Welcome to MCPS Libraries’ Production Music. More quality music is on offer than ever before and rates as well as categories have been streamlined and simplified to reflect your requirements.

What Is Production Music?

Production music (sometimes referred to as library music) is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio-visual productions. This high quality and cost-effective music is obtained from MCPS production music libraries. For an extensive list of libraries within the MCPS Ireland repertoire, please click here and here

Licensing Guidelines

1) Visit the MCPS libraries websites and start looking for music
2) Find the tracks/sound effects that best suits your needs
3) Go to the Production Music page of IMRO.ie and either:

4) Sync Licence and Invoice will be sent to you by email/post

Learn More About Production Music

Production music (sometimes referred to as library music) is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio-visual productions. This high quality and cost-effective music is obtained from MCPS production music libraries and paid for via MCPS.

Anyone wishing to use Production Music must first sign up to the MCPS Code of Conduct, an agreement between MCPS and music users which defines the terms of how Production Music may be used and the procedure for making licence applications.

Once a completed, signed Code of Conduct has been received by MCPSI you will be emailed a Rate Card and a Music Log sheet with which you can make returns. You will also be emailed a list of all production music libraries whose rights are administered by MCPS.

Once completed and signed, email a PDF version to ei.ormi@gnisnecil.spcm

Alternatively you can post a hard copy to:

MCPS (Ireland) Ltd, Copyright House, Pembroke Row, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Applying for your Production Music licence online is very straight forward. However, the application procedure will be even easier if you remember a few simple points whilst making your production.

Music Details

  • The catalogue number of each disc to be used
  • The name and number of each music track to be used
  • The composer(s) and arranger(s) of each music track
  • The name of the Library (copyright owner) for each music track
  • The duration of each individual cue of music recorded
  • Production Details

    Please ensure that you make notes of all of the production details as you go, especially:

    Production title
    The Client’s details (e.g. Company name and contact details)
    Any reference number(s)
    The facility house used (if applicable)

    Licence Details

    It is also important to collect the information you will require to select the correct type of licence, for example:

    • Type of Media (e.g. radio advert, television programme, online, etc)
    • Licence Category required (all of which are listed on the MCPS Rate Card)
    • Additional details (e.g. territory(s) or broadcast area, number of copies, etc)

    Important Information

    Keeping clear and accurate records as suggested above is especially important if you are working on a number of different productions at the same time.

    Aggregation of timings is not permitted under any circumstances, for example if you use a two second cue and a ten second cue these must be recorded as two separate cues. Once you have this information, you must complete the MCPS Production Music Log sheet and return it to ei.ormi@gnisnecil.spcm

    Once processed, you will receive your invoice and licence in the post.

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