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New Music from Mike Roche

Growing up, Mike Roche came from a very musical family. His late Grandad Charlie O’Keeney was heavily involved in music from playing fiddle and keys with his band ‘The Silver Wings’. Having never taken music lessons as a child, he began to teach himself the piano following his grandfather’s death in 2016. His interest in music grew from there, and he slowly taught himself the guitar, mandolin and the bass guitar in a busy three year period.

‘Rewind Time’ is produced by Dave Skelton (Faraway Martin, RACHEL, Rofi James) and mastered by Aidan Foley of Masterlabs (Denise Chaila, U2, Thin Lizzy)

Releasing his 3rd single off his debut EP which is set for release summer 2021. ‘Rewind Time is a very deep, emotional song written in honor of Roche’s late grandmother. ‘Rewind Time’ incorporates touching lyrics driven by a heartfelt musical composition.

While it’s a very personal song. I want the listeners to remember the loved ones in their lives that they have lost when they hear ‘Rewind Time’ and think of the good memories you had with them. One of the themes I explore in this song is the pain that comes with losing a loved one and it’s terrible that we have to experience that pain but, we are also lucky in a way that we get to because of them. Where would we be without the people closest to us in our life. They make us who we are today. And we owe it to them to carry their name and memories on and to become everything good that we loved them for. Music is just my way of doing that.”

New single from Enda Gallery ‘Super Raw’

Enda Gallery is an artist with a real purpose, and that is to create beautiful and liberating art. He takes influence from genre-defying artists such as Frank Ocean and Prince – mixed with the deep sincerity of Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys, and even Freddie Mercury.

Through this sense of creative deliverance, we hear his truest realisations and experiences with his new single ‘Super Raw’. Marinated in flavours of soul, hip hop, techno, and gospel, we are left with songs which peel back the layers of self-incrimination and personal disenfranchisement.

‘Super Raw’ is the first single of Enda Gallery’s upcoming ‘Summer’ EP.

Speaking about the song, Enda says:

“’Super Raw’ is a cry from that all-consuming love that devours you and all your peace in the flames of passion. A love that is both total and totally indescribable. So intense is the state that you feel a total chasm between you and your beloved. A love so intense you could not even speak of it and every moment became an epoch, every movement, every potential signal a great epoch. From that state comes the longing: “If I could just think of what to say you wouldn’t push me away, you’d bring me closer.””

‘Super Raw’ by Enda Gallery is available on all digital platforms now:

Twitter: / @endagallery





Apple Music:

YouTube Music:

NewDad. Announce an Irish National Tour for 2021

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Waves’ via Fair Youth Records NewDad announce a National Tour for November 2021. Taking place in Belfast, Galway and Dublin, tickets are available now from and Ticketmaster.

4-piece alternative rock band, NewDad, emerged from Galway at the beginning of last year, self-releasing their first string of tracks ‘How’, ‘Swimming’ and ‘Cry’. Since then they have been streamed nearly two million times on Spotify alone. Previous singles ‘Blue’, ‘I Don’t Recognise You’ and ‘Slowly’ have all been added to the A list at BBC 6 Music, where the band did a session for Steve Lamacq before Christmas. Further support has come from Annie Mac on her Radio 1 Future Sounds show, Jack Saunders, who interviewed the band on his BBC Radio 1 Show, Matt Wilkinson at Apple Music, as well as NME, DIY, Dork, Clash, Dummy, The Forty Five, Music Week, So Young, Rodeo, Far Out Magazine, Disco Naivete, Nialler 9, Happy People and more.

Each member of the NewDad has put together ever-evolving Spotify playlists of tracks they love and are inspired by.

NewDad. are:

Julie Dawson: SPOTIFY

Áindle O’Beirn: SPOTIFY

Sean O’Dowd: SPOTIFY

Fiachra Parslow: SPOTIFY

8th November – Ulster Sports Club, Belfast
10th November – Roisin Dubh, Galway
11th November – The Workman’s Club, Dublin
Tickets €13.00 on sale now from and

Wild Youth Reveal Sophomore EP

Rounding off the success of an impressive string of singles, pop connoisseurs Wild Youth reveal their much-anticipated sophomore EP ‘Forever Girl’.

With this spellbinding and unpredictable catalogue of six tracks, ‘Forever Girl’ highlights Wild Youth’s determination to not be labelled as your average pop group, showcasing a collective diversity and boldness when it comes to sonic risk taking. Though spanning in style and execution, from the flirtatious ‘Champagne Butterflies’ to the abrasive powerhouse anthem ‘Can’t Say No’, one thing consistently remains across ‘Forever Girl’: their ability to craft credible music and exhilarating choruses calling for ‘out of body’ experiences, whilst simultaneously maintaining their homegrown, humble values.

With two refreshing new tracks – the buoyant pop stylings of ‘Weekend Rockstars’ and ‘Wasted Without You’ – joining the thrilling singles ‘Next To You’, ‘Through The Phone’, ‘Champagne Butterflies’ and ‘Can’t Say No’, ‘Forever Girl’ follows widespread tastemaker approval from the likes of WONDERLAND, THE INDEPENDENT IE, POPJUSTICE, OFFICIAL CHARTS, EUPHORIA MAG, HOT PRESS, WHEN THE HORN BLOWS and ATWOOD MAGAZINE amongst extensive editorial blog hype.

A constant mainstay on airwaves and music charts since their debut in 2017, Wild Youth’s burgeoning international appeal has seen them become an equally present force across streaming platforms through their ‘Forever Girl’ singles. With well over 10M streams on Spotify alone to their name, Wild Youth have been landing multiple New Music Friday placements on Spotify, alongside becoming the face of their New Pop UK playlist twice amongst vital placements across key editorial playlists including The Pop List, New Pop Revolution, Happy Pop Hits, Fresh Pop, The Pop Lounge and Songs That Carried Us Through 2020. Apple Music have supported Wild Youth via A-List Pop, Breaking Pop and Alt Pop placements in addition to landing Pop Fresh on Deezer and The Best New Music on Shazam.

With the support of their loyal and ever-growing fanbase who remain thirsty for their signature catchy choruses, David Whelan, Conor O’Donohoe, Ed Porter and Callum McAdam’s unapologetic creativity has seen them tour alongside household names like Mumford and Sons, The Script and Niall Horan.

Arriving as the cherry on top of a hugely successful year thus far, Wild Youth’s ‘Forever Girl’ EP encapsulates the heartfelt, joyous nature of the band and acts as a significant milestone in the band’s journey towards inevitable global domination.



Emiji Releases Debut Album ‘My Journeys’

Ambient, neo-classical producer/composer Emiji releases his thought-provoking debut album ‘My Journeys’ on March 26th 2021. 

Originally from Poland, Emiji, A.K.A Marcin Ciszczon is co-founder of one of Ireland’s most successful independent production houses, Diffusion Lab. He has spent nearly a decade working with some of Ireland’s most exciting musical talents in his role of producer, composer and engineer. During this time, he has worked with artists such as Jafaris, Nealo, Soulé, DAY_S, FLYNN and Mango X Mathman to name a few.

‘My Journeys’ is a moving cinematic overture that examines the depths of the human psyche and the ways through which we can best understand the world around us. It considers the profound themes of mental health, the healing power of nature and the benefits of holistic medicines; touching on aspects of pain, nature, uncertainty, darkness and the depth of wounds felt in childhood. Emiji used such moments as a medium through which to deeply explore the inner-workings of the human spirit, in the hopes of encouraging others to try to understand their own potential. 

Emiji considers music, among other things, as having the potential to have a hugely positive effect on people’s lives, including their mental health, and thus designed the album as a  soundscape intended for use as part of meditation, breathwork or progressive relaxation exercises “It’s about encouragement to move on, step up, learn and integrate new things into one’s life.” Emiji explains of the purpose of his work, “to listen to what mother nature has to say. To simply stop running from self and stop distracting one with all the things you don’t need.” 

‘My Journeys’ is minimal in instrumentation, relying mostly on a unique blend of complex synths while simultaneously touching on folk, classical and contemporary influences. The album creates a world in which the listener feels safe to open up, as they are ushered on a journey from self-doubt and uncertainty to a place of great inner peace. The album opens with the peaceful ‘Joy’, followed by the reflective ‘Larimar’ and ‘Dawning’. Love and self-worth come to the fore in tracks such as ‘Affection’, while the darker side of mental health or our minds are embraced on the likes of ‘Helpless’ and ‘Wounded Child’. Childhood memories take centre stage on the penultimate track ‘Parks and Alleys’, featuring accompaniment from the renowned NCH Gamelan Orchestra, before the album comes to a fitting close with ‘Relief’ to completing the journey of finding inner acceptance. 

The album creates a world around which the listener feels safe to open up, with Emiji’s compelling use of space within these tracks lending themselves to a reflective tone. 

The album was preceded by its lead single ‘Larimar’, featuring Dublin folk/pop duo Hvmmingbyrd, a track exploring the dichotomy of light and examining the importance of understanding one’s turmoil on the road to inner-peace and serenity.  Emiji released his second single ‘Unspoken’ in February featuring vocalist Sandra Maria which, in line with the album’s ethos, examines the vulnerability and bliss of feeling unconditional love and the wisdom and beauty of nature.

Both singles have achieved media acclaim from publications such as Nialler9, Hot Press, The Thin Air, the Journal of Music and DeMars Magazine. In radio, Emiji has seen support from Dan Hegarty on RTÉ 2FM as well as stations such as, Dublin City FM, RTÉ 2XM, KCLR 96FM, 8Radio, Northern Sound, NearFM, West Limerick 102FM, FlirtFM and PLAYIRISH.

Known for his stunning photography, Emiji is set to release a series of aerial photographs that were inspired by the album. As the music urges listeners to view the world through a more naturalist lens, this series see’s familiar landmarks transfigured through a unique and often inaccessible viewpoint. These limited edition prints will be available via his Bandcamp

‘My Journeys’ is a beautiful, touching testament to the importance of striving to be one’s best self, embracing nature, encouraging change and showing courage to take the first step on a voyage of self-discovery. It’s a soundtrack of progress and a hymn to humanity, as Emiji earmarks himself as an artist unafraid to question both himself and the world around him and willing to stretch the limits of creativity in an effort to best understand some of life’s most timeless themes.

In celebration of the album’s release, Emiji is holding an interactive album listening party via Facebook in which he will play tracks from the album, discuss its inspiration and influences, and host a live mediation for all in attendance. This is scheduled to take place on Sunday March 28th, at 9pm. 

Listen/Stream/Buy: ‘My Journeys’

New Music Announced from Paul McDonnell

Hey Cinderella’ is the new single by Dublin artist and songwriter Paul McDonnell. A respected songwriter and performer, Paul has toured with Celtic Woman and has had 15 of his songs recorded by major label artists including Leah Mc Fall (The Voice UK- signed by, Tommy Fleming (10 songs via Universal UK) and traditional Irish luminaries De Danann.

‘Hey Cinderalla’ was written by Paul in April 2020 and recorded in Cellar Club Studios, Northern Ireland. Produced by longtime collaborator Dave Molloy and mining influences of Jack Johnson and John Mayer, Paul describes the song as a funny reflection on a love that could never be “If I had a superpower it would be falling for women who aren’t available.” The lyrics tell the story in a tongue in cheek way “Hey Cinderella, how’s your fella? When you gonna say goodbye. To that old Prince or frog, give this old dog a try.”

‘Hey Cinderella’ is the first new material released by Paul since his 3rd solo album ‘A Sweeter Confusion’ which gained glowing reviews from The Irish Mail on Sunday and Hot Press in 2016. A sublime live performance on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk received huge reaction from listeners, leading Pat Kenny to enthuse that Paul’s music is “Lyrically very clever & musically beautiful.” The album was ‘Album Of The Week’ on Ocean FM and received great support from RTE Radio One, Newstalk, BBC Ulster, WLR FM, Galway Bay, Tipp FM, KFM, Beat FM, RnaG, Shannonside, Highlands, Midlands Radio and others.

Paul McDonnell first came to prominence as the singer and main songwriter for Cellar Club – a collective of musicians who released several recordings together and were described as “a mix of Steve Winwood and Steely Dan”. Paul went on to join De Danann as lead vocalist and guitarist. Since then, he has written in the songwriting epicenter of Nashville and had his songs placed in films, on TV and used in advertising campaigns internationally. He co-wrote the theme song ‘Be All You Can Be’ for the 2014 US movie ’37 A Final Promise’. Paul is the only double winner of the IMRO Christie Hennessy Song Contest, beating over 400 artists to the top prize in 2011 and 2014.

‘Hey Cinderella’ is released 16th April.

Greenshine Release New Single Following Online Response

Very recently we put up a little homemade video of ‘Major Rift’ on Facebook and the response was astounding – thousands of views, hundreds of wonderful comments and many shares far and wide). So much so that we felt compelled to release the song as a single.” – Greenshine

Sometimes sitting on the fence in a neutral position is the best option when all around is dissension. These are difficult times, no doubt about it, that’s putting it mildly and people are understandably worried and fearful. If ever there was a time to pull together, this is it. Kindness is the default setting of the vast majority of the people of the world and ‘Major Rift’ is a plea for kindness and a steady hand at this difficult time. This planet and the people on it are a “Precious Glowing Gift” and we’ll do better pulling together than pulling apart. Ní neart go chur le cheile.

Sun Collective Release ‘Wild’ Features Lisa Hannigan & I Have a Tribe

‘Wild’ is the new single from Dublin-based group Sun Collective, featuring contributions from renowned vocalist Lisa Hannigan & Patrick O’Laoghaire of I Have a Tribe. Produced by Ross Turner (Lisa Hannigan, Villagers), recorded by Ber Quinn (John Grant, Divine Comedy), with accompanying film by award winning director / writer and VFX specialist, Kevin Cahill (VFX – Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland).

‘Wild’ is the first of three singles being released in conjunction with the their appearance on the award-winning and internationally acclaimed series, Other Voices, April  15th on RTÉ 2 television.

Frontman of the group, Caimin Gilmore, says ‘I wanted to let go of the usual songwriting patterns I utilise  when I was making ‘Wild’. In that regard, I relinquished control to Patrick O’Laoghaire (I Have a Tribe), to arrange & steer the ship through his piano arrangements. I have played Lisa’s music for a number of year’s. As is her nature, she always generously offered to work on mine. ‘Wild’ & the upcoming single, ‘New Light’, were immediate fits when I thought of her voice within the context of our music. I am so humbled & grateful that she lent her unbelievably beautiful & unique voice to the project. Like everything she does, it lifted the songs to a level beyond what I could have imagined for them. The video was a collaborative brainstorm between myself and Kev Cahill. He distorted background credits & rendered characters from out of copyright films to create the vibrant primary colours & striking characters; made them dance & animated the subject matter of the song… I have a little cameo as well.’

Upcoming singles:

  • ‘Wild’ – available on all streaming platforms from March 25th 2021
  • ‘New Light’, feat Lisa Hannigan. Bespoke artwork commission from visual artist Sophie Gough. Releasing April 6th.
  • ‘Ogham Scars’, feat Gemma Doherty (Saint Sister). Bespoke artwork from visual artist John Noel Smith & live video from Other Voices set. Releasing April 15th.

Sun Collective’s densely orchestrated chamber-folk draws on pop, folk and contemporary classical music. Led by songwriter and double bassist Caimin Gilmore, a member of Lisa Hannigan’s band & internationally acclaimed / virtuoso new music groups, Crash Ensemble & s t a r g a z e. He has performed with Damon Albarn for his project ‘The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows’, Aaron Dessner (The National), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Zach Condon (Beirut), & recorded on numerous releases including the opening track of Leonard Cohen’s posthumous Grammy nominated album, ‘Thanks for the Dance’.

Band members include Patrick O’Laoghaire (I Have a Tribe), Kevin Corcoran (Villagers), Dominic Mullan (Mary Coughlan) and Oisín Walsh Peelo (O Deer). 

They made their Australian debut at the Woodford Folk Festival in January 2019, followed by a 6 date Australian tour. In February ‘19, they performed alongside I Have a Tribe on an intimate Homebeat tour throughout Ireland. In 2018, they performed and collaborated at the P-E-O-P-L-E Festival, alongside Stargaze, Lisa Hannigan, Big Red Machine, Adam Cohen, Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Beirut. 

The band released ‘MOVE \\ R E  M    O    V   E’  EP in August ’20 (Stream here). Featuring contributions from contemporary classical composers, Nick Roth, Sam Perkin, and David Six, with specifically commissioned visuals/videos from Myles O’Reilly for ‘Swallow’ and it’s lead track, ‘Roots’, which was placed on Spotify’s ‘Stress Buster’ playlist and now has 155K streams on Spotify. The release was met with broad critical acclaim.

They released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2017. (Stream HERE)

Support on Bandcamp:
Stream on Spotify:

Website ::

Facebook ::

Twitter ::

Instagram ::

Those Nervous Animals Unveil ‘The Mission Sessions’

Today Friday, 26th March, The Mission Sessions (Those Nervous Animals) is released on vinyl, and digital platforms.

The album features ten songs, half of which are fresh recordings. The others date from various stages in the band’s lengthy career. The album is structured to run as a continuous listening experience; Lauren Murphy (Irish Times): “there is a cohesion and sense of unity that ties it together and signifies a band still in fine fettle”.

Lockdown #1 in March 2020 marked the first new recording work on The Mission Sessions. The band confronted issues of immediate and geographical distance; contributors were based in Sligo, Leitrim and Meath, and one collaborator was resident in New York. Online tools like WeTransfer and Zoom were put to good use. The first recording was a brand-new arrangement of a fan favourite. ‘The Hypnotist’ originated in gigs and jam sessions, as it evolved and changed the tune was never played the same two nights running. It perhaps best represents the Animals live sound, funky, unpredictable and with a singalong chorus. In re-creating the track, they used a bootleg of a live gig in the Strand Bar, Strandhill from 2014 for reference. They then recorded individual parts, including Barry’s vocal, Eddie on bass, Padraig on rhythm guitar and longstanding contributor Seamie McGowan making his customary mischief on guitar synth. Gerry Leonard (ex-David Bowie band) added guitar and mixed the track in New York.

Some of the other songs were mixed by the band. ‘The Mission Sessions’ features fresh versions of older songs such as ‘Clubs’, ‘Rocket Ship’ and Barry and Susan duetting on ‘He Can’t Resist A Mystery’, a melody which first appeared on a now-lost demo mixed by Nicky Ryan (Enya) in the late 1980’s. Nichola MacEvilly (vocals) and Gerry Leonard (guitar, editing, mixing) also feature on this song.  Philip Begley, long-time TNA sound engineer, mixed a new version of ‘Insomnia’. It features Luke Devaney on keyboards and Barry and Eddie; the sparse and lyrical ‘Insomnia’ was the opening song for many TNA gigs in the mid to late 1980’s. The original arrangement is by Bill Whelan (Riverdance composer) who produced some of the best-known hits of Those Nervous Animals in the 1980’s, including ‘The Business Enterprise (My Friend John)’ and ‘Just What the Sucker Wanted’, remastered artfully here by David Glasser.

Among the remastered material is ‘The Polar Bear’ (2003), which features the voice of Paddy Cox, CIE announcer and conductor on the Sligo rail line. Pianist and producer Trevor Knight (Auto Da Fe, The Devil’s Spine Band), took the train to Sligo for the recording session and used his portable recorder to capture Paddy’s voice. The singalong character of Paddy’s delivery meant he fitted neatly to the groove of the track; “arrivin’ at Sligo station, last stop…” Paddy (RIP) was well-known for his wit and sartorial style – he always wore a red carnation in his lapel. ‘Bird’ is a song from the same era about the boxer Muhammad Ali for which Susan Rowland takes the lead vocal, produced by Trevor Knight.

Perhaps the last word should go to Tony Clayton Lea of The Irish Times. Of Bird, he writes; “…a more recent, quite splendid song, conjures up an altogether serene sonic template of what might come next…

‘The Mission Sessions’ album is available to order via Those Nervous Animals website or Dublin Vinyl website. It is also available for download from all streaming or downloadable platforms.


Strawman & the Jackdaws’ Release New Single ‘Knock On Wood’

Strawman & the Jackdaws is a Dublin based musical project consisting of singer-songwriter Riccardo Ranzani, drummer Michael Reolon, guitarist Jacopo Stofler and keyboardist and saxophonist Rory Fleming. The anticipated debut EP ‘FOX’ was released on 22nd of January 2021, containing the well-known singles ‘Precious Star’, ‘Swallow’ and ‘Field of Wonders’. The guys now follow those fan favourites with the stirring EP closing track, ‘Knock On Wood’.

‘FOX’ is a bold opening statement from the band, highly representative of their eclectic nature, a constant within the EP tracks. This eclecticism is always harmonized by joyful and playful tones, even though accompanied by profound metaphors and imaginaries. Distant from simplicity and banality, the band’s first EP’s outcome is a set of tracks that are simple to catch and interiorize because of the intense collaboration between the musicians. The EP explores the meanings of the concept and the experience of traveling, driven from the belief that no matter the effort it takes, there will always be something to rely on and have faith in, a symbolic light emerging from shadows.

It was recorded at Flaked Studio with Adam Redmond and at Terzo Mondo Studio with Giampaolo Rossi and mastered by Robin Schmidt.

Ranging  over energetic, folkie lines, engaging  indie-pop melodies, and distorted riffs, the band’s strength resides in their Live shows and in their ability to entertain the crowd. After performing on Irish, English and Italian stages, the band is already booked for shows and festivals around Europe and Russia in 2021.

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