Performing Right Online Licence Application Form 2016
  • Licensed Service Details

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Our fee structure allows a given number of uses for multiples of €75 (+VAT). Licensees will be required to estimate usage upfront and approach us for additional licence coverage if original estimates are exceeded. Please note: If more than 4 units are selected (the licence fee equates to €300 + VAT or over), you must contact the Licensing Team on 353 (1) 644 8023.
  • There are two service categories. Please indicate in the ‘number of units required’ column how many of the €75 (+VAT) bundles you require to cover your anticipated usage.

    Example: If you expect 5,000 users to stream 10 songs each this would be equal to 50,000 uses and therefore 2 x €75 (+VAT) Units would be required.

  • 1. Music Services

    Musical works offered for download or made available to stream on demand in content where the primary focus is music.
  • Allowed uses per €75,00 (+VAT) is up to 45,000 streams
    Number of €75 (+VAT) Units required
    Price: 75,00 €

  • Allowed uses per €75,00 (+VAT) is up to 120,000 streams
    Number of €75 (+VAT) Units required
    Price: 75,00 €

  • Price: 75,00 €
    Allowed uses per €75,00 (+VAT) is up to 5,000 downloads
    Number of €75 (+VAT) Units required

  • 2. General Entertainment Services

    Musical Works offered within content made available to download or stream on demand where music is not the primary focus or a website that features a musical work as background music.
  • Allowed uses per €75,00 (+VAT) is up to 3,200 music hours streamed
    Number of €75 (+VAT) Units required
    Price: 75,00 €

  • Allowed uses per €75,00 (+VAT) is up to 8,500 music hours streamed
    Number of €75 (+VAT) Units required
    Price: 75,00 € Quantity:

  • Price: 75,00 € Quantity:
  • Number of €75 (+VAT) Units required
    Allowed uses per €75 (+VAT) is up to 350 music hours downloaded

  • General Entertainment Services are licensed with reference to the amount of music hours consumed. For example, a streamed video featuring 3 minutes of music streamed 20,000 times equates to 60,000 music minutes or 1,000 music hours. This is therefore within the limit allowed under the €75 minimum.
  • Total

    Please indicate the total fee for your application. Please make cheques payable to “Irish Music Rights Organisation”.
  • Music Usage

    Please indicate in the table below the musical works that you will be using. Please ensure you indicate whether each piece of music is commercial music, MCPS production music or buyout library music. If you are unsure of the music type, are using more than five tracks or you have any questions as to how to complete the information below, please contact the Licensing Team on 353 (1) 644 8023.
  • Song TitleArtistComposersPublishersCatalogue NumberCommercial/ Production/ BuyoutDurationURL 
    Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions for full scheme details and definitions.


    Please note that no licence, whether express or implied, shall be taken to have been granted by MCPS, IMRO or their members merely by the completion and / or submission of this application form.

    Such a licence shall only be deemed to be granted upon return to the licensee of a copy of this application form, duly signed on behalf of the Licensors.

  • 0,00 €
    Total amount to be invoiced based on user requirements. Please note that total amount is exclusive of VAT
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