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Irish Music Industry Podcast Back With A Bang

Providing a vital insight into the music industry featuring Ireland’s top music industry professionals.

Series 2 of The Irish Music Industry Podcast has launched providing a vital insight into the music industry. Produced by Mark G of King Kong Company, The Irish Music Industry Podcast is a must listen for both people who want to break into the industry and seasoned professionals who want to learn more about other areas of the music sector.

Check out the latest episodes here:

Putting Your Body and Soul on the Line –

Nothing Splendid About Isolation –

The first series of the podcast was hugely successful, occasionally hitting the top spot on the Irish Podcast Charts. Series two seeks to build on that, seeking out professionals from a multitude of disciplines to offer some advice and discuss how they carve out their own space within the sector. Each episode of The Irish Music Industry Podcast will see Mark G interviewing some of Ireland’s top music industry professionals, as they pick apart the mechanism of the Irish music sector in an effort to understand what makes it tick. From well-worn road warriors to eager newbies, all stories, advice, wisdom and occasional tales of woe come straight from the horse’s mouth.

The first handful of episodes are available now and feature top music professionals John Spillane (singer songwriter), Leo Abrahams (musician/producer for Brian Eno, Paul Simon and David Byrne) Alex Gough (songwriter/performer), Eleanor McEvoy (singer/songwriter and Chair of IMRO), Avril Stanley (Director of Body&Soul), Tara Thomas (gig photographer) and Jim Fielder (bass player with Blood Sweat and Tears/Frank Zappa/Jefferson Airplane. Jim played at Woodstock).  

Speaking about the podcast Mark G said: “The success that series one enjoyed was more shocking to me than anyone else. I thought there would a very niche audience for this.  Already, just a short way into series two, we’ve been topping the Irish podcast charts. It seems that there are more people than I imagined interested in sussing out what goes on behind and around music in Ireland today, and the guests I’m talking to are really getting’ stuck in to it”.

The spark that lit the touchpaper on this podcast came from Mark’s experience within third level education and from working within the music sector itself. “There was a slow burning realisation that many prospective music industry professionals aren’t privy to a full and frank picture of what to expect from their chosen career”. Given where the industry stands right now, having a resource where professionals can share information, advice and proactive pointers is invaluable. In one recent episode The Mary Wallopers shared how they successfully streamed a Paddy’s Day gig to thousands of people, raising some much needed funds for themselves. Drummer Johnny Daly talked about signing on for the first time to avail of the Covid-19 emergency payment. John Spillane and Síomha discussed successful crowd funding campaigns that saw them raising thousands of euros to fund their next albums. All of those positive and proactive solutions were in just one episode. Imagine what’s in a whole series?

The first episodes of series two of The Irish Music Industry Podcasts are available now on iTunes, Android and the usual digital sources or you can visit to download/stream the podcasts. The Irish Music Industry Podcast is supported by IMRO.

Culture Ireland and FACEBOOK Ireland announces details of Ireland Performs

The COVID-19 crisis has rapidly changed how artists present their work and reach audiences.  As artists have largely turned to online presentation, FACEBOOK Ireland with Culture Ireland, Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht have come together to support and present live presentations by Irish artists (in English or Irish) to ensure that the arts continue to be enjoyed online – #IrelandPerforms.

The scheme was announced today (Friday 3 April) by Josepha Madigan, T.D., Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

This grant scheme to support professional artists and enable the live presentation of their work on online platforms is being made available from 3 April for an initial period of 4 weeks. Funding of €100,000 is being made available on a match funded basis by FACEBOOK Ireland and Culture Ireland, a division of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. All successful artists will be awarded €1,000. The scheme will be managed by Culture Ireland in conjunction with First Music Contact and Poetry Ireland in association with RTÉ.

Full details of the scheme are available here and an application form is available here

Application forms should be forwarded to ei.vog.dnalerierutluc@sesacwohs

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and while the scheme is open to all, special consideration will be given to artists whose work was scheduled for public presentation internationally or in Ireland and has been cancelled owing to the crisis.

Artists will be streamed through FACEBOOK Live and other social media platforms using the hashtag #IrelandPerforms and distributed as widely as possible through Instagram and Facebook Pages, including those of Culture Ireland, Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, First Music Contact and Poetry Ireland.

GESAC calls on European decision-makers to take urgent action

European culture and European creators are facing unprecedented negative impacts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creators who rely on the public performance of their work have seen present and future earnings wiped out as lockdowns take their toll on the economy. Alongside the closure of bars, clubs and other venues, the cancellation of events like concerts and festivals has worsened the situation for those whose livelihoods depend on performance and royalty revenues.

To further exacerbate matters, the production of many films, series and other cultural projects has been postponed or stopped altogether, meaning creators may face economic hardship well into 2021.

The precarious work arrangements of creators makes them particularly vulnerable to economic downturn. Unable to benefit from the safety net afforded by larger companies, dedicated funds on offer for small and medium-sized enterprises or unemployment payments for employees, creators are at risk of being forgotten.

As organisations made by creators for creators, collective management organisations (CMOs) are providing assistance beyond the professional, helping creators who have been deeply affected on a personal level by this crisis.

The 33 GESAC member societies are taking action to help their members; providing emergency funds, loans and advance payments. They are also adapting their social and cultural funds – dedicated parts of their revenue used for cultural and social purposes – to address the urgent problems facing music authors, composers and editors.

However, much broader and more sustainable European initiatives must be implemented by the EU institutions and national governments to support the entire sector. A strong and united European response that pays homage to the very foundations of the Union and its core values is needed.
The creative community, of which GESAC represents over 1 million creators, recommends that:

• The Commission specifically mentions the importance of supporting the cultural sector when providing funds to Member States and makes sure that the precarious situation of creators is taken into account in its policy regarding COVID-19;

• Member States make sure that part of the emergency funds provided by the EU is available to creators and the cultural sector;

• Co-legislators swiftly adopt the Multi-annual Financial Framework that sets the future funding for culture in Europe, with the necessary increase for our sectors, as proposed by the European Parliament.

The power of culture, music and art to connect people during difficult times has become ever more apparent on social media. Viral videos have shown how singing and performing together can provide whole neighbourhoods a brief respite from the situation, and bring people together at a time when they are being asked to remain apart.

Creators and the cultural sector are essential aspects of the European project; core to creating a “Europe united in diversity”. But this pandemic has shown just how fragile our ability to promote and perform cultural and creative acts can be.

GESAC, on behalf of the European community of creators, are asking that European policy-makers take swift and decisive action to protect European creativity and culture.

Customer Notice from the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) in relation to COVID-19

IMRO fully appreciates the very significant challenges that you, our customers are currently experiencing.  Whether you have closed your business or whether you are in a position to continue to deliver your service, we understand that the economic and financial landscape has completely changed over the last few weeks and is likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future.  We want to assure you that we are working hard to support you as much as we possibly can at this time of unprecedented uncertainty.  We have put in place a number of measures designed to reduce the financial burden you and your businesses are currently experiencing.  We have already communicated directly with many of you and based on that communication, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below that we hope will help you understand the measures we have put in place and how they will operate. 

Of course, if your question is not covered here, our Customer First team will be delighted to deal with your questions by e-mail or over the phone and they can be contacted using the details below. We will do our best to work with you as much as we possibly can through this extraordinarily difficult period for Irish business and Irish society.


My business is closed due to Covid-19. Will IMRO support me in terms of payments due to IMRO?

Any business that has been subject to a government enforced closure due to Covid-19 will not have to make any payment to IMRO until after 30 April 2020 at the earliest.  IMRO Has committed to a payment moratorium on all payments due to IMRO in April 2020 from business that have been subject to a government enforced closure.  This will be reviewed again before the end of April and a decision on May payments will be taken considering the circumstances at that time.  An update on the May position will be communicated to industry representative bodies and published on the IMRO website and on our social media platforms.

If you want to continue to make payments during this period, please contact our Customer First Team at ei.ORMI@tsrifremotsuc or 1800 66 10 10.

Any business which has voluntarily closed due to Covid-19 can contact IMRO directly for support with Direct Debit or Standing Order payments due to IMRO.  Please contact our Customer First Team at ei.ORMI@tsrifremotsuc or 1800 66 10 10 and our team will arrange a payment holiday until 30 April 2020.  This will be reviewed again before the end of April and a decision on May payments will be taken considering the circumstances at that time.  An update on the May position will be communicated to industry representative bodies and published on the IMRO website and on our social media platforms.

Our credit control team is not currently seeking payment from customers that are not in paying by Direct Debit or Standing Order and therefore if you do not pay IMRO by either of these means, you do not have to contact IMRO regarding payment.

IMRO would request that you do not cancel your direct debit and opt for the direct debit moratorium to reduce the administration burden on your business and IMRO when normal business resumes.    

Will I receive a credit note from IMRO if my business has been closed?

IMRO understands that customers are not using music while they’re premises are closed and wants to work with customers as much as possible during this period.  IMRO has committed to offering customers the following support in relation to invoices and credit notes:

  • Any business that has been subject to a government enforced closure due to Covid-19 will receive a credit note from the date of closure up to 30 April 2020 or until the date the enclosure order is lifted, should that be earlier than 30 April 2020.  The position will be reviewed again towards the end of April when a decision on May will be made considering circumstances at that time.
  • Any business that has voluntarily closed due to Covid-19 will receive a credit note from the date of closure up to 30 April 2020 or until the date the enclosure order is lifted, should that be earlier than 30 April 2020.  The position will be reviewed again towards the end of April when a decision on May will be made considering circumstances at that time.

If you have closed your business voluntarily, you will need to complete the Covid 19 closure declaration form to claim your credit note.

Credit notes are only available to customers whose premises which have closed due to Covid-19.



What is the Covid 19 closure declaration form?

The Covid 19 closure declaration form is an online form that will need to be completed by businesses that have closed voluntarily due to Covid 19 to claim a credit note.  This form is not yet available and will only be available to customers on the IMRO customer portal ( once the government enforced closures are lifted.  You will be required to submit the date your business closed and the date your business re-opened on this declaration form.

IMRO will notify industry representative bodies and update the IMRO website and social media platforms when this form is available.


What is the IMRO Customer Portal?

The IMRO Customer Portal is an online facility that allows customers to view their accounts, invoices and statements and can be accessed at most efficient way for you to receive your credit note is to have a customer account set up on the IMRO Customer Portal. 

We strongly recommend, to avoid delays in getting your credit note, that you register your account on the customer portal as soon as possible.

To register on the IMRO customer Portal, please contact our customer first team at ei.ormi@tsrifremotsuc or 1800 66 10 10.


When will my credit note be issued?

Your credit note will be issued after the government enforced closure orders have been lifted.  There will be some processing time required by IMRO considering the large volume of credit notes that will have to be processed.  We request that after you have submitted your Covid 19 closure declaration form that you are patient as we process all the credit notes.

We again want to stress the importance of registering your account on the IMRO Customer Portal so you can get your credit note as easily and quickly as possible. See Question 4 above for details on registering your account on the IMRO Customer Portal.


My account is due to renew in April or May. Will I receive my invoices as normal?

IMRO will not send any invoices to premises that are closed until after the government enforced closure orders have been lifted.

If you wish to receive your invoices as normal, please contact us by e-mail at ei.ormi@tsrifremotsuc or by phone at 1800 66 10 10.


I have already paid my account in full – Am I entitled to a refund?

If you qualify for a credit note, as outlined in a previous answer above, then a credit note will be issued to you at the same time as all credit notes are issued.  At that time, you can contact the Customer First team by e-mail at ei.ormi@tsrifremotsuc or by phone at 1800 66 10 10 to confirm if you want to receive a refund or if you want the credit amount offset against your next renewal invoice.

My business is still open, but I have less customers now due to Covid-19, can I get a credit note on my account?

Credit notes are only available to customers whose premises have closed due to Covid-19.

If you have any questions regarding your account that are not covered by the questions above, do not hesitate to contact IMRO’s Customer First Team who will be happy to help you.  The team can be contacted by e-mail at ei.ormi@tsrifremotsuc or by telephone at 1800 66 10 10.

Twitter: @IMROireland
Instagram: @imroireland

Screen Composers Guild of Ireland Announce Associate Membership Tier

The Screen Composers Guild of Ireland has just announced a new membership tier. This membership category is aimed at composers who are looking to enter the area of composing for screen and have not yet secured the professional criteria for full membership.

Associate membership entitles composers access to training and masterclass events as well as community resources. Associate members do not receive a directory page on the Guilds website.

Once the professional
criteria of two, contracted, credited, paid jobs is achieved associate members
will be entitled to apply for full membership.

To apply for associate membership download an application form here:

For more
information please visit

The Script Receive IMRO Award

The Script were recently presented with an IMRO Award, ahead of their first of two nights in Dublin’s 3Arena in recognition of their No.1 album ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’.

The IMRO Number 1 Award was introduced to acknowledge IMRO
members who reach number 1 in the album charts here in Ireland.

After 6
billion streams, 30 million single sales, 10.8 million album sales, over 12
million monthly Spotify listeners and 1.8 million ticket sales, Irish alt-pop
trio The Script embarked upon a new chapter with the November 2019 release of
their new album ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’.

returned with the emotive, stadium-bound first single ‘The Last Time’, ‘Sunsets &
Full Moons’  is the sound of The Script –
Danny O’Donoghue (vocals, piano, guitar), Mark Sheehan (vocals, guitars) and Glen
Power (drums) – focusing on the inclusive, uplifting songwriting that helped
them become an arena-filling band with a fervent fan base the world over.

In many
ways, ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’ feels like a sequel to The Script’s much-loved
debut album. Both albums emerged from emotionally turbulent times: O’Donoghue
lost his father around the time of the release of their debut. And ten years
later, he lost his mother as they worked on this album – with both his parents
passing on Valentine’s Day. Naturally the songs began to reflect the band’s own
personal experiences – and those are themes sure to resonate with their fans,

“I think it’s the most poignant record we’ve
ever made,”
O’Donoghue. “Our music was always about
being together with the audience, and writing about your own feelings, and
sharing them”.

The Script
approached the album reinvigorated following a triumphant tour in support of
2017’s #1 album ‘Freedom Child’. Again, echoing their early days, the band
embraced the unifying power of the simple things – killer hooks, insistent
melodies and stirring sentiments. They opted to produce the album themselves,
staying close to home at their unshowy space in Metropolis Studios, with help
from mixing master and old friend Mark ‘Spike’ Stent (Coldplay, Beyoncé, Frank
Ocean) plus Manny Marroquin (Post Malone, Lizzo, Dua Lipa) and Dan Frampton (AuRa, Maejor, Jack Savoretti).

“No frills, no production, just us playing as a
notes Sheehan.
“It’s us doing what we do best.”

overriding theme, concludes O’Donoghue, is simple. “No matter how deep and dark it gets, it’s going to be daylight
Exuding hope and positivity in the face of challenging times, The
Script’s sense of uplift as alive and vital as it ever was.

Official website
Apple Music

Peter Bardon Receives Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Irish Music Industry

The 2020
edition of RadioDays Ireland, a unique two-day conference for those working
within the Irish radio industry, took place in the Gibson Hotel on February 20th
and 21st.

To coincide with the conference, which is sponsored by IMRO, leading Irish music publisher, Peter Bardon was presented with an award from IMRO to mark his Outstanding Contribution to the Irish Music Industry. Director of Bardis Music and ex-Chair of the Board of MCPSI, Peter Bardon began his career as bass player with Irish ‘60s legends The Greenbeats. After a stint in showband and cabaret management, he moved to music publishing. Bardis Music was established in 1973 and its first copyright ‘Cross Your Heart’, written by Paul Lyttle and sung by Irish star Tina, represented Ireland in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England, where it finished 5th behind Abba’s ‘Waterloo’. Since that time Bardis Music has published many of Ireland’s most well-known songs including classics such as Liam Reilly’s ‘Summer In Dublin and ‘Flight Of Earls’, Patsy Cavanagh’s ‘Home To Donegal’, and John Duggan’s ‘Roads Of Kildare’ and ‘Rose Of Castlerea’, all of which have been covered by more than 20 different artists.

handles publishing for Niall Toner and Ronan Hardiman (composer of the Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flame music) among others. A
former shareholder in Lite FM (now Q102), in 2008 he placed Niall Toner’s ‘The
Reak Reek’, aka ‘The Dublin 2-Step’, in the video game Grand Theft Auto 4, with
sales in excess of $7 million, Bardis published the music from Albert Nobbs, including ‘Lay Your Head
Down’, composed by Brian Byrne and Glenn Close, and performed by Sinéad O’Connor
(nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes 2012). The Bardis roster
now includes country star Nathan Carter, Shane Sullivan and actor turned
musician, Patrick Bergin.

Hot Press’s Niall Stokes delivered an enlightening speech on the history of the broadcasting sector in Ireland, delving into 30 years of independent broadcasting right up to the present day and the current challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Red FM were also acknowledged at the event by IMRO, receiving an award to mark their ongoing support to music creators.

IMRO Introduces Concertify®, A New Technology to Ensure Faster Payments for Music Creators

The Concertify® platform makes the reporting of international live concert performances more efficient for music industry stakeholders.

IMRO has introduced new technology, Concertify® by Mind Your Rights Ltd., which will help songwriters, composers and music publishers to receive royalties faster after live music concerts.

For the past six months, IMRO,
along with other innovative affiliated societies has piloted Concertify®,
a digital platform created by Mind Your Rights Ltd, a leading Finnish
technology start-up company which specialises in the development of platforms
for efficient and transparent cross-border music rights management.

The introduction of Concertify®
will enhance IMRO’s international royalty administration services by ensuring
greater efficiencies, transparency and cost savings for its songwriter,
composer and publisher members worldwide.

Concertify® is a service and data
platform that makes international live event reporting and communications
faster, easier and more accurate. The platform simplifies data and the transfer
of data between stakeholders including artists, event organisers, copyright
societies, copyright owners and music publishers. The efficiencies gained
through Concertify® ultimately achieve faster foreign royalty collection.

Mind Your Rights Ltd., the
company behind Concertify®, aims to develop an efficient and transparent
cross-border copyright licensing ecosystem. Mind Your Rights´ story has stemmed
from a close co-operation with Teosto, a Finnish non-profit performance rights
organization, and has since worked closely with key industry organisations and
developed solutions on top of industry structures.

Speaking about the partnership, Sean Donegan, IMRO Commercial Director,
Media Licensing, said “IMRO is pleased to be working with
® to develop more
efficient ways to expedite the payment of live concert royalties. At IMRO, our
focus has always been on innovating to drive efficiencies for our members,
affiliates, and partners. Concertify
has the potential to become an essential tool in the advancement of live music
reporting, distribution and interaction within the entire royalty collection society

Roope Pajasmaa, chief executive, Mind Your Rights added, “We are excited to be working with IMRO,
alongside other societies, to take concert copyright management to a new level.
® offers societies
new digital toolsets, contributing to IMRO´s data-driven and digitally
innovative approach to rights management. Concertify
®, when adopted by the industry, will allow all key information related
to live concert copyright collections to be available to all the involved
constituencies, including the home society, the licensing society, artist
representatives, and publishers. Our mission is to support the rights
management network to serve its customers better in the changing world.”

IMRO is now recognised as one of
the leading performing right organisations in the world due to its proactive
policies in such areas as frequency of royalty distributions, transparency of
operations and as a driving force on initiatives at international level that
champion and protect the rights of music creators. 

The Irish-based organisation
directly represents the interests of a growing number of major music
publishers. It has become a trusted partner for music creators who recognise
that their interests are well served by an organisation that has royalty
maximisation and creators’ rights at its core.

IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year Awards Winners Announced

Tonight, Tuesday 11th of February, The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) hosted the always highly anticipated IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year Awards, now in its twelfth year, at the new location of Twenty Two, South Anne Street, Dublin.

The short list of nominees were selected by over 13,500 IMRO
members with a public vote then awarding the National Live Music Venue of the
Year 2019 accolade to Coughlan’s Live Bar and
Music Venue, Cork.

Eleanor McEvoy, IMRO Chairperson said of the annual awards, “We are gifted in Ireland to have such a vibrant and eclectic music scene, the backbone of which is our magnificent live music sector. The important role that venues and festivals make is all too often overlooked, but we feel it is vital to acknowledge venues big and small across the country and to celebrate the individuals whose hard work and commitment help our music industry to thrive. From a musician’s first performance, right through to an internationally renowned headline artist, these venues and individuals allow music creators to continue making music and bring it to new audiences.”

Other winners in the regional categories include:

Dublin – Vicar Street

Rest of Leinster – Kavanagh’s Bar & Venue Portlaoise, Co. Laois

Connacht –Róisín Dubh, Galway

Munster – Mike The Pies, Listowel, Co. Kerry

Ulster – Íontas Theatre, Castleblayney Co. Monaghan

Also presented with awards on the night for IMRO Music Festival of the Year and IMRO Small Music Festival 2019, were Electric Picnic and Sounds from a Safe Harbour respectively.

The crew of Sea
 picked up the award for IMRO Tech Crew of the Year.

The IMRO Outstanding Contribution to Live Music accolade
was awarded this year to Angela Dorgan, Director, First Music Contact.

Performances on the night came from Soda Blonde,
Alex Gough and ELM.

Hot Press Editor Niall Stokes also gave special
commendations, presenting awards to Róisín Dubh and Mike The Pies and theHot Press Live Music
Venue of the Year for 2019 to 3Arena.

He said: “Irish music is going through a real purple patch at the moment, with brilliant new artists emerging across every genre – and a lot of them are making a serious impact internationally. They deserve to. We are producing some truly great music here at the moment.

This extraordinary
surge of creativity in Irish music would not be possible
without great live venues. They give artists and bands a vital
platform, especially at the start of their careers. A healthy live music scene
is at the very heart of things – and music is flourishing all over
Ireland. That’s why the IMRO Live Music Venues Awards are so
important. It matters a lot to us, here at Hot Press, to lend our support to
the awards – and to do everything we can to promote live music in Ireland.
We want Irish artists to experience recognition and success like never before
during the year ahead. I firmly believe that 2020 is going to be a great one.”

Music venues and festivals play a vital role in the music
industry in Ireland, giving international and homegrown artists of all levels a
platform to engage with existing fans and build new audiences. They also play a
central role in urban and rural communities across the country, providing a
social gathering space for a multitude of audience types, and contributing hugely
to the domestic economy.

IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year 2019 Winners

IMRO National Live Venue of the Year 2019 – Coughlan’s Live Bar and Music Venue, Cork.

IMRO Dublin Live Music Venue of the Year 2019 – Vicar Street

IMRO Rest of Leinster Live Music Venue of the Year 2019 –
Kavanagh’s Bar & Venue Portlaoise, Co. Laois 

IMRO Connacht Live Music Venue of the Year 2019 – Roisin Dubh, Galway

IMRO Munster Live Music Venue of the Year 2019 –Mike The Pies, Listowel, Co. Kerry

IMRO Ulster Live Music Venue of the Year 2019 – Íontas Theatre, Castleblayney Co. Monaghan

IMRO Music Festival of the Year 2019 – Electric Picnic 

IMRO Small Music Festival of the Year 2019 – Sounds from a Safe Harbour  

IMRO Tech Crew of the Year Award 2019 – Sea Sessions 

IMRO Outstanding
Contribution to Live Music – Angela Dorgan, Director,
First Music Contact

Hot Press Live Venue of the Year for 2019 – 3Arena


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