Veneno
679. Lluis Llach
680. Lucio Godoy Tobar
681. Luis “Del Roto” Moreno Laorga
682. Luis Eduardo Aute
683. Luis Eduardo Perez Cuevas
684. Luis Hernandez Ivars
685. Luis Martin Lobo Negro
686. Luis Mendo
687. Luis Solo
688. Manel Gil Anglada
689. Manuel Aguilar
690. Manuel De La Calva
691. Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
692. Manuel Marvizón
693. Manuel Ruiz Queco
694. Manuel Tenorio
695. Marc Jovani Polo
696. Marc Vaillo Daniel
697. Marcelo Champanier Burszyn
698. Marcos Gisbert Ferri
699. Maria Del Mar Bonet
700. Maria Minguez Pardo
701. María Monsonis
702. Mariano Lozano Platas
703. Marina Rossell
704. Marta Sánchez
705. Max Sunyer
706. Maximiliano Jimenez Sanchez
707. Melendi
708. Merche
709. Miguel Blanco Romero
710. Miguel Hermoso
711. Miguel Marcos Cambrils
712. Miguel Rios
713. Nacho Campillo
714. Nacho Cano
715. Nacho García Vega
716. Nani Garcia (Amador Garcia
717. Natalia Vergara
718. Natxo Tarres Garcia
719. Niña Pastori
720. Noelia Martinez Segura
721. Oscar Lopez Plaza
722. Oscar Martin Leanizbarrutia
723. Oscar Navarro Gonzalez
724. Pablo Alborán
725. Pablo Cervantes Gutierrez
726. Pablo Garcia Diaz “Und
727. Pablo Guerrero
728. Pablo Martin
729. Pablo Milanès
730. Pascal Gaigne
731. Patacho Recio
732. Pau Martinez Gonzalez
733. Pedro Agustin Sanchez
734. Pedro Almodóvar
735. Pedro Guerra
736. Pedro Ojesto
737. Pedro Rui Blas
738. Pep Llopis
739. Pilar Jurado
740. Pilar Paredes Garcia
741. Ramon Arcusa
742. Ramón García I Soler
743. Ramon Giner Bou
744. Ramon Paus
745. Rodolf Sirera Turó
746. Rodrigo De Lorenzo Saiz-
747. Roque Baños
748. Rosario Flores
749. Rosendo
750. Santi Balmes
751. Santiago Auserón
752. Sara Iñiguez Cascallar “Rubia”
753. Sergio Luis Gonzalez Carducci
754. Sergio Makaroff
755. Sergio Moure De Oteyza
756. Teo Cardalda
757. Tino Di Geraldo
758. Tontxu
759. Vanexxa Fernandez De
760. Vicente Chust Gallego
761. Vicente Jose Miras Pascual
762. Vicente Monsonis
763. Víctor Manuel
764. Victor Salgueiro
765. Xavier Capellas Sans
766. Zulema De La Cruz
767. Adam Hudec
768. Adjei Roderick
769. Adrian Dovicak
770. Alžbeta Rajterová
771. Andrej Belák
772. Andrej Karlik
773. Andrej Navara
774. Anton Šípek
775. Anton Cisík
776. Anton Jaro
777. Anton Popovič
778. Barbora Guothová
779. Bohdan Fedor
780. Bohuš Bínovský
781. Boris Čellár
782. Bosko Milaković
783. Branislav Mojsej ml.
784. Braňo Kostka
785. Ctibor Kolínsky
786. Ctirad Kristin
787. Danica Štilichová-Suchoňová
788. Daniel Bihány
789. Daniel Bitto
790. Daniel Matej
791. Daniel Špiner
792. Daniela Krošláková-Kardošová
793. David Kollar
794. Dávid Szabó
795. David Szeghö
796. Dominik Petrík
797. Dorota Nvotová
798. Dušan Valúch
799. Egon Krák
800. Elka Vidinska
801. Emil Čambál
802. Emília Smatanová
803. Eva Djordjevičová
804. Fero Turák
805. Frantiek Adamkovič
806. František Griglák
807. František Malec
808. Gabriela Mikulášová
809. Helen Coufalik
810. Helena Nagyová – Szíjjártóová
811. Igof Timko
812. Igor Balla
813. Igor Belaj
814. Igor Guryča
815. Igor Hudcovský
816. Igor Manica
817. Imrich Paulík
818. Ivan Šmatlák
819. Ivan Kráľ
820. Ivan Minárik
821. Ivana Spodniaková
822. Ivana Urbanová
823. Iveta Pospíšilová
824. Ivo Štrassel
825. Jakub Ursíny
826. Ján Štrasser
827. Ján Čižmár
828. Ján Hruška
829. Ján Kerata
830. Ján Kružliak
831. Ján Litecký-Šveda
832. Ján Tkáč
833. Ján Turan
834. Jana Kozáková
835. Jano Pison
836. Jaroslav Chrupka
837. Jaroslav Kráľ
838. Jaroslav Sukal
839. Jozef Šebo
840. Jozef Engerer
841. Jozef Husovský
842. Jozef Novák
843. Jozef Olajos
844. Jozef Opatovský
845. Jozef Podprocký
846. Jozef Slovák
847. Jozef Toporcer
848. Jozef Vlk
849. Július Fujak
850. Július Kinček
851. Juraj Begala
852. Juraj Dubovec
853. Juraj Hatrík
854. Juraj Lihosit
855. Juraj Michalič
856. Juraj Trebula
857. K.H. Alan
858. Kamila Magálová
859. Karol Miklo
860. Katarína Bieliková
861. Kristina Zimmerova
862. Ladislav Burlas
863. Lubo Belák
864. Ľubo Medveď
865. Ľubo Môcik
866. Ľubomír Burgr
867. Ľubomír Hreha
868. Ľubomír Raši
869. Ľubomír Šebej
870. Lubomir Trefný
871. Ľubomír Zeman
872. Ľuboš Bernáth
873. Lucia Pacoltova
874. Lucián Bezák
875. Ľudovít Horský
876. Lukáš Borzík
877. Lukáš Kobela
878. Marcel Uríča
879. Marcela Šimková
880. Marcer Perecár
881. Marek Babušiak
882. Marek Flimel
883. Marek Határ
884. Mária Andrašovanová st.
885. Mária Homolová
886. Mária Jelínková
887. Marián Bihari
888. Marián Chlpek
889. Marián Čurko
890. Marián Geisberg
891. Marián Greksa
892. Marián Kachút
893. Marián Kotvan
894. Marián Sirka
895. Marián Varga
896. Mario Tomanek
897. Maro Oravec
898. Marta Hlušíková
899. Martin Bradáč
900. Martin Burlas
901. Martin Chovanec
902. Martin Jeleň
903. Martin Kuračka
904. Martin Lačný
905. Martin Marincak
906. Martin Sabov
907. Martin Sarvaš
908. Martin Skuban
909. Martin Turčan
910. Martin Uherek
911. Martin Uhrina
912. Martin Žúži
913. Martina Heny Orthová
914. Martina Jelenová
915. Matej Bartoš
916. Matej Vaník
917. Matúš Jakabčic
918. Matúš Široký
919. Mgr. Anna Babjaková
920. Michaela Sulovská –
921. Mikuláš Kyjovský
922. Milan Ilek
923. Milan Kivarott
924. Milan Malinovský
925. Milan Markovič
926. Miloš Betko
927. Mirka Brezovská
928. Miroslav Dudík
929. Miroslav Holič
930. Miroslav Jurika
931. Miroslav Masica
932. Miroslav Zahradník
933. Norbert Bodnár
934. Oskar Szalo
935. Pavel Šindler
936. Pavel Horváth
937. Pavel Mylan
938. Pavel Zajáček
939. Pavol Kubica
940. Pavol Laták
941. Pavol Prievalský
942. Peter Švajda
943. Peter Belák sr.
944. Peter Brhlovič
945. Peter Cmorik
946. Peter Guldan
947. Peter Lehotský
948. Peter Lipa
949. Peter Nagy
950. Peter Opet
951. Peter Sedlák
952. Peter Telepcak
953. Peter Treciak
954. Peter Zagar
955. Petr Schredl
956. Radovan Orth
957. Radovan Tariška
958. Rastislav Dubovský
959. Rasťo Novotný
960. Richard Jajcay
961. Richard Salay
962. Richard Soso Molnár
963. Robert Foldeš
964. Róbert Papp
965. Róbert Zaťko
966. Roman Guryča
967. Roman Oláh
968. Roman Timko
969. Romana Hlobeňová
970. Romana Pauerová
971. Štefan Demecs
972. Štefan Itcho Pčelár
973. Štefan Kominko
974. Štefan Mažár
975. Štefan Sloboda
976. Samuel Alexander
977. Samuel Hvozdík
978. Slavomír Solovic
979. Stanislav Hochel
980. Stanislav Počaji
981. Stanislava Segečová
982. Stano Guláš
983. Stano Petrov
984. Tomáš Mikš
985. Tomáš Zubák
986. Vadim Busovský
987. Viktor Guľváš
988. Viktor Půček
989. Víťazoslav Kubička
990. Vladimir Kolenic
991. Vladimír Krausz
992. Vladimír Kubala
993. Vladimír Rusó
994. Vladimír Volčko
995. Vladis Leskovský
996. Vlado Gnepa
997. Vojtech Didi
998. Vojtech Matušek
999. Wren Mckay
1000. Zora Ševčíková
1001. Zoro Laurinc
1002. Zuzana Homolová-Baloghová
1003. Zuzana Suchánková
1004. Alfons Karabuda
1005. Adrian Stern
1006. Alain Morisod
1007. Aldo Squarise
1008. Alexander Friedrich Groebli
1009. Andreas Ritschard
1010. Andreas Ryser
1011. Andreas Vollenweider
1012. Ann Kathrin Lüthi
1013. Beat Jegen
1014. Benedikt Wieland
1015. Bruno Dietrich
1016. Cégiu
1017. Charles Aznavour
1018. Christian Diboky
1019. Christian Häni
1020. Christian Kesseli
1021. Christoph Trummer
1022. Christoph Flueler
1023. Christoph Vogt
1024. Claudio Brancher
1025. Dan Suter
1026. Daniel „Booxy“ Aebi
1027. Daniel Brand
1028. Dodo Hug Contini
1029. Dominik Bär
1030. Efisio Contini
1031. Erika Stucky
1032. Flavian Graber
1033. Freddy Scherer
1034. Hena Habegger
1035. Higi Bigler
1036. Immanuel Witschi
1037. IVO
1038. Jan Graber
1039. Joe Sciacca
1040. Jonas Ruppen
1041. Josua Romano
1042. Leendert van Stipriaan
1043. Leo Leoni
1044. Louis “Lee” Schornoz
1045. Manuel K
1046. Marc Lynn
1047. Marc Rossier
1048. Marie-Theres Stremnitzer
1049. Markus Fehlmann
1050. Mich Gerber
1051. Nadine Nigg
1052. Nic Maeder
1053. Nico Fehr
1054. Paolo Fedrigoli
1055. Pascal Gamboni
1056. Phil Hero
1057. Phil Scheck
1058. Pippo Pollina
1059. PJ Wassermann
1060. Prof. Heiko Freund
1061. Raffaela Felder
1062. Ramon Clau
1063. Reto Camenisch
1064. Rob Viso
1065. Robert Jan Meyer
1066. Robi Heini
1067. Roland Bucher
1068. Rolf W. Kunz
1069. Roman Riklin
1070. Samuel Blatter
1071. Sebastian Portillo
1072. Shirley Grimes
1073. Simon La Bey
1074. Simon Baumann
1075. Sina
1076. Sophie Hunger
1077. Stephan Aebersold
1078. Tobias Soder
1079. Tobias Jundt
1080. Tobias Nägeli
1081. Toni Vescoli
1082. Ueli von Allmen
United Kingdom
1083. Chris Smith
1084. Crispin Hunt
1085. Debbie Wiseman
1086. Fiona Bevan
1087. Gary Clark
1088. Iain Archer
1089. Imogen Heap
1090. Irwin Sparkes
1091. Jim Duguid
1092. Jimbo Barry
1093. Jimmy Hogarth
1094. Mark Ayres
1095. Martin Brammer
1096. Nainita Desai
1097. Paul Farrer
1098. Rupert Hine
1099. Simon Darlow
1100. Simon Rix
1101. Steve Robson
1102. Alejandro Guarello
1103. Angélique Kidjo
1104. Eddie Schwartz
1105. Jia Zhang-ke
1106. Juca Novaes
1107. Marcelo Piñeyro
1108. Ousmane Sow
1109. Sam Mbende
1110. Shunichi Tokura
1111. Stan Meissner

MEPs advocate for copyright liability of online platforms in order to remove distortions in the digital market

In light of the upcoming copyright reform, 58 MEPs sent an open letter[i] urging the European Commission to put an end to the transfer of value[ii] currently taking place at the expense of creators, and called for a legal clarification of the liability regime for online platforms.

More creative content is being consumed today than ever before on services like user-uploaded content platforms and content aggregation services. Yet most of these services provide extremely low remunerations or outright refuse to pay authors. The letter, signed by 58 MEPs, explains that “[t]he upcoming copyright reform should make clear that liability exemptions can only apply to genuinely neutral and passive online service providers, and not to services that play an active role in distributing, promoting and monetising content at the expense of creators.

The President of GESAC, Christophe Depreter, called the letter “an important signal to the Commission that the political will is there, and that the transfer of value issue needs to be dealt with urgently”.

GESAC applauds this initiative launched by MEPs Pervenche Berès, Christian Ehler and Martina Dlabajova[iii] that asks the Commission to clearly put creators and consumers at the centre of the upcoming review of the copyright Directive[iv].

 In a reaction to the letter, Polish film director Agnieszka Holland said she was “encouraged to see so many Members of the European Parliament identify the critical problem of fair remuneration online that creators are faced with” and hoped to “see meaningful changes from European decision-makers before the end of the year”.

 Although the Commission has consistently noted that it wishes to tackle the transfer of value problem in the copyright reform, it is crucial to keep the issue high on the agenda, considering the relentless efforts of certain internet giants to water down any initiative that could lead to re-balancing this problem towards ensuring fairer conditions for creators and the entire European Digital Single Market.


#           #           #



GESAC groups 34 of the largest authors’ societies in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. We defend and promote the rights of about 1 million creators and rights holders in the areas of music, audiovisual works, visual arts, and literary and dramatic works.

[i] Open Letter Link

[ii] The ‘transfer of value’ issue:

[iii] co-chairs of the Creative and Cultural Industries Intergroup

[iv] The “InfoSoc” Directive (2001/29/EC).

BARQ get set for ‘That Thing You Love’ single launch


Upstairs @ Whelans
Tickets €5 On Door
Doors @ 7.30pm

BARQ are a high energy 4-piece mixing rock with agro-soul.

In March 2016 BARQ released their debut single “Gentle Kind of Lies” to critical acclaim and a surge of media attention. The track was picked up Spotify’s new music playlist in both the UK and Brazil, as well as being included on IASCA’s playirish USA, and two of Goldenplec’s Goldenstereo playlists.

BARQ have now been confirmed for a number of the leading festivals around the country including; Longitude, Indiependence, Groove, Body + Soul, Canalaphonic, Bray Jazz, Carlow Arts Festival, with more to be announced soon.

Following on from this success BARQ are having a launch party for their second single “That Thing You Love” upstairs in Whelan’s on May 29th. The single was recorded by Alwyn Walker at Westland Studios, mixed by Scott Halliday at Orphan Recording and mastered by Grammy-Nominated, Andrei Eremin (Hiatus Kaiyote, Chet Faker, Miami Horror).

“The tightness of a thoroughly experienced live band is heard in the production, and the song has a sound reminiscent of Erykah Badu in a psychedelic R&B rock style. Jess Kav’s bellowing soul voice shines through.” – Nialler9

“Impossibly tight grooves over otherworldly guitar lines and aggressively soulful vocals” –

“A meeting place between experimentation and control BARQ’s is a masterclass in how to define who you are muscially and not simply define who you aren’t.” – The Last MIxed Tape

Villagers’ Conor O’Brien Wins Ivor Novello Songwriting Award

Congratulations to Conor O’Brien who has won best album at the 2016 Ivor Novello Awards for Villagers’ Darling Arithmetic. The album was chosen over In Colour by Jamie XX and Matador by Gaz Coombes. Darling Arithmetic was released in early 2015 to wide critical and public acclaim.

Conor O’Brien previously won the ‘Best Song Musically and Lyrically’ Ivor Novello Award in 2011, for his track ‘Becoming A Jackal’ taken from the debut album of the same name.

Previously nominated twice for the Mercury Music Prize and winner of Ireland’s Choice Music Prize, O’Brien is currently working on his fourth album.

Snow Patrol members Gary Lightbody and Jonny McDaid were also nominated for their songwriting work on Ed Sheeran’s song Bloodstream.

The Ivor Novellos are the most prestigious Awards for songwriting in the UK and Ireland.

Extra Belsonic Shows In August Have Been Added Due To Phenomenal Demand

Due to overwhelming ticket demand for the June events at Titanic Belfast, 5 new shows in August have been added in to the Belsonic 2016 line-up! MADNESS, NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS & CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN, DISCLOSURE [Live], FATBOY SLIM and THE CORRS will all appear at this new & expanded lineup at Titanic Belfast. They join The Chemical Brothers, Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, Faithless, Foals, Tiesto, Biffy Clyro, Stereophonics, Bring Me The Horizon, Olivers Heldens, The Coronas, Walking On Cars & Robin Schulz, who are set to perform in June.

This makes Belsonic 2016 the biggest edition yet, and Northern Ireland’s largest ever outdoor music event!

Tickets for the August events at Belsonic 2016 go on-sale Friday 29th April at 9am from Ticketmaster Outlets. Remaining tickets for the June events at Belsonic 2016 are on-sale now from Ticketmaster Outlets.

Due to overwhelming demand for tickets in recent years, BELSONIC is relocating to a brand new bigger location at the iconic Titanic Belfast building, and boasting it’s most ambitious line up to date. The popular music festival now hosts line-ups in both June and August, bringing a host of international headline acts to the heart of Belfast city centre for the 9th year running.

Belsonic August 2016 Lineup –

Thursday 18th August 2016 – The Corrs & Support

Saturday 20th August 2016 – Madness & Support

Tuesday 23rd August 2016 – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds + Catfish & The Bottlemen & Pleasure Beach

Wednesday 24th August 2016 – Disclosure [Live] + Kano & SG Lewis

Saturday 27th August 2016 – Fatboy Slim & Support

The new event location, in the grounds of the Titanic Belfast building, replaces Custom House Square – the historic location of Belsonic. The new, larger site provides ample space for bigger and better food & beverage facilities, improved VIP area, enhanced staging, sound & lighting, and a vast open air space in which to enjoy your favourite artists!

You can follow Belsonic on Facebook, Twitter and the Belsonic website.

Midem to receive honourary 2016 ICMP Ralph Peer II Award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Music Publishing

Premier international music event celebrating its 50th edition

The International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) has today revealed that leading music trade fair Midem is the special honouree of the 2016 ICMP Ralph Peer II Award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Music Publishing – the unique and prestigious prize in the international music publishing field.

The Award, initiated by ICMP in 2013, and named after its first honouree Ralph Peer II, recognises visionaries in the field of music publishing, whose roles have helped develop, protect and value the music of composers and authors around the world. The ceremony will take place on 4 June during the Midem International Awards.

Advancing music publishing for 50 years

The ICMP Board unanimously nominated Midem to receive this special honourary Award as a result of its 50 years of building a unique deal-making platform that has continually united and promoted all players – both big and small – from across the music ecosystem.

Despite significant changes in the music sector, the annual event remains the place where music publishing executives can literally take a musical trip around the world, refresh existing publishing contacts and create new ones.

The personal interaction with international colleagues is unrivalled and has resulted in a multitude of publishing deals that have benefited music publishers, DJs, producers, artists, songwriters and consumers across the globe.

Crucially, Midem has been a catalyst for monetising copyrights across the world, by providing a forum for sub-publishers to meet and do business.

Up close and personal

“On behalf of ICMP, I would like to congratulate the Midem organisation on winning this Award,” said ICMP Chair Andrew Jenkins.  “Midem’s international focus is what makes it so special. For all of us, Midem is a wonderful opportunity to meet face-to-face with our business partners from around the world, to explore and conclude new business opportunities, and to discuss the pressing industry issues of the day. In this respect Midem is unique, and this sharing of ideas is vital to ICMP as it enables us, as the global voice of music publishing, to react appropriately on behalf of our members,” he added.

“It’s never been more important for the relationships within the music business community to be global. For 50 years, Midem has played a crucial role by creating a space where music publishing leaders can come together from around the world to connect, share ideas and build relationships that advance our community as a whole. The Board of ICMP is proud to honour Midem on its 50th anniversary with this award in recognition of all that it does for music creators,” said Ralph Peer II, Chair and CEO of peermusic and an ICMP Board Member.

“As Midem celebrates its 50th anniversary this award is particularly special. Creating an international market for music publishers was the initial raison-d’être for launching Midem and publishers remain at the heart of the event,” commented Jérôme Delhaye, Director of Reed MIDEM’s Entertainment Division. “As we begin the next 50 years of the Midem adventure we are proud to be launching the first Copyright Summit to address upcoming reforms in the US and Europe, fair remuneration and new business models – all of which are critical to the music publishing community,” concluded Delhaye.

Several thousand music makers, cutting-edge technology experts, brand specialists and talent from 75 countries are expected to attend this year’s event, which is taking place from 3 to 6 June.


About the Award

The ICMP Ralph Peer II Award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Music Publishing was launched in 2013 to honour individuals or partnerships that have made a sustained and outstanding contribution to international music publishing. The inaugural award honouree was Ralph Peer II, CEO of peermusic and founder member of ICMP. Last year, music publishing icon Irwin Z. Robinson collected the Award at a gala dinner held during Midem.

About ICMP

ICMP is the world trade association representing the interests of the music publishing community internationally.  The constituent members of ICMP are music publishers’ associations from Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Included are the leading independent multinational and international companies, and regional and national music publishers, mainly SMEs, throughout the world. As the voice and point of reference of music publishers, and the community of composers and songwriters they represent, ICMP’s mission is to increase copyright protection internationally, encourage a better environment for business and act as an industry forum for consolidating global positions.

IFPI’s Global Music Report 2016 Premium Section | Available Now

IFPI’s essential in-depth statistical guide to the global music business is now available following publication of the complete two-section
IFPI Global Music Report 2016.

The complete report includes the 86 page ‘Data and Analysis’ section, formerly called ‘Recording Industry in Numbers’ (RIN), containing comprehensive data for nearly 50 territories and in-depth analysis by format and sector.

The full report, containing both the ‘State of the Industry’ overview and this newly-released ‘Data and Analysis’ section is available to purchase now.

Key highlights of the 2016 full report include:

Revenue streams. Detailed analysis of the industry’s diverse and evolving revenue streams, as digital becomes the primary revenue stream for recorded music, overtaking sales of physical formats for the first time. Contains an overview of the top contributors to global streaming growth and a breakdown of global digital revenues for 2015.

  • Market trends. Comprehensive data on global, regional and national music market trends, focusing both on 2015 and past years. Total industry revenues grew 3.2 per cent to US$ 15.0 billion, leading to the industry’s first significant year-on-year growth in nearly two decades.
  • National markets – national data for 49 territories including:
    • Data splits for physical, digital, performance rights and synchronisation for 2011-2015;
    • Detailed breakdown of revenues within the digital segment for 2011-2015;
    • Economic and digital indicators
  • Regional markets. Detailed summaries of market performance in regional markets. Latin America was, for the fifth consecutive year, the region with the highest level of growth in recorded music revenues (+11.8 per cent) with digital revenues rising by 44.5 per cent, more than four times the national average.
  • Focus on physical formats. The ‘Data and Analysis’ section looks at the performance of the physical market in different territories around the world, including vinyl’s continued growth and historic volume data for global physical formats 1973-2015.
  • Global charts. In addition to the top 10 albums and digital singles published in the ‘State of the Industry’ section of the report, the premium ‘Data and Analysis’ section includes a more complete listing of the top titles of 2015 with the full top 50 global albums chart and the top 20 global digital singles chart.

Adrian Strain, Director of Communications for IFPI, says: “The Global Music Report is the must-have publication for anyone needing to understand the state of today’s global music business. It provides unrivalled and comprehensive data and information and is the authoritative reference book for the industry globally.”

grm 2016

Be Part of IMROs What’s Your Soundtrack Campaign

We want to know the pop that makes your customers shop or the rock that keeps your business rolling!

We want you to be an ambassador for our new ‘What’s Your Soundtrack? print, online and radio advertising campaign. Why? Because, by being an IMRO licence-holder, you’ve already demonstrated your support for music creators. So we thought we’d offer the chance for your business to reach a new nationwide audience.

If you’d like to take part, just tell us what the soundtrack to your business is – a list of three songs by Irish or international artists that enhance your workplace for customers or employees.

Send your soundtrack and contact details to ei.ormi@kcartdnuos and we’ll get in touch with you.

Or visit to tell us your soundtrack and to learn more about IMRO’s What’s Your Soundtrack? campaign. us

IMRO calls for political focus on the role of music to Ireland’s economy and society

The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) has today called on political parties and candidates campaigning in General Election 2016 to focus on the future of Irish music as they shape their policies and engage with the electorate. This follows the publication by IMRO, of a report last year entitled The Socio-Economic Contribution of Music to the Irish Economy and Society which demonstrates that the music sector in Ireland supports 11,500 jobs and contributes almost half a billion euro to the economy annually.

Victor Finn, Chief Executive Officer, IMRO said, “If Ireland’s music sector is to be protected, sustained and developed, the right policy environment must be created – a focus on training, education, copyright, access to export markets and finance is required to help ensure a viable music industry into the future.

We have seen very little focus on the future of Irish music by parties and candidates in the General Election campaign to date. This is despite music being a sector that supports thousands of jobs, delivers hundreds of millions of euro to the economy and attracts thousands of tourists to Ireland annually. It is a crucial part of our national identity and must be prioritised.

Being a musician is a real career and musicians are entrepreneurs who require support just like any other SMEs.  By supporting these entrepreneurs, there’s a huge opportunity not just for Ireland’s economy, but also socially, helping to create and maintain jobs nationwide and ensure that our towns and villages can be revived as vibrant cultural hubs.”

He continued, “At IMRO, we acknowledge that there has been some focus by Government to date on the future of music through Culture 2025 and programmes such as Music Generation.

However, a piecemeal approach will not work. What is now needed is one clear, consolidated, cross- Departmental music strategy that is coordinated, focused, measurable and cost-efficient. We have seen with the Oscars and Baftas recently, how successful Irish film has been and this is as a result of real support and development.

There is a similar opportunity for Irish music, and all that’s required is real political will and coordinated action.”

IMRO is calling for a number of simple measures, which, if implemented, could finally see the music sector in Ireland develop to its full potential:

  • The establishment of a Music Industry Taskforce, with representatives from Government, the business community and industry to help reinvigorate the sector and encourage collaboration;
  • Appointing an IP ‘Tsar’ to consider the impact of IP and copyright legislation and enforcement in both the music and technology industries;
  • The development of advanced training courses for music professionals to focus on ‘business of music’ education, particularly for early career musicians;
  • Establishing a Music Office – Music Ireland – to act as a focal point for the music industry, similar to the Irish Film Board. This office would provide assistance to individuals in the music sector and those looking to enter new overseas markets;
  • Greater support for musicians, many of whom are self-employed, in accessing finance and ensuring that fiscal supports are effective and appropriately structured.

The Irish Music Rights Organisation represents over 10,500 songwriters, composers and music publishers in Ireland and throughout the world.

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