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IFPI issues annual Global Music Report

IFPI, the organisation that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, today issued its annual Global Music Report.

Frances Moore, chief executive of IFPI, said: “The Global Music Report we issued today covers results for 2019 and reflects the successful work and investment of music creators – from record companies to artists and beyond. Importantly, the strong foundation we built over the past several years helped deliver growth in 2019.

“While the numbers we are reporting are a snapshot of the business last year, the COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges unimaginable just months ago. In the face of a global tragedy, the music community has united behind efforts to support those affected. This is a critical and ongoing priority as our member record companies work to continue to support the careers of artists, musicians and employees around the world.”

2019 Global Results:

For the full year 2019, total revenues for the global recorded music market grew by 8.2% to US$20.2 billion.

Streaming revenue grew by 22.9% to US$11.4 billion and for the first time accounted for more than half (56.1%) of global recorded music revenue. Growth in streaming more than offset a -5.3% decline in physical revenue, a slower rate than 2018.

This growth was driven by a 24.1% increase in paid subscription streaming with nearly all markets reporting growth in this area. There were 341 million users of paid streaming services at the end of 2019 (+33.5%), with paid streaming accounting for 42% of total recorded music revenue.

The work and investment from record companies continued to drive dynamic growth in diverse music markets in 2019; their global networks supporting artists and their music communities, enabling them to engage with and influence others in exciting ways around the world.

2019 Regional Highlights:

For the fifth consecutive year, Latin America was the fastest-growing region (+18.9%) with its three largest markets growing strongly: Brazil (+13.1%); Mexico (+17.1%); and Argentina (+40.9%).

Europe, the world’s second-largest region, grew 7.2% – after being almost flat in 2018 – with UK (+7.2%), Germany (+5.1%), Italy (+8.2%) and Spain (+16.3%) reporting strong growth.

Asia saw overall growth of 3.4%, a slower rate of growth than 2018, but this was largely due to Japan (-0.9%), which saw a decline in physical sales (-4.8%), its dominant format. Elsewhere in the region, South Korea, China and India all experienced strong growth, (8.2% 16.0% and 18.7% respectively).

Australasia grew by 7.1% with overall digital revenues rising 11.6% and physical format revenues falling 20.4%. Australia, a top 10 market, recorded growth of 6.0% with neighbouring New Zealand posting an increase of 13.7%.

US & Canada grew by 10.4%, remaining the largest region for recorded music revenues, accounting for 39.1% of the global market. The US grew by 10.5%, its fifth consecutive year of growth. Canada, which was largely flat the prior year, increased by 8.1%.

Global Music Report: The Industry in 2019 The state of the industry report is available for free here 

Global Music Report: Full Report – with Data and Analysis Purchase the full data and analysis report here.

Courage to Feature Mango X Mathman

Following on from the fantastic global response to the ‘Courage’ live streams, which have thus far featured Ye Vagabonds, Sorcha Richarson, Caoimhín Ó’Raghallaig and Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi we Other Voices continue this Tuesday with beloved Dublin hip-hop duo Mango X Mathman. Mango X Mathman released their debut album ‘Casual Work’ at the end of 2019 to critical acclaim, the album featured collaborations with artists such as Lisa Hannigan and Loah. 

‘Courage’, is a new project that delivers uplifting, inspiring performances from brilliant artists to the public during the COVID-19 crisis.  Courage will beam these performances directly into homes across the nation, from a number of iconic cultural locations. The goal is to provide essential cultural output during this period. Music collapses distance in this time of isolation, it gives us courage, consolation and brings us together. Performances will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights and will be made available worldwide, free of charge, thanks to the support of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Intel and RTÉ. Courage will also be shown on RTÉ2 from the 7th of May every Thursday at 23:30.

The live stream starts on Tuesday the 5th of May at 8PM sharp with hip-hop duo Mango x Mathman. 

Speaking of the project Minister Madigan said: “We know culture plays a hugely positive role in our collective wellbeing. The performances that will take place during the Courage programme are sure to raise plenty of spirits and can be enjoyed as people stay at home. It is in addition to the support that the Government is already providing to artists and those working in the arts and cultural sectors.”  

Tune in on Tuesday at 8PM via Other Voices’ YouTube + Facebook Live and RTÉ.ie to watch the show. Music for the head and the heart. 

A new Other Voices Courage TV series will start at 23:30 from May 7th. 

Sir Bobby Jukebox Debut LP Out 22nd May

Best known as the ringleader of Popical Island’s resident indie-pop circus No Monster Club (in addition to stints with Ginnels, Women’s Christmas, Dublin Duck Dispensary, Paddy Hanna and Grand Pocket Orchestra), Already Dead Records is delighted to announce the release of the debut LP from Sir Bobby Jukebox – someone that’s been called “the mad scientist of indie-pop” (The Last Mixed Tape), “purely wonderful” (Everett True) and “completely genius” (Bitter Sweet Symphonies).

His previous incarnations saw him touring basements and dive bars across the world, making a range of U.S. media appearances (WFMU, ‘Chic-a-Go-Go’, ‘The BJ Rubin Show’) and performing alongside the likes of The Polyphonic Spree, Ariel Pink, HEALTH, Jeffrey Lewis and Wavves. With ‘Friendship Gift’, the prolific songwriter is starting afresh after an unusually long hiatus, during which he turned his attentions to a best-selling history book (‘D’You Remember Yer Man?’) and a surreal stage musical (‘Trial of the Centurys’).

Due to some ludicrous red tape bureaucracy, this period also saw him uprooted from his temperate European homeland to subtropical Queensland – a topic touched upon in the globalist singalongs ‘You Are Here’ and ‘Scouts Anthem’. Mixed by Fiachra McCarthy (Squarehead, So Cow) and mastered by Mikey Young (Royal Headache, Terry), the resultant hour of psychedelic bubblegum is a summertime classic that buoys from pristine pop singles like ‘Factor 50’ and Eurovision reject ‘World Peace’ to sun-drenched, in-no-hurry jams like ‘You Only Dance’ and the epic existential soundscape of ‘A Long Day at the Seaside’. 

‘Friendship Gift’, released 22nd May, is available as a digital download or limited edition cassette tape from

Another Love Story Presents The Lockdown Love In

Another Love Story goes online this very weekend to bring a full day and night of ALS vibes straight from the heart of the festival and direct into your homes.

“Along with everyone else – we’ve been wringing our hands, furrowing our brows, and crunching the possibilities of what may or may not be this year – but it’s time for a little check out of CoronaVille, and to get back to what we do best.”

The Lockdown Love In hosts a full programme set across a virtual Ballroom and of course, the festival’s beloved Shift Shack – streaming live from the artists homes and studios and broadcasting live on the ALS website (and also on FB and Twitch), running from noon to midnight on Saturday May 2nd.


THE BALLROOM (Streaming from ALS Website & Facebook)

13.00 : A Lunchtime Story with Siobhan Kane (YHRF)
14.00 : Spoken Word with Erin Fornoff
15.00 : Sudden Wells
16.00 : Robert John Ardiff
17.00 : Anna Mieke
18:00 : I Have A Tribe
19:00 : Rachael Lavelle
20:00 : David Kitt
21:00 : Wastefellow

THE SHIFT SHACK (Streaming on ALS Website & Twitch)

18:00 : Heaps Keen
19:00 : Will Dempsey (Hang Dai Chinese)
20:00 : Lil Dave
21:00 : Andrew Kearney
22:00 : Sara Miller
23:00 : Neil Flynn

Organisers are very gently asking viewers for donations which will be shared amongst the artists, and also they will make a donation to Dublin Simon Community from the proceeds.

Donations will be linked on streams, but you can also go to:


“These continue to be momentous and unsettling times, but we hope this day gives us a chance to live some of the spirit of Another Love Story together – to bolster us in the face off all that is going on, and to remember that music, and community still abound in these difficult times. Huge Love, ALS x”

The Late David Turpin Releases ‘Offerings (2008-2020)’ For One Day Only

On May 1, for one day, The Late David Turpin will release ‘Offerings (2008-2020)’, a compilation of his best work from 12 years as a recording artist.

David says: “Never having had anything remotely approaching a ‘hit’, I don’t really know what to call a compilation like this, but I’ve tried to make music that’s sexy, sad and sympathetic to animals, and these songs are the times I got it mostly right.”

As well as demonstrating David’s particular fascinations – with the natural and supernatural worlds, and with unusual expressions of desire – ‘Offerings (2008-2020)’ showcases his many collaborations. Cathy Davey, Jaime Nanci, Samyel, Conor O’Brien, Bear Worship and Strands (Stephen Shannon) have all been visitors to the ‘Turpiverse’, and some of their contributions are featured on these recordings.

The songs are taken from David’s four albums: ‘The Sweet Used-to-be’ (2008), ‘Haunted!’ (2009), ‘We Belong Dead’ (2013) and ‘ROMANCES’ (2019), the latter two recorded after a near death experience that saw him adopt the recording name ‘The Late David Turpin’.

‘Offerings (2008-2020’) will be available for one day only, via Bandcamp, on May 1, 2020, from midnight to midnight.

‘Offerings (2008-2020)’ tracklist:

1. Fur (2012)
2. The Bone Dance (2009)
3. Fossils (2013)
4. The Red Elk (2009)
5. The Hotel (Strands Remix) (2014)
6. Pony Tears (Re-recording) (2008)
7. Like Bird and Beast (feat. Cathy Davey) (2013)
8. Which Way the Wind (feat. Jaime Nanci and Bear Worship) (2019)
9. The Man Suit (2013)
10. Concubine (feat. Elephant) (2019)
11. Kailkrates (feat. D. McCabe) (2018)
12. The Arrow of a Sleeping Heart (feat. Samyel) (2019)
13. The Ballad of Essential Difference (2013)

Blake’s Fortune ‘Redwood Heart’ Out Now

Following on from the debut single from sophomore album ‘Searcher Dreamer’, Irish folk artist Blake’s Fortune returns with laid back, upbeat single ‘Redwood Heart’ out on May 1st and featuring backing vocals by Ailbhe Reddy.

Blake’s Fortune is the work of Irish songwriter and musician John Lennon who hails from Dublin. He previously recorded and toured with Pina Kollars, an Austrian-born folk rock singer, when they were signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. 

His debut album ‘Hello World’ was self released in 2017 and garnered positive reviews. His style could be described at alternative folk, and he draws influence from the like of The Divine Comedy, The Magnetic Fields, Fred Neil and BECK.

2020 has seen the release of ‘Searcher’ the debut track from his forthcoming album ‘Searcher Dreamer’ featuring the wonderful backing vocal of Ailbhe Reddy throughout the album. ‘Searcher’ went on to receive a great response, with Hot Press premiering the track and radio support from 2FM, KCLR, 2XM, and more Irish regional stations, as well as John Kennedy making ‘Searcher’ his X-Posure ‘Hot One’ for Radio X in the UK on St. Patricks Day.

Now we see the release of the second track from ‘Searcher Dreamer’, the laid back ‘Redwood Heart’ has a sunny road trip vibe to it Now we see the release of the second track from ‘Searcher Dreamer’, the laid back ‘Redwood Heart’ which has a sunny road trip vibe to it, much in keeping with his first album, ‘Hello World’.

“In comparison to ‘Hello World’s’ coastal theme, ‘Searcher Dreamer’ takes a more inland approach and is a more earthy and ethereal affair. A tale of feeling lost, finding love, losing love, and trying desperately to find hope from within a seemingly hopeless situation. Sonically it’s got a rather old-fashioned sound, due to the vintage gear that was used in the recording. It gives the whole album a rootsy vibe. As for the recording process itself, it was an organic one. Each musician made full use of their artistic freedom, so the songs took on a life of their own”   Blake’s Fortune

The pending second album from Blake’s Fortune, ‘Searcher Dreamer’ was recorded over a week by producer Darragh Nolan in Asta Kalapa Studio’s in Wexford. 

Ailbhe Reddy’s stunning backing vocals feature on all 10 tracks. Blake’s Fortune is also supported on bass, guitar and drums by brothers Lorcan and Cillian Byrne of Basciville fame.

Twitter  Instagram  Facebook  Spotify  YouTube

Blake’s Fortune Website

Brian Manning

Emma Langford Shares ‘Mariana’ with Proceeds Going to Safe Ireland

‘Mariana,’ the latest release from Limerick singer-songwriter Emma Langford, is an uplifting, comforting song, taken from her forthcoming album ‘Sowing Acorns’ due out this September.

In the lyrics to Mariana, I tell someone I love just how much I admire and look up to her. I tell her that her kindness is witnessed more than she knows.

I tell her that I truly believe that when she doesn’t have the strength she needs to pull through on her own, that she does have the strength she needs to ask others for help.

I tell her that although I might not be the person she turns to, there are so many others that love her, that she can lean on, and she needs to believe that; I want her to understand that in her actions and her words she moves people, and that she is a beacon of hope to others.”  

“Mariana, listen to me…”

Speaking about how this song came to form, Emma says: “I wrote the words to Mariana in 2012, after 5 months living and working in Argentina. Its namesake was a friend and mentor I had met on my travels, but it was intended as a letter of sorts to a number of women who had touched and inspired me. I recorded it as a voice note, and then I put it away on the shelf.

The song eventually resurfaced in my memories; it had taken on new significance for me; I first played it in 2018 at a memorial event in my hometown of Limerick for Emma Mhic Mhathúna who was one of the women at the centre of the cervical check scandal.”

In 2019, Emma brought ‘Mariana’ in its simplest form to the Grammy nominated duo Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy in The Production Suite, Dublin, and they worked their magic, charting a euphoric string section played beautifully by Lucia MacPartlin, Maria Ryan, and Alec Brown.

As her forthcoming album ‘Sowing Acorns’ was being pieced together, Emma made the decision each track would be a series of dedications, with a strong focus on the women in her life. Mariana is dedicated to the memory of Angeles Ito and LesleyAnne Liddane; “two women who were dazzling streaks of colour in a grey world, who cared deeply about others, and who would have urged me to find the joy in everything, to push on, to keep going.”

The song will be available to buy/stream on Bandcamp Friday the 1st of May, and all profits from its sale will go to Safe Ireland‘s Covid Emergency Fund. Safe Ireland is a nationwide network of 38 local shelters and agencies including Clare Haven and Adapt in Limerick.

The music video for Mariana will be premiered via Emma’s Facebook Live concert, tonight [FRIDAY 1st MAY], at 7pm.

Twitter: @ELangfordMusic
Listen to Emma’s Music on Spotify

Kodaline Unveil Album Details and New Single

Kodaline’s recent tracks ‘Wherever You Are’ and‘Sometimes’ have shown that the band’s huge following is as strong as ever. The two songs have quickly amassed 15 million streams at Spotify alongside 7.5 million views at YouTube. The band add to that flying momentum with the news that their new album ‘One Day At A Time’ will be released on June 12th. Its launch is boosted by the release of the new single ‘Saving Grace’.

‘Saving Grace’ is an anthemic expression of optimism and vulnerability, with Steve Garrigan’s soulful topline complemented by the band’s uplifting choral vocal harmonies.

Kodaline commented, “‘Saving Grace’ is a song about that special person in your life that is there for you no matter what. It’s a song that means a lot to all of us, as we all rely on people in our personal lives to be there and support us though the high and lows of our career.”

‘One Day At A Time’ is the band’s fourth album, and adds a new chapter to a career that has already encompassed three #1 albums in Ireland, two Top 5 albums in the UK, and more than a billion streams at Spotify.

Kodaline approached the album with a streamlined process that took them back to their roots. The majority of the sessions revolved around the four band members alone in their modest recording space in Dublin, with bassist Jason Boland leading the production side of things.

The band’s primary objective was to focus on the emotion that has informed many Kodaline fan favourites. As we’ve seen from the two recent singles, they’re playing to their strengths: insistent melodies and captivating hooks exploring stories that are revealing, unguarded and immediately relatable.

In addition to ‘Saving Grace’, the album’s highlights include ‘Spend It With You’, the tale of a couple who vow to stay together as the world hurtles towards its final apocalypse; a beautiful celebration of the ups and downs of relationships in ‘Care’; and the concluding arena-scaled drama of ‘In The End’.

‘Saving Grace’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Wherever You Are’ are all provided as instant downloads for fans who pre-order the album from Here / It’s also available to pre-save / pre-add at Spotify and Apple Music.

‘One Day At A Time’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Wherever You Are’
  2. ‘Sometimes’
  3. ‘Saving Grace’
  4. ‘Say Something’
  5. ‘The Evening’   
  6. ‘Spend It With You’
  7. ‘Care’
  8. ‘Heart Open’  
  9. ‘Everyone Changes’  
  10. ‘In The End’

Official website
Apple Music

New Music from Eimear Quinn

Eimear Quinn has just released her latest single ‘The Watchman’ with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. “One thing that is certain is that music and radio are keeping a lot of us sane. I want to contribute this new song into the mix at this time, from my forthcoming album with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra (ÉRIU – out May 29th)

It’s about strength and resilience in the face of a huge and unexpected challenge, and how, despite the terrifying force of nature, we can trust that there is a benevolence at work. We can trust that it will be okay.

It’s called ‘The Watchman’, with powerful words of hope and solidarity by Brendan Graham (writer of ‘You Raise Me Up’).

I found it very moving to compose the music to accompany it. ⁣The power and beauty of our RTÉ CO brings a depth to the song’s message “no more shall I be afraid”. ⁣

It is my sincere wish that this music can help to reassure you, and to ease your fears.”

⁣Eimear on www:
Eimear on Instagram:
Eimear on Facebook:
Eimear on Twitter:

Naked Animals Share Debut Single

Naked Animals are currently releasing their first ever single “My Deepest Funk” which will be on all online stores by the 30th April. Recorded in Cork by producer 1000 Beasts aka Cian Sweeney, the song combines Pop/Funk elements with a slick modern sound. 

The Cork band consists of Ben Bickerdike on vocals, Fionn O’Neill on vocals/guitar, Mattie Barker on lead guitar, Ben Janning on bass and Cian O’ Sullivan on drums and although the band is in its infancy the members have been playing together for near a decade performing at some of Ireland and Europe’s biggest festivals.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Prince, Talking Heads and Republic of Loose the band are known for their high-octane and gripping stage show. Blending a vibrant mix of energy and musicianship with well-crafted songs Naked Animals are a finely oiled Pop/Funk machine who were born to entertain. 

Their single ‘My Deepest Funk’ although upbeat in its sound deals with quite dark issues. So although the band strive to make you move they equally strive to make you think.

“Seriously funky! The kind of band made for outdoors on a sunny Sunday afternoon.” – Jackie Hayden (Hotpress)

“Keepin’ the funk alive!” – Bootsy Collins (James Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic)

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